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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors

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Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors is a 2D fighting game released by Sunsoft in 1995.


Game Mechanics


There are three normal attack buttons and a taunt button.

  • Kof.lp.png - Weak Attack
  • - Medium Attack
  • Kof.sp.png - Strong Attack
  • - Taunt


  • While close to an opponent, B.png or F.png + Kof.lp.png/ button (depending on character; usually B or C).
  • Throws are instant.
  • If both players throw at the same time, the winner will be randomly selected.
  • Some characters can also air-throw.

Back Dash:

  • B.pngB.png
  • Strike invincibility.

Forward Dash:

  • F.pngF.png. The character will keep dashing until you stop.
  • You can stop dashing by inputting B.pngB.png or by doing any attack. Doing a weak attack is a common way to stop dashing, as it keeps some of the dash momentum.
  • Attacks done while dashing deal 50% more damage.
  • Medium and Strong normal attacks while dashing deal chip damage.
  • Some dash attacks may also cause a huge blowback to the opponent when hit, during which your character will automatically auto-chase. Some dash attacks need to hit multiple times for this to occur.

Guard Cancel:

  • While blocking, you can Guard Cancel to any dash or special move.
  • Special moves lose their invincibility (if any) when Guard Cancelled to.
  • Back Dashing while guarding is a good way to escape pressure.

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

The Characters


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