Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Hokutomaru/Combos

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5B~D > 214A/236236P

  • Easiest and most consistent BnB. 5B barely adds any damage and is a slower punish but works at ranges outside of c5D's proximity and lets you confirm into super.

c5D > 2AC 66 (5B~)c5D > 214A/236236P

  • c5D is Hokutomaru's fastest normal and leads to his highest damage combos but is not always available due to being a proximity normal. The 5B~D target combo is likely to whiff unless the combo starts from point blank (no jump-in), a crossup, or in the corner. Two c5D's is much more consistent and does almost the same damage.

(c5A,) 5A~B > 236236P

  • The chained lights can beat guard cancels and f5A is a faster punish than f5B. Input as 5A~236B 23(6)P.

2B(> 2B)~D~C

  • Just a target combo, but Hokutomaru sadly can't get much more from a low. Omit the second 2B at farther ranges.

2B > 2B > 236236P

  • Low confirm into super. Requires a close connect. Input as 2B36 2BC/BD 3(6)P to prevent Hokutomaru from doing 236B.

2AB > 236D~AB, 3D(1) > j214D

  • Combo from upper-body evasive attack. Whiffs from farther connects.

236K~AB, 3D(1) > j214D

  • Use this combo after guard cancelling into 236B (fastest non-super GC).

(j)236A(Air counterhit), 214D/214A

  • Both conversions do the same amount of damage. 214D works from anywhere on the screen while 214A is faster.

236K~AB(Counterhit), 236D~AB, 214A

  • If used as a guard cancel, it is realistic for 236B to counterhit the opponent. Unfortunately, this combo only does 1 more damage than the non-counterhit version, so it's not essential to learn. Can also combo into 3D(1) but it may not be as consistent from a GC, though definitely advised at the corner.


Corner Starters

c5D (> 2AC 66 c5D x N) 236D~AB, 3D(1) [Ender]

  • Hokutomaru can loop his c5D into itself. 2 or 3 c5D hits are manageable damage boosts but beyond that the loop becomes exceedingly difficult and unrewarding.

c5D > 2AC, 2AB 236D~AB 3D(1) [Ender]

  • Slightly more damaging than 2 c5D's but has range issues (can whiff after aerial target combos). Autopilots into an excellent blockstring with c5D > 2AC > 2AB > 2AC > 2C.

2B > 236B~AB, 3D(1) [Ender]

  • This combo makes Hokutomaru's lows much more threatening.

Corner Enders

[Starter] j214D/j236P/delay 236236K

  • Corner BnB. j214D lets the opponent tech roll while j236P sacrifices damage to prevent them from escaping the corner. Remember also that 236236B causes hard knockdown while 236236D is techable.

[Starter] j236P, delay 236236B

  • 1-bar optimization that requires strict timing. The damage increase is not as appealing when considering that it leaves Hokutomaru insanely punishable if mistimed. Attempt at your own risk.

Jenet Specific

(Air CH) delay c5D > 236B~AB, 3D(1) 214D/Corner Ender

  • Hit the c5D as low to the ground as possible.

Jump-In Analysis

jD is Hokutomaru's overall best jump-in normal with its vertical disjoint, crossup potential, and ability to beat 2AB's.

Both jA and jB cross up even easier than jD.

Hokutomaru has the unique ability to chain any of his air normals into any other air normal, giving him lots of potential jump-ins. They also let him pressure the opponent with double overheads that can still be special cancelled. Air target combos will whiff on crouching opponents, although Hokutomaru can often still combo from the first hit alone.

jA~B is the best target combo to use from a diagonal jump, combining jA's vertical disjoint with jB's faster startup to stuff guard cancels. Be aware that despite both jA and jB being very good at crossing up, jB will whiff if done as a crossup target combo.

jC~B is the only target combo that works from a hop. Hokutomaru can get any combo in the corner, but midscreen he's restricted to 5A combos. From a full jump the jB tends to whiff against average/short characters. If jB isn't coming out, try holding a direction while inputting. jC~B~C is possible on Tizoc/Griffon and Grant.

jD~B only works from a neutral jump and is good at punishing throw attempts but pushes the opponent far, so at midscreen you may be left with 2C(uncancellable) or f5B>236236P as enders. Better combo opportunities open up when used against an opponent's tech roll, as Hokutomaru can land directly on top of the opponent.

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