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This page is a quick reference for new wiki editors. For more in depth help with MediaWiki markup please visit the MediaWiki User Guide.

Account creation & wiki setup

The primary means of communication for Shoryuken Wiki is Discord, a free chat service. You can join it by clicking HERE. The SRK Wiki Discord server has links for requesting account creation & setting up a "new game wiki" (i.e. you want to make a wiki page(s) for a game that has no pages on Shoryuken wiki currently). We handle these processes with Google Forms to avoid spam which means they are all reviewed by humans. More info is found in the #server-info channel on the Discord server.

Quick Help



Start with
  • == Level 2 Headers ==
then use
  • === Level 3 Headers ===
and so on.
Maximum is level 6, level 1 should be avoided.

Bullet lists

Start each line with a * for a bullet, a # for a number, and a : for an "invisible" bullet. Repeat two symbols (**) to add an indentation level.
  • You can mix symbols
  1. And go down as many levels as you want
  2. Numbers are given automatically. Don't add them yourself.

Uploading Files

  • Use the "Upload file" link on the right of the page.
    • You can give your file a more meaningful name when uploading. File:random dp.jpg is easier to undersand than File:112456247863.jpg.
    • When replacing images, refer your browser's cache for the new file to actually appear.

Image Parameters

  • [[File:everyonegetsshot.jpg]] for the full picture
  • [[File:everyonegetsshot.jpg|100px]] for a scaled picture without a frame
  • [[File:everyonegetsshot.jpg|frame|caption]] for a captioned frame without scaling the picture
  • [[File:everyonegetsshot.jpg|thumb|caption]] for a captioned frame with a scaled thumbnail

Property Icons

To use an icon to represent motions or properties i.e. Qcf.png for quarter circle forward or Unblockable.png for unblockable properties, refer to the icon index.

Rules of Engagement

In addition to these guidelines, note that this is an entirely strategy driven wiki. Whilst articles may include a brief introduction regarding the character's history, the wiki is not a house for canon discussion.

Play Nicely

Don't scribble all over someone's page. The Wiki has built-in tools to help authors protect their content. Don't make their job harder by trashing up the place. A wiki is most useful when it's open to the entire community to edit and refine its knowledge. Right now it's completely open, but we will start moderating it if things get too out of control.

Don't Create Blank Pages

If you don't have the knowledge and the intention to add the content to the page then do not create the page or the section within the page. The wiki is not a place to request information. Also do not create a whole series of pages unless you have the time to complete the content in the pages. Exceptions are only for the administrators when a new game is released and the section for the game is being created from scratch.

Maintain a Consistent Style

We've filled in a basic skeleton for the way things should look for most sections. Check out the section on Marvel vs Capcom 3 for an example of how the front page for a strategy section should look, and Dr. Doom's page for an example of how a character's page should look. However, certain details should obviously be omitted as necessary. We implore you to provide new content for the wiki, but ensure your contributions are in an appropriate format.

Fix old formatting

You might notice broken formatting on old pages or things that don't quite look right. Feel free to fix them on your own, and consult the old formatting help article for ways to do so for common issues.

Record your Progression

Get into the habit of marking out links to article with the appropriate image affixed to the end relative to it's completion rank. It should go without saying but, 0% refers to a completely blank, or only very loosely outlined article, whereas 100% refers to a completed article.

00%.gif 20%.gif 40%.gif 50%.gif 60%.gif 80%.gif 100%.gif

If you think there is only something very minute that you are, for whatever reason, unable to rectify limiting it's completion, please additionally attach an asterisk (*) to the 100% progress .gif and the note in italics at the end of the link.

e.g. 100%.gif* Capcom Fighting Evolution - Missing one of the characters from the tier listing entirely

Note that these should only be used to describe the destination article ONLY. All child links are subject to separate scrutiny.


If you've never used a wiki before, the MediaWiki User's Guide contains lots of information for usage and configuration help.

If you'd like to jump right in, editing a Wiki is lot like writing a forum post, except the markup rules are much more rich. You can check the Editing section on MediaWiki for a description of all the rules available, with some brief examples.