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Blocking is performed by holding BL, or D+BL to block while crouching.

Standing Block (BL) will allow you to block Overheads, Highs and Mids, but it will not block Lows. Crouching Block (D+BL) will allow you to block Lows, Mids and Highs (Though it's better if you just let Highs whiff by just crouching), but it will not block Overheads

Both of these are beat by Unblockable Attacks and Throws

Throw Escapes

Throw escapes are performed by pressing 1/3 when the opponent executes a Back Throw (TH/1+3) or by pressing 2/4 when the opponent executes a Front Throw (F+TH/1+3). Command Throws cannot be broken. But Normal Throws can be broken, even if they are executed mid-juggle. Throw Escaping still nets 2% of the damage through.


Breakers cost a bar of stamina and 2 meter stocks. A breaker can be performed while getting hit by a combo with F+BL, or while blocking a combo with B+3+4.

Wakeup Specials

Also known as Reversals, when they're Enhanced, some Specials will gain "Armor", being Armored will allow these specials to absorb a hit or two and continue their attack as if nothing had happened, though they still take damage, these specials are often used on Wakeup to escape the opponent's Okizeme. The most common Armored Specials are the X-Rays but most characters have atleast one more aside from their X-Ray. A few Non-Enhances Specials can still gave armor, but those are rare

Some Specials may even gain Invulnerability. This will allow them to Armor through moves without taking any damage, making them the best Reversals in the game, however these are quite rare and only a handful or character or variations have them

Roll Recovery

Hitting any button when hitting the ground will perform a tech roll where your character will roll backwards. During this roll, the character can perform standard Wakeup Specials.

During the roll, the character can also be hit by attacks with the OTG property, but they can be blocked if they are blockable, tough luck if they are Unblockable

Delayed Wakeup

Holding Down while on the ground will delay your character getting up. This allows you to avoid mixups that as you cannot be hit during this period. The downside is that you lose the Wake-Up window to buffer a Wake-Up move such as a Reversal or a Backdash, making it extremely hard, if not impossible to get said moves out on the first frame of getting up.

While on Delay, the character can also be hit by a handful of attacks with the OTG property, so long as their Hitbox is low enough to the ground, but they can be blocked if they are blockable, tough luck if they are Unblockable

Stage Moves/Interactables

Certain stage moves, also known as interactables, allows characters to escape corners that exist on a stage as well as make attacks associated with the stage item. These are executed by hitting the Interact Shortcut or executing 1+2. Note that these cancel out of normal moves like special moves and require a stock of stamina to execute and that using a meter on it by hitting BL will make it armored. Interactables that are associated with movement are constantly usable on the stage and interactables that are attacks are one-time use.

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