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Aside from being an accomplished wrestler, Jun is also an astrophysicist. Her perfect synthesis of the two disciplines allows her to dunk people from outer space.

Jun very quickly and easily makes herself known as AVG2's grappler. And while she does quite dutifully fulfill this role, players who pick up Jun will find a surprisingly versatile character with strong mobility and no shortage of great pokes to be using in neutral. While her combos are short and fairly stable, she suffers from a lack of ways to confirm them compared to other characters, which causes her to rely on conditioning the opponent more. In short, expect to play a grappler, but one that is more than capable of holding her own in footsies.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High defense value
  • Great neutral presence with solid pokes and movement options
  • Explosive damage with her command grab and 0F grab super
  • Heavy normals are on the slow side, making her rely mostly on light normals
  • Low combo potential has her relying mostly on conditioning or meter expenditure to get damage
  • Somewhat lacking in options against projectiles


Command Moves
f+HP: Command launcher. A bit on the slow side, but leads to good damage.
j.d+HP: Body splash cross-up tool.

Target Combos
st.LP > (cr.LP) > cl.HK
st.LP > (cr.LP) > st.LK > (cr.LK) > st.HK
st.LP > (cr.LP) > st.HP > st.HK
cr.LP > cr.HK
j.LP/LK > j.HP/HK/j.d+HP

Guard Cancels
LP: st.LP
LK: st.LK
HP: LP Earth Shaker (qcb+LP)
HK: HK Kubota Sway (rdp+HK)

Jun's LP and LK guard cancels are some of the most devastating in the game for one strange reason: the damage of these GCs is dependent on the move being guard cancelled. This also applies to subsequent uses of the normal when chaining into itself. As an example, by guard cancelling Chiho's Super, it's possible to kill her in one combo just by repeatedly chaining st.LP into itself because of the damage boost. Because of this factor along, HP and HK guard cancels don't see a lot of use.

Special Moves

Earth Shaker (qcb+P): A generally very useful special move that mostly sees use as an OTG follow-up, and as a meaty hitbox for the opponent to wake up into. The EX version functions almost like Potemkin's Slidehead in Guilty Gear, causing an unblockable hitbox to track to the opponent's position, launching them high into the air for a combo follow-up depending on positioning.

Kubota Sway (rdp+K): Jun stands in place and sways, gaining full strike invulnerability for the duration of the move. There is no punishable recovery on the move, but she's completely open to throws. Extremely useful tool against characters who want to abuse instant supers, since she can buffer this during superflash.

Kubota Buster (f,hcf+P): Jun's command grab, and boy is it a good one. The range is fantastic, and it even opens up combo opportunities if you can time an EX Earth Shaker. Incredibly strong move.

Kubota Lariat (charge b,f+HP): Extremely important move in Jun's combos because it provides one of the few hard knockdowns in the game, guaranteeing an OTG follow-up. However, this knockdown only occurs on the early hitbox, so the move becomes far less rewarding when used at longer distances. Its safety is also very spacing-dependent, so you want to be judicious when throwing this move out in neutral. The side that Jun ends up on when scoring the knockdown is somewhat inconsistent, so make sure you learn how to properly confirm your positioning so you don't lose out on OTG damage.

Super Moves

Kubota Shuttle (f,hcf+K): A powered up Kubota Lariat that does dino damage when it hits. For reasons our best scientists have yet to adequately explain, this move hits low. Using this to end combos is a huge part of Jun's high damage, since one of the move's most terrifying attributes is that the damage from the falling portion of the move will never be affected by damage scaling.

Kubota Special (hcb,hcb+HP): Mostly useful for the fact that it's 1F startup. While the damage is high, you often get better damage from HP Kubota Buster into EX Earth Shaker, so you mostly want to use this when you need speed more than damage.


Jun generally wants to approach the neutral game carefully. You have a few usable mid-range options in footsies, primarily f+HP, st.HP, st.HK and Lariat. You'll have a hard time against fireballs, but if you have meter then you can very easily discourage people from throwing them with EX Earth Shaker. Outside of that, you largely want to be using aerial approaches, primarily with j.LP, as it's a very reliable air-to-air button that is freely chainable into any of Jun's heavy jump normals -- j.HK is best for long range, while j.d+HP is best up close.
Once you've found your way in, the crux of your pressure starts with cr.LP. From here, you have a very strong tick into Kubota Buster. If the opponent tries to jump out, a chain into cr.HK will catch them, allowing you to score a combo with Lariat into an OTG follow-up. If you have two bars to spare, you can extend any of those punishes into Kubota Shuttle for monstrous damage.
On defense, you'll largely be relying on attempts to call people out for gaps in pressure, since you don't have any particularly good abare options. However, you'll be able to get some mileage out of defensive command grab supers, and you'll definitely want to be using Kubota Sway against opponents who try to catch you with instant supers.


Basic Combos
cr.LK > cr.HK xx Kubota Lariat, OTG~
(corner) cr.LK > cr.HK xx HP Earth Shaker, cl.HK xx Kubota Lariat, OTG~
f+HP, sj.LK > j.HK, cl.HK xx HP Earth Shaker/Lariat

Primary OTG Follow-ups
~cr.LK xx HP Earth Shaker (xx Kubota Shuttle)
~cr.LK > cr.HK xx Lariat
~cr.LK > cl.HK xx Kubota Shuttle

Throw Combos
HP Kubota Buster, EX Earth Shaker
HP Kubota Buster, dash cr.LK xx HP Earth Shaker (xx Kubota Shuttle)
HP Throw, walk forward cr.LK xx HP Earth Shaker (xx Kubota Shuttle)

Frame Data


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