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Sagat is a Muai Thai practitioner from Thailand. He is considered the "Emperor of Muai Thai" because of how unstoppable he was when he fought. Nobody could defeat him, and soon became the strongest fighter in the world. He uses typical Muai Thai moves like fierce kicks, stiff knees and devastating punches, however he also has the ability to shoot projectiles (Tiger Shot), and uses a variation of Ryu's Shoryuken (Tiger Blow / Tiger Uppercut) as payback for Ryu scarring him. He dedicates his life to the martial arts, and works hard every day to make sure he retains his status as the best Muai Thai fighter to ever live, and that hard work payed off well as when he is at full strength, nothing can stop him. He is a proud and humble individual who knows and appreciates the work he and his opponents put into every fight.

Sagat used to be one of the key antagonists of Street Fighter, first starting out as the final boss of the first Street Fighter. Once he lost to Ryu, he let his hate and anger lead him down to dark paths. He became one of the main members of the crime syndicate Shadaloo, becoming one of the 4 Heavenly Kings and Dictator's personal bodyguard. After Dictator brainwashed Ryu during the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3, Sagat realized the moral wrongdoings of Shadaloo. He left the organization, and soon became one of the protagonists of the game.

In a majority of Street Fighter games Sagat has made an appearance in, he was usually an incredibly strong character and remained near or at the very top of the tier lists. Old Sagat from Super Turbo and SFIV Vanilla Sagat are notable examples of really strong variants of Sagat. In each game he appears in, he's very strong for a different reason. O. Sagat was strong because of his zoning, SFIV Vanilla Sagat is strong because of his insane damage output, and you'll see why CvS2 Sagat is right up there with them.


Sagat is generally regarded as the king of CvS2. He is at the very top of every tierlist, usually listed as the best character in the whole game in multiple grooves. He's a great character in any groove you throw him on. He is all about playing neutral and using his big buttons to confirm into big damage. He has it all: high health, high damage output, good defensive options, great pressure, the best buttons in the game, you can't ask for anything more in a character. He's relatively easy to play if you know when to use each of his buttons, since they serve a variety of uses.

Unfortunately, while a majority of this cast becomes much better thanks to Roll Cancels, Sagat doesn't get too much from it, outside of RC Tiger Knee, there's no need to RC any of his specials. They won't offer much in the long run as they serve only a couple uses, but overall in neutral these specials don't serve much purpose at all.

Most if not all top CvS2 players have Sagat on their main C and K groove team, usually as their R2 guy in the back. If he is on a team, he should be there, since he is just too strong to be passed up on, and as said before, he's not that hard of a character to learn in any groove. Even in grooves like S and P, he's the best character available for those grooves.

Generally the best spot you want to be in is either in neutral or pressuring up close. While Sagat's defensive options are great, it might get difficult to deal with rushdown heavy characters due to Sagat's sluggish speed and above average size, so it's best he's in a position where his speed isn't a part of the equation. You'll chip away at the opponent's health in neutral, but your main source of damage is from a confirm into super. It bags massive damage, as Sagat has the most reliable supers to give him that burst damage.

Groove Selection

Best - K/C: While Sagat performs well in every Groove, he still favors some more than others. K-Sagat is the best of them, and is the best character in the game. Rage benefits Sagat a ton, as his already ridiculous damage skyrockets. He can easily confirm into a Tiger Cannon for great damage as well. Run and shorthop legitimize his mixup game, and JD gives him a solid defensive option to deal with rushdown, and even has a true 50/50 when raged. C-Sagat is likely right behind. C-Groove gives Sagat an even better defensive tool in Alpha Counter, which more than makes up for the mobility loss, and air blocking can give Sagat more room to jump. Sagat also has a great level 2 combo, and since he has such great meter build he can do it often. While his roll isn't stellar, it's still a roll, and it can get him out of sticky situations when he needs it.

Useful - N/A/S/P: N-Sagat is his third best Groove. He gets access to the mobility of K-Sagat with a lot more chances to cancel into a level 1 super for good damage. He doesn't like guard cancel roll as much since his roll isn't the best, but it's more than welcome as a defensive option. Sagat doesn't like having to get into Max Mode for his level 3s however, and his meterbuild isn't as stellar since N-Groove has to build a bigger bar. A-Sagat, while on paper would sound like his best Groove, falls flat a bit. His CC isn't as good as you might hope, and while activation is still a ridiculously powerful mechanic and Sagat gets a lot of mileage from it, he just can't convert with it as well as other A-Groove characters. He would rather spend meter on a level 3 super usually, as those are more common for him and more reliable. Still, A-Sagat can make a nice battery character. S-Sagat is the best S-Groove character, and it still isn't the best Groove for him. He retains shorthop and run, which are inherently great for him, and at low health he can replace his Tiger Shots with Tiger Cannons. However, lack of supers often and unreliable sources of meter make it hard to do well with him until you reach low health. P-Sagat loses the run, but shorthop is more important for him anyway. Parries are a useful tool for him, as he can parry into a simple punish for decent damage, but he will rarely have a super to make that scary.

Worst - None: Sagat excels in every Groove and every team, regardless of your team composition.

Sagat is the best character in CvS2, and is a beast in every situation he is in. Simple and unbelievably strong, there's little reason not to play him. Sagat is best in K-Groove and C-Groove, but famously works in every Groove well

Difficulty: Easy
Tier: S+
Pros Cons
  • Normals: Arguably the best set of normals in the game, giving him untouched ability in neutral
  • Health: High health makes him a very tanky character
  • Damage: Very high average damage output, especially with meter
  • Great Supers: Very versatile supers that help him out greatly, like the Tiger Cannons and Tiger Raid
  • Simple: Pretty easy execution and easy to understand gameplan make him a character you can learn in little time
  • Groove Friendly: Sagat is the clear-cut best pick for every groove outside of A-Groove, and even then he's one of the stronger picks for that groove.
  • Big: He is tall and somewhat slow, dealing with good rushdown can be a bit of a struggle
  • RC and CC: Doesn't have a great Roll Cancel, and his Custom Combo is on the weaker side, meaning he can't abuse two of the most powerful CvS2 mechanics
  • Best in the Game: You can only put him on your team once

Players to Watch

Name Country Groove Accounts Notes
Kiku Japan C-Groove N/A A dominant C-Groover. Plays a textbook footsies Sagat.
Sample Match
Towel Japan C-Groove Twitter: @TowelManX After playing for so long, Towel's game sense and fundamentals are near perfect, and this is displayed most in his Sagat.
Sample Match
Wei Japan P-Groove N/A Also known as "P-Groove Guy." Dominates neutral through parries and pokes and lands a level 3 combo with ease.
Sample Match
P-Rugal Japan P-Groove Twitter: @oyasuminecalli Does not lean on parries for damage, rather he uses dominating neutral and only uses parries in tight situations. Eventually he swapped Sagat for Vice.
Sample Match
Izumi Japan S-Groove Twitter: @IzumiSgroove Incorporates his great S-Groove fundamentals into his play, which turns his Sagat into a character that you cannot throw bad pokes at in neutral.
Sample Match
Tsugunosuke Japan N-Groove N/A Uses a more aggressive Sagat. Makes great use of threatening short hops during max mode and capitalizes off of his hit confirms.
Sample Match
Bocchan Japan K-Groove N/A The original CBS user. His anchor Sagat is as terrifying as his other two characters.
Sample Match
Yane Japan K-Groove Twitter: @yanechudan A great K-Groover overall, very strong JD game.
Sample Match

Normal Moves


Stand Jab
Stand Light Punch
5LP / Far LP
CVS2 Sagat 5LP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Lp.png 500 5 SP/SU Mid High 2 3 6 11 +6 +6 None

A quick elbow.

  • Solid jab. While it may have fairly short range, it can be used in guard crush strings and jail the opponent in the corner with repeated use of it.
  • Can work as both a combo starter and guard break pressure, as it links into 2MK and 5MP, as well it frame traps into 2HP.
  • It is a 2f jab, which is something not a lot of characters have, meaning Sagat can poke out of pressure that has noticeable gaps in it, which really helps out Sagat's defense.
  • Can be a usable anti air as well, however note it can't be rapid fired for any last-minute panic situations.
  • Only weakness is the fact that it will whiff on most crouchers, but that doesn't take away it's use as an anti air and something to poke out of pressure with.


Stand Strong
Stand Medium Punch
5MP / Far MP
CVS2 Sagat 5MP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Mp.png 1100 11 SP/SU Mid High 4 3 24 31 -7 -7 None

A fast hook punch

  • Has quick startup with a lot of recovery. Unfortunately you can't kara cancel this move so don't use it in neutral too much, or at all really. He has way better buttons out there.
  • Outside of being used as block string filler from 5LP this normal is just outclassed by other better buttons.


Stand Fierce
Far Heavy Punch
5HP / Far HP
CVS2 Sagat 5HP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Far Hp.png 1600 16 SU Mid High 6 8 20 34 -4 -4 None

Sagat does a huge straight punch.

  • Amazing button. It has insane priority, making it able to beat out almost every poke in the game.
  • Also a really good anti air, as it has a lot of active frames and it can beat a fair amount of jump-in attacks, especially short hop jump-ins, making dealing with N and K groove characters far easier for Sagat.
  • Mainly use this button as a whiff punish, button stuff and anti air. The only problem with this move is that it can easily get crouched under, however there's another poke Sagat has that fixes this issue.


Close Fierce
Close Heavy Punch
CVS2 Sagat cl5HP1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat cl5HP2.png
Second Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Close Hp.png 1300 / 1100 13 / 11 SP/SU (1st Hit Only) Mid High 3 8 27 38 -13 -13 None

A slow uppercut-like punch.

  • Sagat's anti-crossup tool. Can be done pretty easily on reation and the very fast startup makes it able to do it's job easily.
  • Is also a great damaging cancel into Tiger Uppercut and super, and can be linked into from 2LK for max damage light confirms.
  • If it connects on the ground, cancel into something because it's very unsafe on contact.


Stand Short
Stand Light Kick
5LK / Far LK
CVS2 Sagat 5LK1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 5LK2.png
Second Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Lk.png 200+400 2+4 SP/SU (1st Hit Only) Mid High 5 8 10 23 -1 -1 None

A quick low kick.

  • Really good button, this is one of your main options to poke with in neutral, as it's safe at range and beats a lot of incoming pokes.
  • Has a fast startup and has great range to beat out any slower pokes.
  • Also looks really good when using this off of shimmies in neutral.


Stand Forward
Stand Medium Kick
5MK / Far MK
CVS2 Sagat 5MK1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 5MK2.png
Second Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Mk.png 400+900 4+9 SP/SU (1st Hit Only) Mid High 5 11 24 40 -12 -12 None

A long range midsection kick.

  • Decent poke, has very long reach to outrange some pokes.
  • Also a good late anti-air and anti-jump. It's effective if used at max range due to being very unsafe on hit and having no cancels on the second hit.


Stand Roundhouse
Stand Heavy Kick
5HK / Far HK
CVS2 Sagat 5HK1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 5HK2.png
Second Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Hk.png 500+1300 5+13 SP/SU (1st Hit Only) Mid High 6 10 24 40 -7 -7 None

A very high heavy kick.

  • By design this button is your go-to anti air, however 5HP is more practical for short hops. When it comes to basic anti airs outside of short hop rushdown, use this button instead, since it also has high priority and even higher vertical range to boot.
  • Quick startup for a heavy, can be done in reaction to jumps pretty easily, but note that the lack of disjoint means it may trade at times.


Crouch Jab
Crouching Light Punch
2LP / cr.LP
CVS2 Sagat 2LP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngLp.png 400 4 SP/SU Mid Low 5 4 8 17 +3 +3 None

A sluggish low punch

  • Just a far more gimped version of 5LP. Not only is it a very slow jab, it does not even hit low, so there's no real situations where this move warrants use over 5LP.
  • If you want a poke that could hit every crouching character, which is the main weakness of 5LP, then use 2LK. Just ignore this button for the most part.


Crouch Strong
Crouching Medium Punch
2MP / cr.MP
CVS2 Sagat 2MP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngMp.png 1000 10 SP/SU Mid Low 6 4 12 22 +4 +4 None

A slower low punch.

  • Another overlooked button. It can work as a good melee poke and blockstring filler but nothing more.
  • It's actually really plus, however it's just overshadowed by other better buttons.


Crouch Fierce
Crouching Heavy Punch
2HP / cr.HP
CVS2 Sagat 2HP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngHp.png 1500 15 SU Mid Low 7 8 14 17 +2 +2 None

Sagat does a huge low straight punch

  • The button Sagat is known for. It's 5HP but he is lower to the ground. It still retains the same functionality (minus anti-airs), and it will be one of your go-to confirms into super (mainly Low Tiger Cannon) and it bags massive damage.
  • One of your main pokes, deals a huge 1500 damage, the second highest single button damage in the game. Despite having no special cancels, it's still a very rewarding poke to land by itself, and does even more damage with a super cancel.
  • Don't spam this button too much, as some characters have answers for Sagats who like using this button alone in neutral. If you have variety in your neutral pokes, then it's going to be very difficult for the opponent to challenge Sagat.


Crouch Short
Crouching Light Kick
2LK / cr.LK
CVS2 Sagat 2LK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngLk.png 400 4 SP/SU Low Low 3 4 6 13 +5 +5 -

A quick low kick.

  • Decent button. It comes out very fast, and it can link into itself. This is going to be your main combo starter, as it confirms into Tiger Knee fairly easily.
  • It also works as a frame trap normal and a tool for guard crush strings, as it can link into 5LP and 2MK, however since it is a 1-frame link 2MK more a frame trap/string.


Crouch Forward
Crouching Medium Kick
2MK / cr.MK
CVS2 Sagat 2MK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngMk.png 1000 10 SP/SU Low Low 4 5 17 24 -2 -2 -

A quick sweep kick.

  • Really fast long ranged poke. Really good in situations where 2HP is too slow up close.
  • One of your main pokes in neutral, it hits low and is a great cancel into super.
  • It can link from 5LP for combo purposes, and is another one of your go-to confirms into specials and supers.


Crouch Roundhouse
Crouching Heavy Kick
2HK / cr.HK
CVS2 Sagat 2HK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
D.pngHk.png 1500 15 SU Low Low 7 8 27 44 KND -7 -

A very slow sweep kick.

  • Incredibly sluggish as far as sweeps go. Not exactly the best one out there since it has mere pixels longer range than 2MK.
  • It can still get you a knockdown but this shouldn't be the only option you go to for that particular goal.


Jump Jab
Jumping Light Punch
CVS2 Sagat jLP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png Lp.png 600 6 None High High 4 22 - 26 - - None

A quick aerial punch.

  • Good air-to-air. Has low priority so it will lose to bigger air to airs, however due to it's extremely high active frames it can still work if timed right.


Jump Strong
Jumping Medium Punch
CVS2 Sagat jMP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png Mp.png 1100 11 None High High 4 10 - 14 - - None

A weird upward hook punch

  • Odd air attack. The hitbox is extremely small but it does have high priority. It might be able to beat out some air attacks but most times it loses.
  • Not the best button to use in the air.


Jump Fierce
Jumping Heavy Punch
CVS2 Sagat jHP.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png Hp.png 1600 16 None H H 6 8 - - - - None

A powerful aerial straight punch.

  • Very high priority air to air. Works against most air attacks in the game, however it has a fairly slow startup. It is less active than other air-to-airs Sagat has, so timing is slightly more precise.


Jump Short
Jumping Light Kick
CVS2 Sagat jLK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png Lk.png 600 6 None High High 5 22 - 27 - - None

A very active knee drop.

  • Very useful button, works primarily as your cross-up button. It can cross-up everyone in the game, however it's weak to anti cross-up buttons, so use it wisely.


Jump Forward
U.png Mk.png
CVS2 Sagat jMK.png
Jump Medium Kick
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
U.png Mk.png 1000 10 None High High 6 8 - 14 - - None

An outstretched leg kick.

  • Not a useful button. It has a big hitbox below Sagat's body that makes it very weak to anti airs, even bad ones. Ignore in favor of j.LP, j.HP and j.HK for air-to-airs.


Diagonal Jump Forward
Diagonal Jumping Medium Kick
CVS2 Sagat djMK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/Uf.png Mk.png 1000 10 None High High 6 8 - 14 - - None

An outstretched leg kick.

  • Exactly the same as j.MK except now the hitbox covering Sagat's leg is shifted downwards. Again, ignore in favor of j.LP, j.HP and j.HK.


Jump Roundhouse
Jumping Heavy Kick
CVS2 Sagat jHK.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png Hk.png 1400 14 None High High 5 8 - 13 - - None

An aerial sweep kick.

  • Scary button. This is your go-to jump in. It has very high priority and starts up fast. It's also your primary short hop jump in button.
  • You can confirm into just about anything after hitting j.HK, since it has a lot of hit stun, and the damage is great, especially when raged.
  • Has a ton of range, so fireball punishes and even air-to-airs are things this normal excels at, it does just about everything Sagat needs to do when it comes to being in the air.


Tiger Toss

Tiger Toss
Punch Throw
Near Opponent, 4/6HP
CVS2 Sagat Throwrange.png
Throw Range
CVS2 Sagat Pthrow.png
Tiger Toss
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Close B.png/F.png Hp.png 1900 19 - - - 3 1 13 16 - - None

Sagat tosses the opponent over his shoulder.

  • Go-to throw. Deals great damage especially when raged.

King's Clutch

King's Clutch
Kick Throw
Near Opponent, 4/6HK
CVS2 Sagat Throwrange.png
Throw Range
CVS2 Sagat Kthrow.png
King's Clutch
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
B.png/F.png Hk.png 800+300 (Up to 10 times) 8 - - - 5 1 13 18 - - None

Sagat carries the opponent by their head and then repeatedly knees them.

  • While admittedly way cooler than the Tiger Carry, the fact that this move is mashable makes this throw less worth it than Tiger Carry, as you might lose out on the good damage if the opponent mashes fast enough, and it starts up in two frames slower than the punch throw.

Special Moves

Tiger Shot
Tiger Shot
236+P / QCF+P
Qcf.png + P.png
CVS2 Sagat 236P.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcf.png + Lp.png
800 8 None Mid Mid 10 - 44 54 -11 -11 -

Zoning fireball.

  • Fairly slow projectile, usually used as a stalling move for zoning. Up close this move is not that useful, but it is great from fullscreen as you can set up easy anti airs if they choose to hop over the fireball.
Qcf.png + Mp.png
900 9 None Mid Mid 10 - 45 55 -12 -12 -

A little bit of both.

  • The most versatile of the three. You can use it from a majority of ranges safely. It can work as a stalling move but also a quick anti air or for fireball wars.
Qcf.png + Hp.png
1000 10 None Mid Mid 10 - 46 56 -13 -13 -

Anti-air fireball.

  • Very fast. It usually works as a quick anti air or for fireball wars.

Sagat doesn't zone as much in this game as he does in other games, but he can still use Tiger Shot to zone out the opponent when he can.

  • For fireball wars, it's best to predict when the opponent will commit to a jump or a reposition. Light Tiger Shot has the least recovery, and it entices the opponent to try something since the fireball is so slow, so get the anti-airs ready or if they're empty jumping and fishing for a JD/Parry then throws or cancels from the anti-airs can work.
  • The main drawback with this move is that it can be easily crouched. This is where you have to know when to use Low Tiger Shot and High Tiger Shot. If noticeable amounts of screen space is being taken by the opponent from repeated High Tiger Shots, it wouldn't hurt to throw some low ones, but the main takeaway with those is that they can be easily jumped over. There is a time and a place for each, and even if the space is closed a bit if it's a midrange game then Sagat has the major advantage as his neutral is very strong.
  • For zoning, again, try to read when the opponent is going to commit to closing space. Zoning isn't exactly the main gameplan for Sagat but against characters who are weak to zoning like Zangief, it is something Sagat will try a little more frequently. Changing the variations of fireballs can be both good and bad. If it is messing with their jump or anti fireball timings, then it is good, but if the opponent is deliberately exploiting a change in fireball speed to their advantage, then it's not that good. If zoning hurts Sagat more than it helps him in a particular matchup, it's best to stop playing the zoning game and crush them in neutral.
  • If the opponent gets a little too run happy or dash happy, you can halt their approach heavily with this move, but it requires knowing where they are and when the Tiger Shot will reach them. Typically use HP Tiger Shot for this sort of use, as it's very fast and will usually catch these aggressive moves off guard.
  • If the opponent is consistently parrying/JDing the fireballs, then it's best to wait until they aren't expecting the fireballs to throw them again, as you are essentially just giving them free meter.
  • As a combo tool this special is not going to cut it. Use Low Tiger Shot every time, as the high profile of the shot can make it whiff.

Low Tiger Shot
Low Tiger Shot
236+K / QCF+K
Qcf.png + K.png
CVS2 Sagat 236K.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcf.png + Lk.png
700 7 None Mid Mid 10 - 45 55 -12 -12 -

Another zoning fireball.

  • Same speed, pretty much the same applicability, however it's far easier to avoid.
Qcf.png + Mk.png
800 8 None Mid Mid 10 - 46 56 -13 -13 -
  • Also a zoning fireball, but with slightly more speed.
Qcf.png + Hk.png
900 9 None Mid Mid 10 - 47 57 -14 -14 -
  • Another very fast fireball. Works as a blockstring ender and as a fireball war tool, but keep in mind that point blank this move is unsafe so spacing is necessary.

In tandem with High Tiger Shot, Sagat can zone pretty well with Low Tiger Shot as well.

  • Low Tiger Shot is a very risky move to use in fireball wars. While it cannot be crouched like High Tiger Shot can, it can be very easily jumped over, but if you know that they will jump over, then get the anti-air ready, and as mentioned before, if they are fishing for parry/JD, mess with their timing or just throw them.
  • Zoning with Low Shot is very difficult to work with due to the nature of the hitbox, but it can work, it just needs to have great timing and synergy with the High Tiger Shot. Even then, zoning isn't Sagat's main gameplan and he can easily just win off of the midrange game anyways.
  • Can't really catch a runjump happy opponent, but can still interrupt dashes, use High Tiger Shot in those situations.
  • For a consistent blockstring ender outside of 2HP this is a good move to use. Note that at point blank range it's really unsafe and punishable on hit so if you want to end a blockstring in Low Shot then spacing is needed beforehand so Sagat doesn't eat a big punish.

Tiger Uppercut
Tiger Uppercut
623+P / DP+P
Dp.png + P.png
CVS2 Sagat 623P1.png
CVS2 Sagat 623P2.png
Upper Body Invul Hitbox (LP/MP)
CVS2 Sagat 623HP.png
Full Body Invul Hitbox (HP)
CVS2 Sagat 623P3.png
Rising Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Dp.png + Lp.png
1800, 900 18, 9 None Mid High 3 15 35 53 HKND -35 3 (Full Body), 4 (Lower Body)

A low rising DP.

  • One of Sagat's main anti-airs, like traditional DPs it is a reversal, and not too committing if done as an anti-air.
  • As a wake-up option it will still eat a fat combo if blocked or whiffed, but against safe jumps and meaties it can work.
Dp.png + Mp.png
1900, 900 19, 9 None Mid High 3 19 39 61 HKND -43 3 (Full Body), 4 (Lower Body)

A mid rising DP.

  • While on the surface it looks like a mix of LP and HP, it's actually worse. It has the same hitcount as LP DP but it adds more vertical range, making it -43, while HP has multiple hits, making it -35 like LP. It does add on 100 more damage but that is just not enough to warrant using it over LP or HP. This means that you're risking more than HP by using it in a given situation. In a vacuum, use either LP or HP and ignore this one.
Dp.png + Hp.png
700+500+400+200+200 7+5+4+2+2 None Mid High 3 24 42 69 HKND -35 7 (Full Body)

A high damage, high rising DP.

  • While incredibly satisfying to land, don't let it tempt you. This version is mostly used for combo damage, usually canceled into from close HP, but can work as a very risky but rewarding anti-air or reversal, just know that if it gets blocked or whiffs it's not going to end well.

Tiger Crush
Tiger Crush
aka Tiger Knee
623+K / DP+K

Dp.png + K.png
CVS2 Sagat 623K1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 623K2.png
Second Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 623K3.png
Third Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Dp.png + Lk.png
400+1100 4+11 None Mid High 6 5+5 23 39 HKND -10 None

A quick rising knee attack.

  • Another useful anti-air, but unlike DP, it has no i-frames. This is where RCs come into play. This is by far Sagat's more useful RC, and even then he doesn't get too much from it.
  • RC Tiger Knee is a good anti-air for farther jumps, it's not a reversal but it definitely works in neutral or when being pressured.
  • Due to the speed of the special, it works for great surprise tactics, especially when low hitting pokes are very prevalent in CvS2 and Tiger Knee hops over them. Mashing lights does beat this option hard but it wouldn't hurt to try it once or twice in a match.
Dp.png + Mk.png
500+1200 5+12 None Mid High 5 5+6 24 40 HKND -12 None

A quick rising knee attack.

  • Shares the same uses as LP but doesn't really add anything new to the table, it's mostly a redundant version.
Dp.png + Hk.png
600+1300 6+13 None Mid High 4 6+7 26 53 HKND -15 None

A quick rising knee attack.

  • Sagat's main meterless light confirm ender. Damage is on the weaker side by Sagat standards but it's serviceable enough.
  • Also a great anti-air when RC'd. Sagat prefers this version when RCing this move as an anti-air.

Tiger Knee is a move that cannot be abused but also cannot be overlooked. It's a good move, and it can help Sagat in some instances.

  • RCs: This is Sagat's only real good roll cancel. If you are intending to roll cancel Tiger Knee, it should be primarily for going through fireballs or anti-airs. Sagat already has a true DP so using it as a reversal would be redundant, but Tiger Knee can anti-air at ranges that Tiger Uppercut cannot, and with the right timing RC Knee can blow through projectiles unlike Tiger Uppercut. That's basically the only two uses that RCing this special has, and while it's not much it's something good that Sagat can utilize.
  • As an approach option, be weary of reversals and mashing of light attacks. Not only does this move have no i-frames but the hitbox only hits on the way up, once Sagat falls down he is open to get punished. Against low fireballs, this special can maybe work, but you better hope the opponent doesn't recover in time and counterhit. Unless the opponent is not expecting a single Tiger Knee, it's best to not use it for getting in.
  • Tiger Knee can be used for oki and surprise tactics. Due to the fact that Sagat has no corpse hop, he is forced to use Tiger Knee if he wants some sort of left-right mix without using cross-up j.LK, but the recovery is pretty long on the landing so the opponent might react to any shenanigans with a reversal, so be careful with that.

Super Moves

Tiger Cannon

Tiger Cannon
236236+P / QCF,QCF+P
CVS2 Sagat 236236P.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Lp.png 2500 0 None Mid High 8 - 47 55 HKND 0 7 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Tiger Shot.

  • Very good desperation super, by itself it can also replace Tiger Shot in most scenarios where Tiger Shot proves useful.
  • Not a true reversal, but still has the i-frames to blow through some high meaties.
  • Very okay damage, in grooves that have great meterbuild like C, Sagat can afford to spend on lvl.1s frequently.
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Mp.png 3900 0 SP/SU Mid High 8 - 47 55 HKND 0 12 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Tiger Shot.

  • Deals nice damage with a High Tiger Shot cancel, but Sagat has better supers to combo into for optimal damage.
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Hp.png 5200 0 None Mid High 8 - 47 55 HKND 0 18 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Tiger Shot.

  • Sagat's most damaging anti-air. If the opponent is jumping a little too predictably you can use this super and shred their life. Very risky move though, if it misses you have spent all your resources and need to get them back. Overall, not Sagat's best lvl.3 but it serves a practical use.

Low Tiger Cannon

Low Tiger Cannon
214214+P / QCB,QCB+P
CVS2 Sagat 214214P.png
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Lp.png 2300 0 None Mid Mid 9 - 44 53 HKND -2 8 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Low Tiger Shot.

  • Also a very good desperation super, not only can it be used over Low Tiger Shot, but Sagat can cancel into it from the stray 2MKS and 2HPs he lands constantly in neutral, whether landed or blocked, it's free chip and free plus frames since the strings will give Sagat the spacing to turn the -2 on block into something much better.
  • Not a true reversal, but still has the i-frames to blow through some low meaties.
  • Like Tiger Cannon, the low variant's damage makes it's use exclusive to good meterbuilding grooves, otherwise Sagat wants to wait until he has a level 3 ready.
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Mp.png 3500 0 SP/SU Mid Mid 9 - 44 53 HKND +1 13 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Low Tiger Shot.

  • Off of a confirm, this super does great damage with a High Tiger Shot cancel. If Lvl.2 Tiger Raid falls out of any confirms, this is the preferred level 2. Sagat spending 2 bars usually means he wants to end the round or turn it in his favor and save up on some resources but it's still not a bad super to use.
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Hp.png 4800 0 None Mid Mid 9 - 44 53 HKND +4 20 (Full)

Sagat shoots a very powerful Low Tiger Shot.

  • Sagat's main hitconfirm from 2MK and 2HP. Does really nice damage and can easily turn the round in his favor.
  • Can be used as a very risky but rewarding reversal, just not that it may struggle against safejumps. Against slow stray pokes it can also do the job fine.

Tiger Genocide

Tiger Genocide
236236+K / QCF,QCF+K
CVS2 Sagat 236236K1.png
First Knee Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 236236K2.png
Second Knee Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 236236K3.png
Uppercut Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Lk.png 3300 0 None Mid Mid 8 5+3+4+4 [12] 22 37 95 HKND -27 8 (Full)

Sagat does a Tiger Knee and follows up with a Tiger Uppercut.

  • As a reversal, it is alright, but against aerial moves, the damage is nonexistent as it does not juggle properly.
  • Not a super Sagat wants to spend anything on, even if his meterbuild is great.
  • Sagat's worst super, doesn't mean it's a bad super it's just that the other 3 are just as versatile.
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Mk.png 4500 0 SP/SU Mid Mid 8 5+7+4 [12] 4+4+5+5+5+5 43 107 HKND -35 14 (Full)

Sagat does a Tiger Knee and follows up with a Tiger Uppercut.

  • Below average level 2 cancel by Sagat's standards. It does do a hefty amount of damage by itself but level 2 cancels don't add anything big to the combo damage. All of Sagat's other level 2s are much more useful.
Qcf.pngQcf.png+Hk.png 6600 0 None Mid Mid 8 5+3+4+4 [11] 2+3+10 [20] 3+3+3+3+3+3+3 47 135 HKND -34 22 (Full)

Sagat does a Tiger Knee and follows up with a Tiger Uppercut.

  • Sagat's most damaging level 3. It's not exactly the optimal level 3, as this super frequently drops out of some hits which loses out on damage, especially during combos.
  • Like the level 2 variant, Sagat's 3 other supers work much better and are much more worthwhile spending all resources on than this one.

Tiger Raid

Tiger Raid
214124+K / QCB,QCB+K
CVS2 Sagat 214214K1.png
First Hitbox
CVS2 Sagat 214214K2.png
Ending Hitbox
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Lk.png 2700 0 None Low (First Hit), Mid Low (First Hit), High 8 2 [10] 4 [16] 2+2+2+2 29 77 HKND -7 8 (Full)

Sagat does a sweep followed by a midsection kick and ends with a flying outward kick.

  • In terms of damage, this is probably the most damaging level 1 combo ender for Sagat, but like Tiger Genocide, it will fail to do damage against moves in the air.
  • Not nearly as versatile as the other two levels, if Sagat wants to use this super it's best to wait until he has a level 2 or 3. The Tiger Cannons are better as level 1s.
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Mk.png 4000 0 SP/SU Low (First Hit), Mid Low (First Hit), High 8 2 [10] 4 [10] 4 [16] 2+2+2+2 24 86 HKND -2 14 (Full)

Sagat does a Tiger Knee and follows up with a Tiger Uppercut.

  • Arguably Sagat's best level 2. When cancelled into an HP Tiger Uppercut, the damage on this super is great. The only problem is that the move has limited range, but if you find yourself at a distance where this super will land, hitconfirming into a Lvl.2 Tiger Raid is not a bad option at all, it's probably the best one available for damage and resource management.
  • Also has the same startup tech as the level 3 version (see level 3), but to a slightly lesser degree. If the opponent switches from stand block to crouch block within around 2 frames of the super freeze, they will block the move. If they don't, then even if they hold down-back they are getting hit. This is because while Lvl.3 Tiger Raid is basically a 0f move, Lvl.2 Tiger Raid is a 2f move, so if the opponent holds downback within the 2 frames, their input will be registered, but afterwards, their input will not be registered and will get hit by the attack. In terms of mixups, it's still viable but not nearly as powerful as the level 3 version, as well Sagat doesn't have a shorthop in C groove so the high-low isn't as scary in neutral but it can still be effective, especially in okizeme situations.
  • If blocked, the move itself is -2 so Sagat usually won't get punished too hard for it, at worst he gets hit by a reversal special or super after attempting a followup attack.
Qcb.pngQcb.png+Hk.png 5700 0 None Low (First Hit), Mid Low (First Hit), High 8 2 [10] 4 [10] 4 [16] 2+2+2+2 26 88 HKND -4 22 (Full)

Sagat does a Tiger Knee and follows up with a Tiger Uppercut.

  • One of Sagat's most powerful level 3s. Not only is it his second highest damaging level 3, but it can be combo'd into from just about anything with hitstun.
  • What makes this super scary is the fact that it's technically a 0-frame startup move. The super freeze caused by the level 3 not only disables the opponent's movement, but their ability to block as well, and the super freeze ends the 1st frame that the hitbox appears. If the opponent was not already crouch blocking before the super freeze, this super will hit them. The only knock is the limited range, as with other levels. In hop grooves, this creates a 50/50 mixup between Sagat's low jump HK and his lvl.3 Tiger Raid. Low jump HK is really difficult to react to, and the only way to block the Tiger Raid is to crouch block. This makes Sagat's pressure even scarier when he has a level 3, but don't pressure mindlessly as j.HK isn't invincible and his lowjump is not as fast as some other characters. It's still a really strong option to have and should be used if applicable.


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