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Directional inputs

Universal numeric notation

The numeric notation is an universal standard for many fighting games. In Garou it is largely used, since it allows better understanding of just defense, guard cancel, and shortcut inputs. The number 5 represents the neutral position, that is, no directional input.

Universal numeric notation for fighting game directional inputs.

Common motion inputs

  • N.png - N or Neutral (5) - Input no direction. Denotes standing.
  • F.png - Forward (6)- Input direction forward/towards the opponent.
  • B.png - Backward (4)- Input direction backward/away from the opponent.
  • U.png - Up (8)
  • D.png - Down (2) - Input direction down to crouch.
  • Qcf.png - Quarter circle forward/Hadouken/Fireball (236)
  • Qcb.png - Quarter circle backward (214)
  • Hcf.png - Half circle forward (41236)
  • Hcb.png - Half circle backward (63214)
  • Dp.png - Dragon punch (623)
  • Rdp.png - Reverse Dragon Punch Motion (421)
  • 360.png - 360° (63214789) - Full turn. Complete 360° rotation movement. Usually written only as 360°, since the numerical notation is too long. Can be inputted both in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • 360.png,360.png -720° (6321478963214789) - Double turn. Two complete rotations, resulting in a 720° motion. Usually written only as 720°, since the numerical notation is too long. Can be inputted both in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Button notation

  • Snka.gif - LP - Light Punch (or Weak Punch)
  • Snkb.gif - LK - Light Kick (or Weak Kick)
  • Snkc.gif - HP - Hard Punch (or Heavy Punch)
    • also known as - SP - Strong Punch
  • Snkd.gif - HK - Hard Kick (or Heavy Kick)
    • also known as - SK - Strong Kick

Universal commands

  • (After certain special skills) Snka.gif + Snkb.gif - Break. An universal mechanic that cancels part of the animation of certain special attacks.
    • may also be denoted by BR or br.
  • Snka.gif + Snkb.gif - Evasion Attack.
    • Snka.gif + Snkb.gif - Lower body evasion attack. Universal move with low crush properties. It is a little tricky to use and may not be very reliable, depending on the character. It is an overhead for most characters, with a few exceptions.
      • may also be denoted by 5AB or 6AB or 4AB.
    • D.pngSnka.gif + Snkb.gif - Upper body evasion attack. Universal move with high crush properties. It is a little tricky to use and may not be very reliable, depending on the character. Sometimes can be used as anti-air.
      • may also be denoted by 2AB.
  • D.pngSnka.gif + Snkc.gif and F.pngSnka.gif + Snkc.gif - Feint. A feint animation that mimics certain specials and supers. Used to cancel the recovery animation of normal attacks and in mind games. It is easier to input feint attacks if you hold the desired directional input before pressing A and C.
    • may also be denoted by 2AC or 6AC.
    • the feint cancel may also be denoted by FC, or more specifically 2FC or 6FC.
  • Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif - T.O.P. attack. Sometimes just called "TOP". Done on the ground when your health enters your selected T.O.P. area.

Other notation

See the "Data Help" key/legend, also called the "MOTW Legend", for symbols/terms/notation mostly associated with frame data.

Usually posted on every character page, we've included it here:

Data Help
Disclaimer: This is meant to teach basic terminology used when describing moves.
HitBox: A predefined area (usually a group of rectangles or circles) that tell the game how any given attack can come in contact with a character. Hitboxes are invisible to the player when normally playing.
HurtBox: A predefined area (usually a group of rectangles or circles) that tell the game how your character is allowed to get hit by any incoming attack. Specifically, you'll get hit by (or block) an attack if that attack's hitbox ever overlaps your hurtbox.
Throw Box/Range: Active throw frames and range. Your opponent will be thrown in this field if not in block or hit stun.
Projectile Box: Hit box on a projectile attack.
Guard/Counter Box: The Guard Box or Counter Box. This appears when blocking or using a counter move.
Push Box: Has no bearing on hurt/hit boxes. Just allows characters to not pass through each other. (Also known as "Collision Box".)
Command the input for the attack.
Start Up The number of frames that initiate at the beginning of an attack after the input. And when the first hitbox is present.

The first active frame is after the last startup frame.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

High or H or Overhead (especially when from the ground) -- must be blocked standing.
High-Low or HL or Mid -- can be blocked either standing or crouching.
Low or L -- must be blocked crouching.

Damage "basic" damage -- unmodified damage values

"correct" damage -- damage values modified for damage scaling, TOP multiplier, and defense rate

Guard Crush Value Decrease your guard durability gauge/meter by that value/s
+ signifies how many advantage frames the attacker has.
- signifies how many disadvantage frames the attacker has.
KD means the attack will knock the opponent down.
circle means cancelable on both hit/block.
infinity means chain cancelable with the same button (renda cancel).
means cancelable on the first hit/part only.
《 》OR « » OR << >> OR ( ) The numbers in the brackets are the startup frames until the next stage (the gap until the next hit's first active frame).
up triangle means only cancelable on block.
down triangle means only cancelable on hit.
× OR X means not cancelable.

Other notation may be adapted from other games' notation conventions.


simultaneous buttons = for example: AB OR ABC (A+B OR A+B+C)

cl. = proximity/close attack

f. = far attack

j. = Jump

CH = Counter Hit

JD = Just Defend

GC = Guard Cancel

IAJD = Instant Air Just Defend

[X] = hold X (for example, 23[6]A = hold forward to walk before 236A starts up)

xx = special canceling (example: A xx 236A)

> = chaining OR special canceling (example: A>A>B OR A > 236A)
, = link (example: 2B, 5A)

Note: > and , are sometimes used interchangeably, or omitted altogether.

|> OR land = land mid-combo (example: j.C land 2A)

~ = Plinking, when two buttons are pressed very closely after one another, almost at the same time. Or used just to show that two buttons follow each other without that strict timing (example: follow-ups such as target combo j.A~C).

Arcade controller layouts

Square: Same layout used in the King of Fighters series.

Square button layout commonly used in SNK games.

Line: Used to be the default layout on the NeoGeo and in arcade back in the 1990s. Mostly used in Osaka & Kyoto. Is less popular in Garou.

Line button layout commonly used in SNK games.

Pad controller layout

Feel free to use the layout that suits you the best. The one below is the default one in Garou.

Commonly used pad layout in Garou.

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