The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/EX Geese

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Real Bout 2 Geese Howard is a modified version of Geese Howard that mixes his Real Bout Special Version of Nightmare Geese along with his Real Bout 2 normal version.

Real Bout 2 Geese Howard had modified his Reppu Ken/double Reppu Ken now as a fullscreen projectile, but lost his low counter along with his pseudo anti air projectile, he also had a Command Throw DM instead of his Ryuko Ranbu Deadly Rave version as his second DM.

Moves List

At a Glance

Normal throws
Tate Katate Nage (throw) F.png/B.png+Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif
Command move
Raikou Mawashi Geri F.png+Snkb.gif
Raimei Gouha Nage Df.png+Snkc.gif (down opponent)
Special moves
Reppu Ken Qcf.png+Snka.gif
Double Reppu Ken Qcf.png+Snkc.gif
Shippuu Ken Qcb.png+Snka.gif (air only)
Double Shippuu Ken Qcb.png+Snkc.gif (air only)
Ja Ei Ken Hcb.png+P.png
Joudan Atemi Nage Hcb.png+Snkb.gif (counter)
Chuudan Atemi Nage Hcb.png+Snkd.gif (counter)
Shinkuu Nage (throw) Hcb.png,F.png+P.png
Super special moves
Raging Storm Db.png Hcb.png Df.png+P.png
Rashomon (throw) Hcb.pngHcb.png+P.png


Standing Snka.gif - Standard high jab. st.Snka.gif, cr.Snkc.gif, and Raging Storm are Geese's main ground anti-airs.

Standing Snkb.gif - Quick shin kick for checking the opponent. Hits mid.

Standing Snkc.gif - Nice, mid-hitting straight punch. Faster than st.Snkd.gif, so use when appropriate when poking, trapping, or AAing.

Standing Snkd.gif - Nice reach, okay speed, and one of Geese's longest pokes.

Standing Snkc.gifSnkd.gif - Nothing special. Neutral on block.

Close Snka.gif - Has a very high hitbox which can whiff smaller characters, so stick to cr.Snka.gif or cl.Snkb.gif.

Close Snkb.gif - Decent combo/string filler. Special cancels, but can't be further chained.

Close Snkc.gif - Good activation range, so cr.Snkb.gif cl.Snkc.gif is an easy frametrap.

Close Snkd.gif - A straight kick followed by an upward kick (think a reverse Ryu cl.RH). Uncancelable, so use it for AA or evade cancel into a followup if you're using Ex. Meter.

Crouching Snka.gif - Staple tool on offense. Chains and cancels into anything you need.

Crouching Snkb.gif - Standard low kick. Chain into cr.Snka.gif for a hitconfirm, use it to punish whiffed jump-ins, et cetera, et cetera.

Crouching Snkc.gif - Geese's main anti-air normal, the crouching uppercut. Special cancelable and terrible on whiff or block.

Crouching Snkd.gif - Modest, cancelable sweep. Can lead into a Df.png+Snkc.gif OTG if the opponent doesn't tech in the corner.

Jumping Snka.gif - Downward chop that hits deeper just a little faster than j.Snkc.gif, so keep that in mind when seeking a slightly earlier hit.

Jumping Snkb.gif - Light horizontal kick with a slight downward angle. Slightly faster than j.Snkd.gif, but not as useful.

Jumping Snkc.gif - Geese's double palm attack. As with Mature, you can alter the timing of the attack to force the opponent to guess between blocking two highs then a low, or one high into a low.

Neutral Jumping Snkc.gif - Deep, downward punch that hides Geese's vulnerable hitbox far behind his arm. Good for stopping approaches, but leaves Geese vulnerable to run-unders and proper anti-airs.

Jumping Snkd.gif - Straight horizontal kick with a deep vertical hitbox. Use as a jump-in or air-to-air just as you would Iori's j.Snkd.gif.

Jumping Snkc.gifSnkd.gif - Wheeling kick with two hitboxes. The first part hits up high in front of Geese before his leg falls downward. Once used to the timing on the attack, j.Snkc.gifSnkd.gif can air-to-air and air-to-ground all in one go, and being a Snkc.gifSnkd.gif attack it forces a knockdown, making it more buff as a safejump just in case you trade.


Tate Katate Nage - F.png/B.png+Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif

Snkd.gif version switches sides, both leave the opponent facing you with enough time to meaty on wakeup.

Command Normals

Raikou Mawashi Geri - F.png+Snkb.gif

Doesn't combo from anything, not cancelable, disadvantage when blocked unless spaced perfectly where it will be neutral.

Raimei Gouha Nage - Df.png+Snkc.gif on downed

OTG throw, not guaranteed from anything. Switches sides, poor recovery. Upon stunning an opponent onto the ground it becomes a free hit and the opponent will still get up stunned.

Special Moves

Reppuken - Qcf.png+Snka.gif

Combos from light/heavy attacks but only at close range. The hitbox is much smaller than it actually appears, most chars can hop over it (think of the hitbox more like Iori's fireball). Disadvantage at point blank, but from even a short distance away (e.g. st.Snkc.gif, Qcf.png+Snka.gif) you will be at advantage.

Double Reppuken - Qcf.png+Snkc.gif

Combos from heavy attacks in the corner or when opponent is backturned. The first part can eat a projectile and the second wave will still come out. The hitbox for this move actually follows the sprite and cannot be hopped over. Frame advantage works similar to Qcf.png+Snka.gif.

Shippuken - air Qcb.png+Snka.gif

Can't be used on a hop, minimum height for using after a jump. Maintains jump direction during recovery. Possible to combo after if in the corner. Good frame advantage when blocked. Can be cancelled into from vertical j.Snkc.gif.

Double Shippuken - air Qcb.png+Snkc.gif

Same as above but two projectiles, and worse recovery (can't combo after).

Jaei Ken - Hcb.png+P.png

Rushing combo that's super unsafe on block, so it primarily serves as a buff combo ender for large punishes when hitconfirming isn't necessary.Snka.gif version combos from lights, Snkc.gif version combos from heavy attacks and switches sides.

Joudan Atemi Nage - Hcb.png+Snkb.gif

Counters jumping attacks and physical specials/DMs.

Chuudan Atemi Uchi - Hcb.png+Snkd.gif

Counters mid-level normals/command normals. Can be used to beat Snkc.gifSnkd.gif counters.

Shinkuu Nage - Hcb.png,F.png+P.png

Instant command throw with horrible recovery after it connects. Switches sides. Don't use this when you are too close to the corner as the opponent can combo you before you recover.

Super Moves

Raging Storm - Db.png Hcb.png Df.png+P.png

Combos from lights. The cage absorbs normal and some DM projectiles. The hitbox is only in front of Geese, not behind him.

Rashomon - Hcb.pngHcb.png+P.png

An Instant commmand throw with good damage but horrible recovery, don't use it when the opponent is too close to the corner as they can combo you before you recover, only suitable in midscreen.

The Basics

Real Bout 2 Geese Howard is top tier in 98UMFE. He is a zoning character focused on throwing projectiles at far distances and countering normals in close combat.

Your objective will be wisely spamming your Reppu Ken (Qcf.png+P.png) or rushing down with Shippu Ken (air Qcb.png+P.png) mixups, for close combat don't try to use counters (Hcb.png+Snkb.gif/Hcb.png+Snkd.gif) too much, as you can get blown up. Geese's normals are also pretty good:

Some good pokes are Standing Snkb.gif, Standing Snkc.gif, Standing Snkd.gif, Crouching Snka.gif, Crouching Snkb.gif (main low).

Main jump-ins are Jumping Snkb.gif (crossup), Jumping Snkc.gif (2 hits for double overhead), and Jumping Snkc.gifSnkd.gif.

When anti-airing, some good options are St.Snka.gif (anti-hop) cr.Snkc.gif (pre-emptive), Hcb.png+Snkb.gif (counters air moves) and other highs, and (if you're quick) Raging Storm (Db.png Hcb.png Df.png+P.png) if they try to empty jump to beat your counter.

Geese also has great options with his Shinkuu Nage (Hcb.png,F.png+P.png) command grabs. If the opponent is blocking/alternate guarding too much, hop > Shinkuu Nage will blow them up. Same with Rashomon (Hcb.pngHcb.png+P.png) super.


  • cl.Snka.gif/cr.Snka.gif xx Qcf.png+Snka.gif
  • standard combo into Reppu Ken.
  • (corner) cl.Snkc.gif/cr.Snkc.gif xx Qcf.png+Snkc.gif
  • standard combo into double Reppu Ken fireball.
  • cr.Snkb.gif, cr.Snka.gif xx Hcb.png+Snka.gif
    Your main low starter combo , your Hcb.png+Snka.gif move has faster startup.
  • (Corner) cl.Snkc.gif xx Hcb.png+Snka.gif xx Df.png+Snkc.gif
    This is your corner and standing combo variation.
  • (Corner) Qcf.png+Snka.gif, cl.Snkc.gif xx Hcb.png+Snka.gif xx Df.png+Snkc.gif
    This is your corner and standing combo variation.
  • cl.Snkc.gif/cr.Snkc.gif xx Hcb.png,F.png+P.png
    Combo into normal command grab if you wanted to.
  • cr.Snkb.gif, cr.Snka.gif xx Hcb.pngHcb.png+P.png
    your low combo starter for your Command Grab super.
  • Jump Snkc.gif >> cr.Snkc.gif >> Db.png Hcb.png Df.png+P.png
    This is your best combo for Raging Storm.

Advanced Strategy

  • j.Snkb.gif is a crossup (j.Snka.gif will work on some chars but j.Snkb.gif is just a better move). j.Snkb.gif and vertical j.Snkc.gif are instant overheads (j.Snkc.gif only on large crouchers).
  • st.Snka.gif and far st.Snka.gif whiff on crouchers. close st.Snkc.gif will whiff on small crouchers like Choi/Chin.
  • st.Snkc.gifSnkd.gif is neutral on block.
  • cr.Snkd.gif is cancellable, but not to command normals.
  • Only the first hitbox of cr.Snkc.gif is cancellable, the part where his arm is fully raised is not.
  • His counters have startup and will not work as reversals in meaty situations.