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Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams (known as Street Fighter Zero in Japan) is a 1995 interquel that tells the story between Street Fighter and Street Fighter II and includes characters from both games along with a few new ones. It is the first Street Fighter game to introduce characters from Capcom's Final Fight series, and is notable for introducing a chain combo system that has rarely been seen in the series since outside of a few characters. Other new mechanics include a meter separated into three sections allowing for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Super Combos, the ability to roll out of any knockdown, and the Alpha Counter mechanic to escape block pressure (and do a bit of damage too!).

Street Fighter Alpha's mechanics were further refined in Street Fighter Alpha 2. While Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 are more popular, this game is still unique for its chain combo system.

Game Mechanics

Standard Throw/Hold

Throw/Hold Soften

Hold Recovery

Air Block ub/u/uf, b

Block High b

Block Low db

Escape Roll

Immediately after a knockdown, do Qcd.png+Lp.png, or Mp.png, or Hp.png. This will roll you towards your opponent.

The main Huge key difference in this game is that EVERY SINGLE knockdown aside from Akumas Raging Demon can be rolled And All rolls go the exact same distance.

Due to the fact You can roll almost anything Chuns regular grab and both of rose Soul throws are punishable on hit,You can also roll Through guys level one kick super before the last hit connects.

When Punishing a roll The enemy is put into FORCED STAND therefore You always get your Best combos And can do massive dizzy off a roll punish with the good characters.

Auto Roll

Auto Recover

Dizzy Recovery

Every single character in SFA Only has 40 points of Stun.

When You hit 40 points you get dizzy and you mash all attack buttons and directions to get out,In this game dizzy duration is very short if your good at mashing so Landing a jumpin afterwards can be quite hard unless your in a very good position.

After every time you get Dizzy 5 points are added to the Dizzy meter 45,50 etc realistically You wont be dizzied More then twice Every match even against top tiers since you just dont have that kind of life in this game And generally Its still only once per round.

Negative Edge

Alpha Counter

Taunt Start

Chain Combos


supers can not be blocked if your not blocking before the super flash and are close enough effectively making almost all supers 0 frame startup in a sense(just like rolento tripwire in a2)

The only exceptions are

sodom 720 you can jump it like an alex power bomb  : *(

Adon kick Super

Birdie supers aside from the charge one

Ryu Tatsu Super

obviously rose jump super and shadows since one is a buff and one is a antiair move



God tier:Akuma,Ken

Top Tier:Guy,Rose

Ryu tier:Ryu

Mid tier:Sodom,Charlie,M.Bison

Dan tier:Dan

Low tier:Sagat,Adon,Chun li

Birdie tier:Birdie

Forward Walkspeed

Chars in the same tier have the same walkspeed

Tier 1:Bison

Tier 2:Chun,Charlie,Guy

Tier 3:Akuma,Ken,Adon,Sodom,Rose,Ryu

Tier 4:Dan

Tier 5:Sagat

Tier 6:Birdie

Defense Tiers

This is very basic and works as follows

Akuma takes 1-3 extra damage from most moves in the game

Birdie takes around 1-4 Less damage from most moves in the game

Everyone else has normal defense ratings


The Characters

Main Characters

Secret Characters


Ports Comparison

  • Arcade
  • Playstation
  • Sega Saturn
  • Playsation 2 (SF Anthology)

Unlock Secret Characters


  • Arcade

Go to random box and hold START

If Player 1 uses Color 1 you must use Color 2 and viceversa

-Color 1: enter LP, LK, MK, HK, HP, MP

-Color 2: enter HP, HK, MK, LK, LP, MP

You can remember with this

\/ end <
>  >   ^

> end \/
^  <  <

  • Sega Saturn

Go to random box and hold L+R Then Press

-Player 1: Y, X, A, B, Y

-Player 2: Y, B, A, X, Y


  • Arcade

Go to random box and hold START enter Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left then press LP+HP or LK+HK

-Player 2 must replace Left to right

  • Sega Saturn

Go to random box and hold L+R Then Press

-Player 1: left, left, left, down, down, down then X+Y (or A+B)

-Player 2: right, right, right, down, down, down then X+Y (or A+B)


  • Arcade

Go to random box and hold START enter Down, Down, Left, Left, Down, Left then press LP+HP or LK+HK

-Player 2 must replace Left to right

  • Sega Saturn

Go to random box and hold L+R Then Press

-Player 1: left, left, down, down, left, down, down, then X+Y (or A+B)

-Player 2: right, right, down, right, down, down, then X+Y (or A+B)

Game Navigation

M. Bison