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Gomenasai, my name is Elirin-sama.


Elirin is an American whose real name is Eleanor. She insists that she's not a weeaboo because she was raised in Japan from a very young age, but I'm not so sure.

Elirin is something of a "feast or famine" kind of character, focused primarily on establishing a strong midrange presence, walling people out with her myraid ways to control horizontal and vertical space. Her offense is quite strong in this regard, but in return, her defense is extremely weak, sporting a low defense value and poor defensive options without meter. Playing Elirin to her full potential will require you to be careful, but confident.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great pokes for controlling horizontal and vertical space
  • Reliable approach tools in dash HP and strong jump normals
  • Solid mixup with her overhead special and command grab super
  • Low defense value
  • Poor reversal options
  • Somewhat low damage output


Command Moves

Target Combos
s.LP > s.LK
s.LP > s.LK > cr.LK > s.HK
s.LP > s.HP > s.HK
s.LP > s.HK > s.HK > s.HP
cl.HP > s.HK
cl.HK > s.HK
cr.LP > cr.LK

j.LP > (j.HP or j.HK)
j.LK > (j.HP or j.HK)

Guard Cancels
LP: s.HP
LK: s.HK
HP: LP Elirin Fire (charge b,f+LP)
HK: LP Elirin Tsutenkaku Otoshi (charge d,u+LP)

LK Guard Cancel is the safest option, because it has good range and leads to her combos regardless of the spacing.

Special Moves

Elirin Fire (charge b,f+P): Short range blast of fire. Can be useful as a midrange poke, but you need to be careful with your spacing.

Elirin Mach Punch (LP/HPx4): A flurry of punches that really isn't much good for anything. You'll use the EX version (input with dp+PP) often in combos, but the normal versions are far too unsafe in any context to be worth using.

SECRET Elirin Mach Punch (f,hcf~d,df+LP+HP+HK): More or less the EX version without the forward movement. This wouldn't be worth using even if the motion wasn't basically impossible to even do.

Elirin Tsutenkaku Otoshi (charge d,u+P): Mostly used in combos -- its slow startup, poor horizontal range and lack of invincibility make it pretty worthless defensively. The EX version can see some use thanks to it being an instant super, but it still sees the bulk of its use as a combo ender, too.

Elirin Chop (hcb+P): A basically unseeable overhead. Because it's so fast, Elirin can use this to blow people up for down-backing, especially if she's willing to super cancel from it. It also has the ability to reflect projectiles, which can be a useful option for Elirin's neutral.

Elirin San Ranbu (qcb+K x3) A three-stage rekka. An easy confirm from most normals you'll be landing in footsies, and leads to solid damage if you super cancel the third hit.

Super Moves

Elirin Smash (f,hcf+K): Elirin's command grab super has a lot of things going for it -- 1F startup, no whiff animation, solid damage and great range. This is a really important burst damage option for Elirin, since her access to damage is somewhat limited otherwise.


Elirin's footsie tools are nothing to sneeze at, so it's best to take advantage of them -- jumping kicks, cr.LK, dash HP and HP Fire can be used to establish a midrange presence. If you find yourself playing at longer distances, try to find opportunities to reflect fireballs with Chop. cr.HP is also a reliable anti-air option as long as you're willing to pre-empt the jump a little. From here, you more or less want to wall the opponent out with your space control tools, and if you find yourself any closer, you can cash out some damage from Chop or your super. It's important to maintain momentum in this regard, because if Elirin is put on the back foot, she has precious few ways of getting out of pressure, and any mistakes will cost her dearly.


Basic Combos
s.LP > s.HP > s.HK xx San Ranbu (xx EX Mach Punch xx EX Fire xx EX Otoshi)
cr.LP > cr.LK xx San Ranbu (xx EX Mach Punch xx EX Fire xx EX Otoshi)
You can make the super cancel into EX Mach Punch much easier if you input it as [f,d,f,d,df+P].

Chop xx EX Mach Punch xx EX Fire
Cancelling into EX Mach Punch from Chop is very easy, since the first dp input is effectively covered by the input for Chop, so just input hcb+P~dp+P and you'll get the super cancel with no issue.

Anti-Air Combos
cr.HP, j.LK > j.HK, cl.HP > s.HK (whiffed) xx EX Mach Punch xx EX Fire / EX Otoshi
j.LK > j.HK, sj.LK > sj.HK, EX Otoshi / EX Fire

Throw Combos
(corner) Punch throw > walk cr.LK, s.LP > s.HP > s.HK xx EX Fire (xx EX Otoshi)
(corner) Punch throw > walk cr.LK, s.LP > s.HK > s.HK xx EX Otoshi

Frame Data


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