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Walking allows you to slowly move fowards or backwards, done by inputting either foward or back in the direction you are facing, it is the simplest movement mechanic in the game


By pressing Down while you're on the ground your character will Crouch, allowing you to do your character's Crouching Attacks and dodge High Hitting Attacks, you normally won't be able to move while Crouching unless your character can crawl through the ground


By pressing Up/Up+Foward/Up+Back you will perform a Jump, by jumping you'll gain access to your Jump Specials (if your character has them) and Jump Normals. What Jump Normals you get will be dictated by the Direction of your jump, if you Jump Foward/Backwards (Up+Foward/Back) you will get one jump normal for each button, all of them do roughly the same things, and if you do a Neutral Jump (Up) you will get a Neutral Jump Punch (Up+1/2) and a Neutral Jump Kick (Up+3/4)

If you do a Jump Normal as you are rising it will be counted as a Mid Attack, and if you do a Jump Normal while falling it will be counted as an Overhead Attack


Dashing allows characters to quickly propel Forward or Backward on the ground by executing FF (Foward then Foward again) or BB (Back then back again) respectively. Note that a Backwards Dash (BB) requires a stock of Stamina to execute and that the character cannot Block or Attack during any part of the Dash.


Running allows a character to propel even further than a Forward Dash with a full sprint and is executed by FF+BL (Foward Dash+Block). This requires a stock of stamina to execute and the character cannot block or attack during any part of the Run. Unlike Dashing, Running can be canceled into all options in the game other than Neutral Jumping or Jumping Backward, allowing players to continue offenses or come to a complete stopping Block.


You can cancel Running (FF+BL) into almost anything be it a Normal, Special, Block or Foward Jump (You can't cancel into a Backdash, Neutral Jump and Back Jump). To perform Run Cancel (RC) combos, a mixup, or play footsies.

You can also cancel your Jump animation into any Neutral Jump Attack and Air Special you want if you input it inmidiately after Jumping

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