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The elements of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) explained from the screenshot above:

  1. Life meter: The character's health bar--when a character loses all of their health bar, they lose the round. If both characters get to 0 at the same time, there is a special draw condition.
  2. Timer: The timer that dictates when a match ends. This timer is reset to its initial state at the beginning of each round.
  3. Stamina meter: A resource meter that is split into two stocks. This meter generates over time during the match and is used for running, backdashes, stage moves/interactables, and breakers.
  4. Round counter: On default setting, every battle is a best of 2 out of 3 rounds. A player who reaches 2 rounds first will be the winner of the match. When you win a round, part of the circle will be filled up (in this case, half).
  5. Variation and character name: A character's variation and name are displayed, letting the opponent know, which variation they are facing.
  6. Super meter: A resource meter that is split into 3 stocks. The requirements of various mechanics are shown above each stock. One stock allows for enhanced moves, two stock allows for breakers, and three stocks allow for X-ray moves.


Since the release of MKX, as of April 2023. The Kommunity has adopted a different form of notation than the one the developers use in the Kommunity Forums. However this new notation mostly applies to attacks so some of the old notation will be kept


Term Description
F Forward
B Backward
U Up
D Down
1 Front Punch
2 Back Punch
3 Front Kick
4 Back Kick
NJP/NJK "Neutral Jump Punch/Kick", either of your Jump Up Attacks
JX "Jump X", any of your Back/Foward Jump attacks (For example: J2= Back/Foward Jump+2)
BL Block
TH/1+3 Throw
SS/3+4 Flip Stance
TG/1+2 Interact
X×Y For when you need to press a single button multiple times during a Special Input, for example, Vicious Ferra/Torr'a DBF1+BL~11111/22222 would become DBF1+BL~1/2×5
All For when you need to press all four attack buttons at once during a special input, for example, the final part of Wrestler Jax's Multi Slam would be All instead of 1+2+3+4


Term Description
j.X To be airborne while performing an action
(Close) To be at Close-Range (less than Jumping distance away) from your opponent
(Mid) To be at Mid-Range (usually Foward Dash or Jumping distance away) from your opponent
(Far) To be at Far-Range (usually Running distance or two/three Jumps away) from your opponent

Attack Properties

Term Description
OSUP Short for On Start-Up Properties, it signals what special properties an attack has during it's Start-Up. This notation is only used in this wiki
OHP Short for On Hit Properties, it signals what special properties an attack has when it Hits. This notation is only used in this wiki
OBP Short for On Block Properties, it signals what special properties an attack has when it's Blocked. This notation is only used in this wiki
Restand An attack property that forces an opponent from an airborne/juggled state to a standing state
Armor Some Enhanced Special Moves (and X-Rays) will allow you to tank a hit or two and continue your attack as if nothing had happened, except you still take damage from the attack, this property is often called Armor/Armored. A handful of Non-Enhance Special Moves can still be Armored, but they are very rare
Invulnerability Shortened to "Invul" and also known as "Invincibility", the Invulnerable property allows moves to not be get hit or grabbed during their Start-Up or Active Frames
Invul/Armor (Xf) A way to signal for how many frame a move has Invulnerability or Armor if needed
OTG Short for "On/Off The Ground", the OTG property allows Attacks to pick up an opponent from a Knocked-Down state that normal moves can't. Only a select few moves in MKXL have OTG properties, these moves will be able to catch: Normal Wakeup, Delayed Wakeup, and Roll Recovert, with reduced damage. In this wiki, it will be shown wether or not a move has OTG properties in their "Move Type" section alongside their Hit Level (For example: Unblockable, OTG)
SKD Short for Soft KnockDown, in MKXL, SKD is a specific Knock Down state in which you can use the game's Wakeup System however you want
HKD Short for Hard KnockDown, in MKXL, HKD is a specific Knock Down state in which the Wakeup System is limited to Delayed Wakeup and Normal Wakeup
Stagger Stagger, is a property that lets a move have a lot of Grounded Hit Stun on Hit and Block Stun on Block, which will allow you to run your offense better. In this wiki, a move is considered to have the Stagger property when it's at least +10 On Hit/Block, if it doesn't Knock Down On Hit/Block and if it doesn't combo into itself
Stun Stun is a special kind of extended Grounded Hit Stun that allows a move to combo into itself and/or other attacks which it wouldn't be able to with Stagger or Normal Hit Stun, for example, Jason's F2 can combo into itself and other Normals/Strings without launching an opponent
DAC Short for "Dial-A-Combo", DACs are Strings that need to be inputted very quickly to be performed, it will be noted if a String is a DAC in their "Move Typd" section right besides their Hit Level (For example: Low, DAC)
AB Short for "Armour Break", AB is an OHP which lets certain attacks (mostly X-Rays) break another attacks' Armour as if it weren't there
DOT Short for "Damage Over Time", DOT is a property that allows attacks to deal small amounts of damage over time when they connect with the opponent
Trap Attacks with the "Trap" property are attacks that place a hitbox on a specific part of the screen and do what they do when an opponent comes into their AOE or steps on them


Term Description
[X] To hold down a button
[X] Yf A way to signal for how many frames you need to Hold down a button if needed
]X[ To release the button you were holdinf down
Press To quickly press a button
Enhance To press Block/BL during a Special Move's input spend a bar of meter to Enhance it in some way, in this wiki, Enhanced moves will be highlighted in Yellow inside of the movelists
Meter Burn/MB Another way of saying Enhance
EX Yet another way of saying Enhance
Delay/dl. To delay an action, when a move has this in their OSUP section in the move list, it means the move can be delayed, this will only be added to a move list here if the move list in game doesn't say it's delayable
Run Cancel/RC To cancel your Run animation into any possible action, not to be confused with Guilty Gear's Roman Cancel which is also abbreviated to RC
Instant Air/IA Also known as Tiger Knee/TK, it is a method of performing a Special Move in the air as fast and close to the ground as possible
Anti-Air/AA Attacks that are good at hitting someone in the air while you are on the ground (For example: An Uppercut)
Reversals Also known as Wake-Up Specials, Reversals are Special Moves used on wakeup to ignore an opponent's Okizeme and escape it, Reversals are usually just Armored but sometimes they can have Invulnerability
Juggle To combo an airborne opponent while you are on the ground
Okizeme Sometimes shortened to "Oki", Okizeme is the act of running your offense while your opponent is Knocked Down, usually to attack your opponent safely as soon as they get up
HTB Short for "Hard-To-Blockable", HTBs are setups that require you're opponent to block at an extremely precise window (often a 1f or 2f window). Making them almost an unblockable setup, these kinds of setups are not uncommon in MKXL so have an eye out for them
X+Y To do two actions at once
, To Link an action into the next
~ To do a Special Follow-Up attack (For example: Ermac's: B2~3+4. 3+4 is a Special Follow-Up)
> To Cancel an attack into the next
Indicates that you must land on the ground at that point in the sequence (For example: J2▷112 means that you must land on the ground after hitting J2 and then follow it up with a string)

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