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Sagat is mean.

A not-so-newcomer making his Arika debut in EX2+, some may say Sagat plays neutral like he bankrolled the whole game. He has obscene meterless damage, beefy anti airs, and seven best-in-class pokes. While his short jump arc in EX2+ was likely planned as a hinderance, Sagat is tremendously strong in the air-- And very hard to keep out.


(Meterless) Fireball Zoning in SFEX2+ is nerfed from Street Fighter II and the Alpha Series. Projectile speeds are generally slower than SFII, and high damage jump-ins often put defensive players at a disadvantage. With that in mind, characters like Guile and Sagat are still solid choices.

While not strictly defensive, Sagat can certainly be played that way. Use 2LK, 5MK, and low Tiger Shots to take control on the ground. If they jump, answer with 5HK or uppercut. On offense, Sagat has a very low jump arc and great Okizeme thanks to Tiger Crush (623K).

  • Tiger Crush is a dangerously mobile special move. After an anti-air (Or most situations where your opponent is knocked down and out of range), you can do multiple Tiger Crushes and still maintain frame advantage. You'll build meter doing it too!
  • Chuck Fireballs until you come into range for 5MK and 2HP. Buffer Tiger Crush behind your longest pokes to convert into a rewarding knockdown. Even in neutral, the threat of a "random" Tiger Crush might make your opponent press less buttons up close. Walk up to turtles and toss them with cl. 6HK!
  • Sagat's Light Attacks give him access to some potent hit confirms. You can chain up to three 2LKs and still cancel into HP Tiger Blow. EX2's Combo Scaling might kick in hard, but 2KKK is an OS Throw Tech and awesome abare.
  • Since EX2Plus lacks close normals, some of Sagat's grounded buttons will outright whiff on crouching opponents. There are some anomalies with Tiger Crush too. If it doesn't outright miss, sometimes you wont get the second hit that knocks down.



Tiger Carry:   cl. 4 / 6 + MP / HP

Tiger Rage:   cl. 4 / 6 + MK / HK

Special Moves

Tiger Shot:   236P

Ground Tiger Shot:   236K

Tiger Fake:   421P

Tiger Blow:   623P

Tiger Crush:   623K

Super Combos

Tiger Genocide:   236,236P

Tiger Raid:   214,214K

Tiger Cannon:   236,236P

Ground Tiger Cannon:   236,236K

Meteor Combo

Tiger Storm:   236,236PPP (press P up to 5 times)


Without Excel

- j.HK > st.MK XX H Tiger Crush or H Tiger Blow

- j.HK > cr.HP XX Ground Tiger Cannon   (1 bar)

- j.HK > cr.MP > cr.MK XX Ground Tiger Cannon   (1 bar)

- j.HK > st.MK XX Tiger Shot SC Tiger Genocide   (1 bar)

- j.HK > cr.MP > cr.MK XX Ground Tiger Shot SC Tiger Raid SC Tiger Genocide SC Tiger Cannon   (3 bar)

- j.HK > st.HP XX Tiger Storm   (3 bar)

With Excel

- (Activate Excel) > cr.LK > cr.HK > st.MK > cr.HP > cr.LP > j.HP > j.HK > j.MK > j.MP > cr.MP > (Excel Ends) > st.LK XX H Tiger Blow   (1 bar)

- (Activate Excel) > st.LP > st.MK > st.HP > st.HK > st.LP > j.HK > j.HP > j.MK > j.MP > cr.MP > (Excel Ends) > st.LK XX H Tiger Blow   (1 bar)

- (Activate Excel) > cr.LK > cr.MK > cr.HP > cr.HK > Tiger Shot > Ground Tiger Shot > Tiger Shot > Ground Tiger Shot > H Tiger Blow > (Excel Ends)   (1 bar)

- (Activate Excel) > st.LP > st.MK > st.HP > st.HK > Tiger Shot > Ground Tiger Shot > Tiger Shot > Ground Tiger Shot > H Tiger Blow > (Excel Ends)   (1 bar)


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Maniac Challenge Mode

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