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Juri is a rushdown character with an emphasis on grounded mobility. Juri's most notable attributes are her agility, mix up pressure, and powerful combos. She can effortlessly cancel her dash momentum and go for a special attack, poke, or throw. If Juri pressures an opponent on block, she can safely retreat with a backdash, or continue the pressure by crossing up the opponent. Due to the speed of her special attacks, Juri beats a lot of guard cancels after cancelling her pokes into a special attack. She can force the opponent into block string or mix up situations by using her movement and fast attacks. Lastly, Juri's combos are fantastic. She has access to touch of deaths and long juggles that are similar to Rolf's and Kazuma's combos.

Juri only has two major weaknesses. She easily becomes predictable, and her highest potential requires advanced execution. At higher levels of play, Juri's basic approaches are obvious. Experienced players will recognize these approaches and counter accordingly. Without higher execution, Juri cannot mix up her approaches and maximize her damage; therefore, she must use cross ups and longer combos at higher levels of play. Although Juri has no problem incrementally dealing damage by winning small interactions, she wants to maximize as much damage as possible after landing a poke. If Juri spends more time fighting against an opponent, then that gives the opponent more opportunities to understand the Juri player's habits.

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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Cross-Ups: Has powerful and consistent cross up options.
  • Combos: Her damage and combo potential are consistent.
  • Mobility: Great grounded mobility and has no issue chasing opponents down.
  • Offensive Playstyle: Her safe and hyper offensive playstyle is very fun and rewarding.
  • Bad Stun: Her stun potential is inconsistent.
  • Execution: One of the more difficult characters to control.
  • Predictable: You must be unpredictable to excel with Juri. Opponents will memorize repetitive setups.
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Character Data
Pre-jump Frames -
Jump Duration -
Landing Frames -
Jump Height Apex -
Forward Jump Distance -
Backward Jump Distance -
Back Dash Distance -
Knockdown Recovery -

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