The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/EX King

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EX King is a new “character” for UM; her moveset is close to what it was in Art of Fighting 2.

She is somewhat dependent on the gauge, but so long as you have it, you can fight quite safely.

You should generally use her powerful zoners to seize the initiative at mid-range.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Hold Rush (throw) f/b + C
Hook Buster (throw) f/b + D
Command move
Sliding Kick df + D
Special moves
Venom Strike qcf + K
Tornado Kick hcb + K
Trap Shot dp + K
Mōshūkyaku (throw) rdp + K
Super special moves
Double Strike qcf qcf + K
Surprise Rose qcf qcf + P

Normal moves

  • cr.C – the hitbox faces upwards and has oddly good priority in that regard.
  • st.C, st.D, and st.B – powerful as jump checkers. You should choose which one according to the situation.
  • cr.A – longish reach, so you can use it in ground zoning.
  • cr.B – similar to cr.A; it is cancelable, so choose between the two for your purposes.
  • j.CD – the hitbox wheels from upward to diagonally downward, so it shines in air-to-air.
  • j.D – acts as an overhead if you use it while ascending. The reach is long, so it’s okay to do this with rear jumps, too.

Command move

  • Sliding Kick
  • df + D
  • Low-hitting move; if the very tip touches, you aren’t very open. It combos from strong attacks; it can only be cancelled when not cancelled into or by delaying the cancel.

Special moves

  • Mōshūkyaku
  • rdp + K
  • A proximity unblockable striking autocombo. When it is done with a successful hit, it launches the opponent so you can juggle, and since it safely combos from cl.D, it is a pivot for combos. However, if there is space between you and the opponent, it will not activate, so keep your eyes open just in case.

  • Venom Strike
  • qcf + K
  • Unlike normal King, this projectile goes all the way to the edge of the screen if need be, but it does leave you pretty open. The graphics resemble the KOF ’95 appearance, so one other problem with this is that the projectile is rather small.

  • Trap Shot
  • dp + K
  • A quickie Ranbu special with a high-priority low-hitting hitbox. The startup is quick, and you can use it to combo from weak moves. The reach is long, so not only can you use it to zone, you can also use it to juggle from Mōshūkyaku. It leaves the opponent with a hitbox, so in the corner with a quick MAX, it is possible to juggle off it.

  • Tornado Kick
  • hcb + K
  • A Tornado Kick styled after the KOF ’95 version. It is a horizontally-traveling dropkick, and both the weak and strong versions do two kicks. The startup time till the first kick is slow, so you can’t really use it for anti-air. Unlike Tornado Kick ’95 in KOF ’99 and afterwards, the time till the second kick is fast, so if you get blocked from the very starting location you are way open, but if the very tip of the second hit touches, you can use it to zone. Use this move for countering at far distance and for combos.

Super special moves

  • Surprise Rose
  • qcf qcf + P
  • King jumps, kicking the opponent up, then performs a locking Ranbu after swooping in (both steps are blockable). It has invincibility during startup, but if you are very close to the opponent on the ground, or the first hit is a midair hit, then the second hit and onward may not (or for the midair case, will not) even make contact. The strong version descends at a shallower angle than the weak version, making it safer as far as the second hit is concerned.

  • Double Strike
  • qcf qcf + K
  • Two somewhat enlarged Venom Strike projectiles in rapid succession. The MAX version has even larger projectiles. The startup is quick and it will combo from strong attacks and such; it is also useful for wiping the opponent’s projectiles.



  • j.D > cl.D (2 hit) >> Mōshūkyaku (rdp + K) > Trap Shot (dp + K) or strong Double Strike (qcf qcf + D)
  • If done in the middle of the screen, use the Double Strike (qcf qcf + D) right away, and walk a little bit before the Trap Shot (dp + K).
  • cr.B >> Mōshūkyaku (rdp + K) > juggler
  • If you are not really close, the Mōshūkyaku (rdp + K) may not do all the hits.
  • cr.B > cr.B >> Trap Shot (dp + K)
  • From weak moves, this one safer than even the above.
  • j.D > cl.D (2 hit) >> Sliding Kick (df + d) >> strong Tornado Kick (hcb + D) or strong Double Strike (qcf qcf + D)
  • The Sliding Kick (df + d) will require a delayed cancel.

The Basics

The Venom Strike now flies all the way, so you can even fight from far away. She is particularly strong when you have gauge; even anti-air is safe, and the opponent has to be very careful.

At mid-range, maintain the distance such that the very tip of st.D will touch. The basic zoners are are moves like st.C, st.CD, and cr.B. From those, you can zone with a (non-cancelled) Sliding Kick, then zone with st.B or Venom Strike. The st.B probably won’t reach, but that’s okay. The hitbox isn’t very good, but it doesn’t leave you open either: this is just for show. To actually touch the opponent, you would then use st.D.

When you are using st.D and st.C, the opponent may come in trying to sweep. In this situation, use Trap Shot to your best ability. If you do it skillfully and can catch them, then the opponent will have to think twice about sweeping you next time. Another unpleasant anti-sweep measure is a whiffed st.CD (invincible to low hits).

When aiming for the offensive, you should of course use Mōshūkyaku. When you see an opening, go close in and try for cl.D or Mōshūkyaku. While using weak moves or j.D to press in on the opponent, you could just be aware of the block and use it on its own, but if you approach and the opponent and they start spamming, it would also be essential to get away at once by using a Venom Strike either from a strong attack or a st.CD. When you are spamming and using Mōshūkyaku, and the opponent will not come in, the fact that you can’t use the main source of damage (Mōshūkyaku) is of course a pain, so waiting for your chance to go for a combo from a zoning move or a strong attack is one thing to do. Occasionally, you should use alternate guard while aiming for a safe normal throw.

Advanced Strategy