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Street Fighter X Tekken

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Have you crossed the line?! Street Fighter X Tekken is here! Finally, the toughest fighters from two of the biggest Fighting Game franchises in history go head to head in one of the wildest fighters in years. The cast of Street Fighter and Tekken do battle in teams of two and duke it out with a whole slew of new techniques and combos and powers, including the use of power up Gems that enhance their abilities and strengths. Who will reign supreme? Find out in Capcom's latest offering!


Street Fighter Tekken

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Getting Started

The Street Fighter X Tekken Cross Guide will continue to grow over time as more and more information is gathered and notated here, so keep your eyes peeled for lots more in the coming weeks! For now, here is some basic data that you may find useful.

Controls and Terminology

Throughout the guide, there will be a lot of jargon thrown around, and unless you know what these terms are referring to, it might be difficult to understand some of the more complex lingo and slang used. So before we begin, please take some time to look over these next few sections to familiarize yourself with some of these terms, so the rest of the guide will make more sense.

Systems FAQ

This half of the FAQ will tell you how just about everything in Street Fighter X Tekken works. From Dashing to Switch Cancels to Blocking to Throws to Cross Assault to Pandora Mode... almost every technical aspect of the game will be described in this half of the Guide. So, take a look, and learn how Street Fighter X Tekken works from the inside...

Basic Elements

In every Fighting Game, there are the basic, common factors that exist. Life Meters exist in just about every Fighting Game, as do Timers, for example. This section discusses these things: the factors that can affect the outcome of the battle that are not controllable by the player.


Every character has a variety of methods to move around the fighting arena. These abilities are possessed by all characters, such as Walking, Dashing, and Jumping.

Solo Offense

Of course the name of the game is to defeat your opponent by draining their health, and Street Fighter X Tekken provides every character with plenty of ways to deal damage, such as Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Super Arts, and Throws.


There are many forms of defensive actions that every character possesses to help them fend off attackers outside of just Blocking. This section contains all of your defensive tools, such as Counter Attacks, Quick Rises, and Forward Rolls.

Team Offense

You're not alone in this game, and your teammate is more critical to your battle plan than ever. There are many techniques you can accomplish with the aid of your teammate, like Cross Rushes, Cross Assaults, and Pandora Mode, that using both characters effectively is the key to winning a match.

Game Systems

Street Fighter X Tekken contains many rules and systems that drive the gameplay. This section talks about the hows and whys of those systems, as well as covering some really obscure rules that you may not be aware of.


Gems can make the difference in the outcome of a match. Just doing that little bit of extra damage or gaining a little extra meter can be the difference between life of death, so study up on these gems and learn what powers you can give your warriors.

Combo FAQ

This section will contain information on how the Combo System works in Street Fighter X Tekken, including things such as how juggling works and how Cross Rushes work and such.

Discord Server

Join the Street Fighter X Tekken server on Discord