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Sources: JPN Garou Wiki, JPN Garou Wiki Translation, and Garou Discord Group

Special Techniques

Fuu-ga Cancel

Fuu-ga Cancel (or Stomp Cancel) is a technique in which Gato does a whiffed Fuu-ga (214K), and after a small pause, you press A just as/before you go airborne.

This way you perform the Kou-ga follow-up in such a way that it cancels, into a stomp animation without even launching up into the air.

You need to time the Kou-ga so that the A is input after the active frames and at the 1st airborne frame. (i.e., a 1F window.)

For 214B, this is on the 10F of the move.

For 214D, which is 1F later than 214B, this is on the 11F of the move.

Visually, you should press the A button when Gato has his arms outstretched and his foot is on its way back to touch the ground to do the stomp. Right after you see the orange/yellow part. (Maybe start pressing at 7F for the B version. At 8F for the D version)

Practice so you'll get the timing down, accounting for the response time to press the button (as well as any input delay).

This technique is used to quickly meter gain 2 gauges of power.

If nothing comes out (Fuu-ga with no follow-up), it means that you pressed A too early. And if Kou-ga comes out, it means that you pressed A too late.

You can try to double tap with 214K~AA if you want to make sure you that if you put in the follow-up input too early, you can get out the follow-up anyway.

If there is an opportunity during a round, you want to use this to gain meter and try to always hold at least one gauge.

Doing this for a Sen-ga 214K~B just does the lowest Sen-ga you can do.

Hell Rotor Cancel

See "Garou MOTW Kevin Rian Rotor cancel Tutorial" by Lerey74:

During Kevin's Hell Rotor charge, you can cancel the Hell Rotor by pressing D. And you can various other moves by pressing D at the same time.

It can be canceled with Normal moves, upper-body evasive moves, various special moves, etc. you can cancel into.

For example, normal moves are canceled into using these button presses:

  • A... A+D
  • B... B+D
  • C... C+D (B+C+D during TOP)

And an example for special moves:

If you do D quick enough, you can use the Hell Rotor motion to do 214D. Or you can wait and do 214D after some charge time. Otherwise you can wait to do D and just cancel out of Hell Rotor with 5D.

It is also possible to do GC "Hell Cancel Normal move" > Hell Trap

By incorporating a Hell Cancel into a combo after a P-Power Hell Gatling ground hit, you can do high damage while regaining lost gauge.

Or you can just do empty Hell Cancel with A+D for meter gain.

Double Charge Hell Rotor Cancel Tu-Ru-Tu-Tun

There is a Double Hell Rotor Cancel for the purpose of meter gain (gauge accumulation).

214+C > A > D > A+D

A comes out while doing twice the meter gain (because you're doing 2 special moves).

According to Mayu, the timing is Tu (214 + C) Ru (A) Tu (D) Tun (A + D).

That is why it is often called Tu-ru-tu-tun.

Repeated Charge Hell Rotor Cancel

There is a single Hell Rotor Cancel that is repeated for the purpose of meter gain (gauge accumulation).

Just repeat 214+C > A+D.

214+C > A+D > 214+C > A+D > 214+C > A+D ...

In other words:

214+C (rotor cancel) A+D (kara cancel) 214+C (rotor cancel) A+D (kara cancel) 214+C ...

You can do it with different buttons or in alternate ways, such as

2ABD14 > A > 2ABD14 > A > 2ABD14 > A ...

2A+B+D (kara cancel) 214+A (rotor cancel) 2A+B+D (kara cancel) 214+A (rotor cancel) 2A+B+D (kara cancel) ...

JD Prevention with Normal Moves

As detailed in the "Low Un-JDable and High Un-JDable Normals" section in the "Just Defense" section, there are some normal moves that cannot be JDed while crouching, and ones that cannot be JDed while standing.

And along with that mechanic, there is proximity guarding that is in effect even at full screen.

If you are JDing Jenet's Baffles (236P) or Kain's Zele (236(x2)K) at long range and the opponent strikes out (whiffs) with the corresponding JD-disabling normal move, you will not be able to JD in that direction.

Specifically, if Zele is being standing JDed (with the 4 direction), and the opponent Kain can put out a 2C, then you won't be abled to JD or continue to JD.

And if Zele is being crouching JDed (with the 1 direction), and the opponent Kain can put out a far 5C, then you won't be abled to JD or continue to JD.

Seele Bug

When JDing Kain's Himmlisch Seele (236(x2)K), if you stop JDing during the middle of the Seele, it will still have the same blockstop as when JDing.

This state is called the "Seele Just state".

If during "Seele Just state" you are guarding the hitboxes of several moves, while the seele is present, you will be made to block each hit several times (that is, each hit now does multiple hits).

A specific example getting hit while JDing Seele:

If a Schwarz Schütze (TOP attack CD) is guarded in the Seele Just state, the Schütze (CD) with guard crush value of 25, rather than just hit once, will hit multiple times and guard crush, and afterwards that same Schütze (CD) will hit even more multiple times.

See -->

The meaty/overlapping move done can be Panzer ([4]6D), however either small jump D or something like that is possible.

So there are 2 different things at play here:

  1. Seele bug = your attacks hit twice/multiple times if the opponent goes from JD to Block.
  2. Going into block after a JD:
    • Opponent misinputs a successive JD.
    • 2 hits following each other very closely = can't be JDed by humans.
    • Do crouching un-JDable or standing un-JDable normals according to whether standing or crouching JD is done.
      (When whiffing from farther range, kara cancel is possible, especially with TOP attack CD.)

Miscellaneous Option-Selects

Block/JD/2AB OS

Opponent dashes forward and attacks.

Do 4[1]AB.

(Special cancel 4[1]AB236X or 4[1]AB5236X)

Blocks high quick lights, and 2AB beats slower heavy attacks

OS Dash

5A 66 for instance:

If they backdash, forward dash comes out.

If they block the dash doesn't come out

You abuse the fact that on whiff there's no hitstop/blockstop:

  • On whiff, the dash input will be timed such that you will dash after exiting the move's recovery (either by reversal dash or afterwards).
  • On hit/block, the dash input will be timed such that you do it too early to dash afterwards:
    during the extra hitstop/blockstop frames or before the reversal window at the end of the move's recovery.

Anti-backdash with “OS Dash” when they see you dash up and think you’ll go for a poke or attack.

OS Dash might be useful for opponents that neutral jump against your poke pressure, so you might cross-under them while they jump.

Backdash OS

Backdash OS: 4>5>4+(C or D)

It won't backdash if they throw, but you'll tech.

It's very useful if you mistime your backdash to escape a throw.

There is an advanced OS to counter that backdash OS, Aaru posted it on twitter. You throw and kara-cancel the throw with a special/super that catches backdashes. (Grant 0F super catches backdashes without this.)

Special/Super GC Backdash OS

Backdash + GC OS:

For GC you can do that in a way that doesn't need a reaction.

Do a special like 236 4 4 B

or a super like 236236 4 4 A.

If the first "back" does a JD, it will guard cancel, otherwise it will backdash.

This works well against a predicted lanze. But is bad against lows.

See this post for video of this OS.

Air-Throw Option Select

Air-throws are a very strong option to beat IAJD.

You can option-select your air-throw or air attacks with a JD.

If they attack you before you do, you’ll air-JD, if they don’t you’ll attack/throw them.


OS between air grab and JDing at 4 or 1.

Dong cannot air throw with 4, since you'll get the cross-up kick. (Directions 1, 2, 3, 6 are possible). The 4 is a (potential) JD, the 1 would be the throw.

9632[1](JD)4 BC or C~B(GC)

Here is an example of a Hotaru air throw OS with an extra GC to cover more options

Beating Air Throw:

Countering air throw that counters your empty jump JD or jump-in or jump attack

  • by doing a jump attack even early, or an instant jump attack
  • just not jump and wait to punish landing frames.

Air-Super Option Select

A kind of GC option-select.

Dong Hwan instant air JD > qcf x2 > air JD in a single jump :

  • You can air super after iajd
  • You can press A before landing => it will only super if you JD thanks to height restriction on air super. The downside is A comes out on landing.

8 741(JD)236 4123 21 A (IAJD, then reversal super)

8 741236 41 23 2 41(JD) (air JD just before landing)

8 741236 41 23 2 1(JD) A (air JD just before landing and GC super)

8 741236 41 23 21 A (A is done just before landing and comes out as reversal 2A)

GC Option-Select


[6] 4(JD) 23

or [6] 4(JD)1 23

This allows you to mix between moving back and forth, GCing 623X, or just doing raw 623X (BR).

Dong GC OS Example

[6] 214(JD) 23

or [6]3214(JD) 123

An variation of the general GC DP OS, this allows you to mix GCing 214K, 63214C, or later doing 623P.

You can apply this similarly to other characters.

Rock-specific GC OS Example

Rock easier GC. Buffer 632, react with 4(JD)7C.

First you get access to 360 without 214 moves overlapping. If you wait a little longer on the 3 and 2 directions you get access to rising tackle's charge.

Basic Cross-up GC OS


[6] 23 6(JD) X(GC)

6(JD) becomes 4(JD) when opponent cross-ups


23[6](JD) X(GC)

6(JD) becomes 4(JD) when opponent cross-ups


21 23[6](JD) X(GC)

6(JD) becomes 4(JD) when opponent cross-ups

Poke GC Option-Select

Neutral game buffering.

Poke with buffer --> JD. Applicable to all characters.

Example with Gato, 2B36236>4 (wait and confirm):

  • If it hits in range, press A (Zero kiba)
  • If they hop above your 2B --> GC with B (anti-air super)
  • If it whiffs or on guard, don't press anything

Example with Grant, 2A36>4:

  • 2A is used as a poke, but if it hits, you can hit confirm a second 2A into super B/D.
  • If they hop above your 2A --> GC with B (anti-air Dangai)
  • If it whiffs or on guard
    • don't press anything
    • do Dangai B/D
    • continue buffering to a super

Hotaru Example

anti-hop pre-buffer input. For example with Hotaru :

  • Far B 6AC 4(JD) => GC with 23D for shoryu
  • Far B 236C 4(JD) => GC with A for fireball

The special buffer is stored and you can reuse it as long as it's another special.

Poke and be ready to react. Poke + buffer can cover most options. And don't hold back to JD during the poke (exceeding JD reception window), but right as the animation finishes.

Use different buttons, specials, etc. as other characters if needed.

Auto-pilot GC OS

Auto-pilot GC option-select against cancel timings.

After a JD you react to, quickly buffer a GC:

  • if they cancel the GC comes out
  • if they don't cancel, nothing comes out

This option-select makes use of (1) the window to buffer the next JD (during JD blockstop and JD blockstun) and (2) the window to do GC (during JD blockstop).

Many successive hits come in pairs:

  • air target combos
  • 2B(x2)
  • close heavy normals
  • Freeman (214A)(x2)
  • jump-in into 2B
  • normal into special cancel
  • etc.

So you can reliably JD twice and GC.

Example 1:

Auto-pilot GC option-select against air target combo.

See this post for video.

(1) Dong buffers a 63214C GC against Hotaru's j.A~B

[4](JD) 6321[4]C(JD)

The 2nd hit is JDed, but you complete the command too early to JD:

Dong completes 6321[4]C during the 1st hit's JD blockstun (outside GC window) and then the 2nd hit connects afterwards while still in JD blockstun (inside buffered next JD window).

(2) Dong buffers a 63214C GC against Hotaru's j.A~B

[4](JD) 6321[4](JD)C(GC)

The 2nd hit is JDed and GCed:

Dong completes 6321[4]C when the 2nd hit is JDed (both inside buffered next JD window and inside GC window). GC executes.

(3) Dong buffers a 63214C GC against Hotaru's j.A.

[4](JD) 6321[4]C

There's only one hit that you JD: Dong completes a 63214C during the JD blockstun. Nothing comes out and you start walking back.

Example 2:

A more common situation with auto-pilot GC OS.

See this post for video.

Buffering a 236X GC against a Hotaru ground combo.

When doing a JD, during JD blockstop and JD blockstun, there is no JD cooldown, and there is lenient buffering for doing GC's. So you'll see people buffering multiple commands before GCing.


[2]1(JD)4 5 41236 5 [1]D

Dong completes 236D during the Hotaru 2C's JD blockstun (outside GC window). Nothing comes out.

Dong JD's with 21(JD)4, then does a possible successive JD during JD blockstop with 41, but then 236 is completed during JD blockstun, outside the window to GC.

Going to a forward direction removes the successive JD buffer.

Dong then does another possible successive JD with 1 during JD blockstun.

But with no hit coming afterwards, there is nothing to JD/GC.

2C > 236C

[2]1(JD)4 5 41236 5 [1](JD)D(GC)

Using the same buffering as above with just the 2C, Dong does a GC 236D after the second JD.

When Dong then does the last successive JD with 1(JD) during first hit's JD blockstun, this allows him to complete the GC command with D.

Black Jack Knife

A hop-in into super or special option-select, where it only does super or special on whiff, cancelling the "unsafe" landing recovery of the hop.

A type of hitstop option-select.

Called "black jack knife" or "jack knife" by Colossus.


When you hop, you input a super motion with your hop-in button.

In the expected hitstop/blockstop, you press the button for your super.

If hitstop/blockstop happens, you input the super too early for it to happen.

If the hop-in whiffs (i.e., there is no hitstop/blockstop) you cancel the hop-in's landing recovery with a super.

This works because you can reuse buffers in Garou: although you triggered a super with that previous button, you can trigger another super as long as it is a different button.

Depending on your character and the type of super, it can be very useful for catching backdashes and reversals.


Rock forward hop B

forward hop, 236 23B~A |> [4] on hit/block

forward hop, 236 23B |> A on whiffed hop B

If hop B hits/block, the Rising Storm is input too early and doesn't come out. (And he might still have buffer available to confirm with another super.)

Jenet's Super A/C is good to catch backdashes doing this.

Also see Colossus and Aaru's original video on the Black Jack Knife "餓狼MOW新テクニック ブラックジャックナイフ"

Additional video on beating upper-body evasion attack with black jack knife "【餓狼MOW】ブラックジャックナイフ 上避け潰し編"

Throw Kara Cancel OS

See original video by Aaru "121003 空キャン仕込み投げ"

Throw-Special OS

Similar to "Throw Kara Cancel OS".

This option-select also has you doing either a throw or a special.

You are buffering a special motion, ending with 4C or 6C, and then quickly pressing the button of the special.

This hinges on your character not having a special using that motion + C.

You will put out a 4C or 6C, so that when you are close, your cl.5C will turn into a throw.

And if C whiffs, when you press the other button, it will kara cancel into a special.

Grant example:


Will throw, crossdown jumps or catch backdashes (vary with timing).

Dong example: option-select tick throw:

236C~D or 214C~D

Not very strong but will throw or apply pressure on backdash. Lose to jump or invincible moves.

214 6 C~D throw option-selects can be used to GC as well.

Marco example:

214 6C~B

Will throw and crossdown jump attempts. Negative against backdash. Maybe counter invincible specials.

JD Hitstop OS

This option-select has you doing a strong normal, then buffering a special motion and ending it with a feint input followed by the special's button.

With normal hitstop/blockstop, you input feint during hitstop/blockstop and then press the button for special after hitstop/blockstop (during the feint cancel).

You feint cancel and then the special doesn't come out.

With JD blockstop, after the feint input the button for the special is also pressed within the JD blockstop.

Since the special input supercedes the feint input, you special cancel after the JD blockstop.

Freeman Example

Option-select with JD hitstop example (D412365AC~D) :

  • If no JD, feint comes out, and the special close behind doesn't
  • If JD, it has extra hitstop so the special comes out instead

Note: Going to neutral before pressing AC makes the feint last longer, preventing the special

Jenet Example

JD hitstop OS:

C214AC5B : If no JD, feint comes out, if JD 214B comes out (has startup invulnerability to avoid most GC)

Hitstop OS

Do a normal and then do some other normal or special on hit/guard or on whiff.

Can be thought of as a Hit-Special OS (as opposed to the Throw-Special OS).

Grant Example 1

@NoixdepudgeMotW's Grant option-select 236236AD>B>2AD :

  • On guard/hit => 5A>2A
  • On whiff => 5A > Engesurin
  • On enemy super => Ave maria tech, press A for Hatendan

Grant Example 2

Grant option-select, 5A 6>236 B~C :

  • On hit: 5A>shoryu
  • On whiff: 5A>dengai

Characters with normals not special cancellable can use this kind of OS.


Jump Attacks that Crush/Beat Upper-Body Evasive Attacks (2AB)

Basically, you are not able to crush/beat an upper-body evasive attack used as an anti-air unless your jump attack is done lower and closer to the ground.

Also, with the following moves, you may be crushed/beaten instead by being hit first, or by trading hits, if the upper-body evasive anti-air is done earlier.

Character Moves
Rock Howard None
Terry Bogard None
Khushnood Butt/Marco Neutral or Backward small jump J.B
Kim Dong Hwan J.A, Back Kick J.4C, Hishou Kyaku J.2K, Super Dong Hwan Kick J.236(x2)P
Kim Jae Hoon J.A, Hishou Kyaku J.2K
Hotaru Futaba J.A, J.D, Kou-shuu Da J.2B
Gato J.B
Hokutomaru J.D, J.A, J.B (J.A, J.B are usually only forward jump)
B. Jenet J.D
Tizoc/Griffon None
Freeman J.C
Kevin Rian None
Grant forward or backward small jump J.B , Messhou Hisetsu J.2K
Kain R. Heinlein small jump J.D

J stands for jump. (Normal jump and small jump are both acceptable for those without comments)

Normals/Movement/Actions with Invincibility Frames

Forward dash step's first 1-2F has lower-body invincibility.

Far B's (f.5B) last 3F of recovery has has full-body invincibility

Close B's (cl.5B) last 3F of recovery has full-body invincibility

Lower-body Evasive attack (5AB) has lower-body invincibility for 13F after landing

Forward dash step's first 1-2F and last 3F have lower-body invincibility.
Backdash's last 5F have lower-body invincibility.
Low feint's (2AC) last 19F has full-body invincibility.

Crouching A's (2A) last 3F of recovery has full-body invincibility (See this post for an example.)

Upper-body Evasive attack (2AB) last 3F has full-body invincibility.
Close A's (cl.5A) last 2F of recovery has full-body invincibility.
Normal empty jump has 1F lower-body invincibility after landing.

Jenet-Only Combos

Jenet's particular mid-air hit reception
With characters other than Jenet, you will not be able to follow-up from an upper-body evasive attack or a strong/heavy attack when they are hit mid-air, but against Jenet, it's possible to follow-up.

For example
Butt/Marco's Kohou (623P) BR Counter-Hit --> cl.5D > Kohou (623P) BR > Ko-ou-Ken (236P)
Jae's Hienzan ([2]8K) BR Counter-Hit --> 2C > Hienzan ([2]8K) BR > Hou'ou-kyaku (236(x2)K)
Kevin's Upper-body Evasive attack (2AB) > Gatling Freezer (236(x2)K)
Rock's j.C~B air target combo

"After Counter-Hit"
If Jenet is already in a counter-hit state in mid-air, when doing a normal attack with the correct timing, it hit-confirms as a counter-hit.

For example
Butt/Marco GC's Harrier B. (j.2K~KKKK) "takeoff" by doing JD > Kohou (623P)
(Harrier B.'s (j.2K~KKKK) always causes a counter-hit because your GC hits during the next kick's startup)

Also see this video: "Garou Motw Jenet Counter hit Bug Tutorial"

Super Jump Special Bug


Far Heavy Kara Cancel Forced-Finish

This is different from the usual kara canceling.

Only Marco and Gato can kara cancel a far heavy normal into nothing by pressing the other heavy normal.

f.5D~C (C pressed during 2~9F of f.5D)
f.5D~C (C pressed during 2~10F of f.5D)
f.5C~D (D pressed during 2~8F of f.5C)

Expanded Hurtbox and Collision Box During Low Profile

The crouching animation is 4F. You take 3F "startup" to crouch and then look like you crouch on frame 4.

The 3 frames of pre-crouching have a slightly lower hurtbox than standing, but the collisionbox is the same as fully crouching.

Fully crouching on frame 4, your hurtbox vertically shrinks and your collision box (also known as a pushbox) horizontally expands.

You can cancel pre-crouching frames immediately with any action (walking forwards or backwards, jumping, attack, etc.).

However, you're still crouch blocking immediately at the 1st frame (blocking for all 4F).

Leaving crouching (going to neutral, etc.), you have 3 frames of getting up.

These pre-standing frames have slightly lower hurtbox but the collisionbox is the same as fully standing.

If you leave pre-crouching before you fully crouch, you will stand immediately.

You can cancel pre-standing frames immediately with any action (walking forwards or backwards, jumping, attack, etc.)

When you go from downback to back there is no transition.

Your hurtbox and collision box go to standing position immediately and are stand blocking.

Expanded hurtbox and collision box also applies to wakeup after hard knockdowns and throws.


Your crouch extends your collision box => it pushes you out of throw range.

Opponent's wakeup extends your their collision box => it also pushes you out of throw range.

From point blank walk forward on opponent's wakeup:

  • crouch > attack: can't throw
  • crouch > stand > attack: can't throw
  • stand > attack: gets thrown

Soft knockdown rolls have no collision, so they overlap.

See this post for video of this specific example with hurtboxes and collision boxes shown.

To keep this simple:

  • Don't throw if you wakeup from hkd
  • If you meaty someone in hkd point blank, crouch first to get out of throw range

Also see this post for an example of being pushed out of throw range after crouch blocking a special.

This expanded collision box is also the reason why you'll see some combos not connect on crouching or waking-up opponents, but normally work on standing opponents.

See this link for an example by Aaru.

After a throw when Rock goes in and tries to meaty with the combo cl.5D(1) (2FC) 2C > 236A.

The 2C whiffs and it still whiffs even if just wait past the meaty timing.

Rock's wakeup collision box is wider than when standing, so you are slightly further away and this affects the combo.

Low-Profile Kara Cancel

A technique for flashkick characters (especially Jae and Kain) to avoid exposing your hurtbox before activation.

You kara cancel low-profiling normals like 2B or 2D, instead of standing/rising after the normal's recovery by going to neutral frames and pre-jump frames, before executing the [2]8X special.


Instead of 2>8>B, press 2>B>8.

(Easy input, there is about 5F margin, if you do 2 > D > wait 5F > up it will work)

Guard Box

When you block or Just Defend, your guard state will have a guard box.

This guard box will slightly protrude from the front of your hurtbox.

The crouching guard box will protrude even further from the already expanded crouching hurtbox and collision box.

And for some characters, standing guard box will sometimes protrude not only in front of you, but also above your standing hurtbox and collision box.

"Eaten" Jumps and Hops

Blackout Eating Jumps:

When super blackout occurs during a jump, you'll sometimes see that jump input being "eaten" and turn into a hop.

It seems like the blackout is "pausing" the jump.

This is like how you tap a hop and end your jump input by quickly going to neutral.

The blackout cuts off the rest of the jump input, the rest of the time the jump input needs to be held to be a full jump.

So you'll sometimes see air JD attempts failing because what were previously jumps are now hops that you cannot JD during.

TOP Activation Eating Jumps:

TOP freeze cancels jump momentum.

This is primarily applicable to Kain, when you are able to move while you opponent is taken into TOP area.

Doing a jump or hop during the opponents TOP activation, under certain timing, shortens the jump into some kind of "mini-hop".

See here and here.

Punishing Fireballs

This video showcases various ways to punish your opponent's fireballs, especially with guard cancels.

Whiffed Jump Normal into Normal Throw

A useful tactic is to time your hop-in or jump-in so that you whiff your jump normal just before reaching the opponent.

The opponent expecting hitstop/blockstop will try to block and you can normal throw them when you land.

This can be countered by the opponent seeing through the trick and punishing the landing recovery, or trying to tech the throw.

Miscellaneous Bugs, Glitches, and Other Oddities

Cute Jenet Dash Sparkle Bug

If you cancel Jenet's dash before the little stars animation come out, your next light attack will activate them.

Kain Color Bug

Other Bug Videos

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