The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Lucky Glauber

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Final Edition Change List


Moves List

At a Glance

Normal Throws
Dunk Buster (throw) f./b. + C
Lucky Crush (throw) f./b. + D
Command Normals
Lucky Kick f. + B
Dunk Otoshi (air) d. + A
Special Moves
Death Bound qcf + P
Death Dunk qcb + K (air also)
Death Bound d,d + K
Cyclone Break qcb + K
Death Wheel dp + K
Lucky Vision qcf + K
Desperation Moves
Hell Bound qcf qcf + P
Lucky Driver qcf qcf + K (close)

Normal Moves

Dunk Buster: close, b or f + HP

Lucky Crush: close, b or f + HK

Command Moves

Dunk Otoshi: in air, d + LP

Lucky Kick: f + LK

Special Moves

  • Death Bound: qcf + A/C

a diagonally moving basketball, the A version has a higher angle, while the C version is lower

  • Death Dunk: qcb + A/C (possible in air)

Lucky slams a basketball downward then it bounces back up in a sharp angle. The A version dunks farther, while the C version has a more steeper angle

  • Death Shoot: down, down + A/B/C/D

Lucky shoots a free throw which causes the basketball to fall downward. A version has a closer drop, while the D version is the farthest from hi,

  • Cyclone Break: qcb + B/D

an aerial spinning splits kick. B version travels close and does 4 hits while the D version does 5

  • Death Wheel: dp + B

The B version, Lucky does an aerial axe kick that does 2 hits, while the D version does horizontal 4 hits

  • Lucky Vision: qcf + B/D

a teleport dash where the B version goes half screen while the D version goes full screen

Super Special Moves

  • Hell Bound: (d, df, f)x2 + P

Its still the best DM for combo enders

  • Lucky Driver: close, (d, df, f)x2 + K

This DM changed from an awful anti air for a instant command grab with short range one, it has a bit buffed damage

The Basics

  • Doing hop or low jump cancels into air A version Death Dunk makes for an excellent Death Dunk feint. If they jump high into the air with you can possibly catch them with a grounded A Version Death Dunk.
  • Your main objective as a Lucky Glauber player is to get your opponent near the corner, as this is where Lucky shines. As it's tough for many to escape from him with his many corner options.
  • Your F+B(Lucky Kick) causes a Hard fall as an AA which can prove useful to set up some basketball traps if your opponent doesn't tech roll
  • Far ranged sweep canceled into a late A Version Death Dunk is one of your wakeup offense options if your opponent doesn't tech roll their knockdown


  • cr.B >> cr.B or cl.C >> weak Death Wheel
  • cr.B x 1~3 >> dp+D / your best meterless combo. causes hard knockdown as well.
  • cl.C >> Lucky Kick >> Hell Bound
  • cr.B x 1~3 >> qcf*2+A / Lucky's most viable combo with meter.
  • (Extra Guage) cr.B x 1~3 >> abc >> cr.C >> qcf*2+C / Lucky's most damaging combo you can pull off in most of situation.
  • (Corner)Cr. C >> qcb+B
  • (Corner)AA Death Bound/Death Dunk(Ground) >> C version/SDM Hell Bound
    Even if they block the Death Bound/Death Dunk by Neutral Jump guard/Defensive Jump guard. It sets up enough time to trap them to be hit by super without trading/being stuffed. However it does combo on forward jump I assure you.

Advanced Strategy