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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors is a 2D fighting game released by Sunsoft in 1995.


Game Mechanics

A - Weak Attack

B - Medium Attack

C - Strong Attack

D - Taunt

Holds & Throws -

              Holds or Throws can be done with  O--  or  --O  + A, B,  C or
              on some characters the D button.   More details are shown  in
              each character's section.
              Some characters can also Air Throw,  using the above  method. 
              Again, more details are shown in each characters section.

Double Jump - Jump, while in the air : uf/u/ub * Only ROLF can double jump *

Back Dash: O-- O--

Forward Dash: --O --O (Back Dash to stop,or do a Special move!)

More Damage - When in dash mode, the effects of hits are multiplied by 50%, and there is a greater loss of strength, even if you are defending.

Auto-Chasing - In some cases, using a dashing attack will send the opponent flying and your character will auto- matically run after.

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

The Characters


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