The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Chang Koehan

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Much like his large, oafish nature would suggest, his moves are pretty half-baked, but he is pretty much the strongest guy in the whole KOF cast. Moves that were previously a total pain to use have been made safer and/or better, but some normals got nerfed.

Fight by taking advantage of his huge body and reach, to pressure the opponent.

Final Edition Change List


Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Hagangeki (throw) f/b + C
Kusari Jime (throw) f/b + D
Command move
Hikinige df + A
Special moves
Tekkyū Daikaiten P repeatedly, (f/b), (ABCD)
Tekkyū Funsaigeki b (charge) f + P
Tekkyū Hienzan d (charge) u + K
Dai Hakai Nage (throw) hcb f + P
Super special moves
Tekkyū Daibōsō qcf hcb + P
Tekkyū Daiassatsu qcf qcf + P

Normal moves

  • st.A – although the startup is somewhat slow, this is a jump-checker, as the reach is long and the hitbox has good priority. The damage it does is no joke, either, so you can whiff this a lot.
  • st.D – long reach. Not something you could rely on, but you can use it as a surprise.
  • st.CD – if you can get it out at the right time, the hitbox has high priority. Use it for zoning and psychic anti-air.
  • j.B - dreadfully high priority. This is the one-stop shop for jumping in and air-to-air.
  • j.D – long reach, for zoning.
  • j.C – long reach, for zoning. Be aware that the hitbox for getting hit is bigger than in OG, so it is now easier to trade hits (in a bad way).
  • j.CD – Chang swings his iron ball quickly around the side, and then wheels it from below to above. The startup is now slower, and the hitbox has somewhat less priority, and yet it is irregularly good if you aim so that the very tip will touch.

Command move

  • Hikinige
  • df + A
  • A head slide that combos from weak moves. It uses a low hitbox, even when cancelled into. When blocked, it will be very counterable unless the very tip touched, but the damage is good and it does knockdown.

Special moves

  • Tekkyū Funsaigeki
  • b (charge) f + P
  • Chang spins the iron ball, then lugs it forward. The startup is slow, but during the windup, Chang has full-body autoblock. For the strong version, the spinning iron ball has a hitbox, too, but other than that it won’t hit up close.

  • Tekkyū Daikaiten
  • P repeatedly, (f/b to adjust position), (ABCD to halt)
  • Chang revolves the iron ball about him, putting a on him at every level except foot-level. It puts a hitbox behind him, too. During the move, you can slide him forward or backward (the speed of this is faster than in OG), and you can halt the attack by pressing ABCD (it’s definitely a good idea to stop when you’re done...). The startup is now somewhat slower, and you’re a little more open when you halt the move. Still, nothing much to worry about in that regard.

  • Tekkyū Hienzan
  • d (charge) u + K
  • Chang ascends in a motion not unlike Kim’s Hienzan, except Chang is a lummox and lands on his back.
  • You can use it as an anti-air, and all the better because the hitbox has been buffed from OG.
  • When it hits, it does an unrollable knockdown (with a tailspin animation).
  • Chang is grounded when this move is done, so if you miss entirely, you will almost certainly be countered, but there is a hitbox on the way down, too; if this hits, it will also do unrollable knockdown.

  • Dai Hakai Nage
  • hcb f + P at throwing distance
  • A one-frame throw with a wide grabbing range. Used both in combos and on its own.

Super special moves

  • Tekkyū Daibōsō
  • qcf hcb + P
  • The startup is slow, so it doesn’t go in combos, but right before the hitbox comes forth, Chang is completely invincible. Furthermore, if blocked, then Chang is has full-body invincibility to strikes (but only strikes) until he is able to move again.
  • The finishing part is random, but when it ends with the motion of cl.B, you can juggle with things like Tekkyū Funsaigeki.

  • Tekkyū Daiassatsu
  • qcf qcf + P
  • Setting off with full-body invincibility, Chang rises and falls.
  • The weak version rises from the spot of activation; the strong version rises after a dash (during which Chang has full-body autoblock). The MAX version (both strong and weak) also rises from the spot of activation.
  • All versions except the weak normal version do OTG, so a bad recovery roll attempt means two hits for the opponent.
  • For the falling portion, the normal version has an overhead hitbox, and the MAX version is blockable high or low, but when Chang lands on the ground, it causes an earthquake (like Daimon’s Jiraishin) which will hit opponents that aren’t crouching or in the air.
  • For UM, even if the rising portion hits, it now leaves the opponent with a hitbox, so if you’ve done it right, it will now do two hits, safely. For that reason, you can even use it for anti-air with little fear of repercussions.



  • j.B > st.B >> Dai Hakai Nage
  • Basic combo from a jump.
  • cr.A or cr.C >> Tekkyū Daikaiten
  • If you cancel as soon as the Tekkyū Daikaiten touches, then you won’t be left open even if it is blocked.
  • cr.B >> Hikinige
  • A combo to use when you’re in a hurry.

The Basics

The most basic of basics for Chang is to regulate the distance with zoning moves like st.A, st.D, and j.D while watching out for invincible moves. If you have a chance to approach, aim for Dai Hakai Nage via a combo or an empty jump.

When you block, say, a combo attempt, mash P. You can counter safely with Tekkyū Daikaiten. Regardless of whether it hits or blocks, halt it right away.

At far range, zone with Tekkyū Funsaigeki (if you use the weak and strong ranges properly, it is very hard to counter). If the opponent jumps, intercept them with weak Tekkyū Daiassatsu or st.A; if they won’t move, jump in with j.CD or something. During times like this, you should charge down so that if the opponent tries to jump over, you can intercept them with Tekkyū Hienzan, which makes Chang very difficult to attack. Of course, if you have the gauge, Tekkyū Daiassatsu works, too. If you have pretty much locked up the opponent’s movements, though, go in with j.CD or something and attack at once.

For something more unexpected, kara cancel cr.D into Hikinige. For whatever reason, it actually hits a lot of things. If you use it at the distance where the very tip of Hikinige will hit, it is pretty effective.

This is kind of cheesy, but if you’ve got the opponent cornered, make them block Tekkyū Daikaiten. Not only does it chip them a bit, if you halt it with random timing, it is hard for them to grievously counter you, and it does build up the meter.

Advanced Strategy