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Ground Throws

4 or 6 plus B (or D if a character has a second throw).

All characters have a command throw, performed by imputting 63214D and being close to your opponent.

When a command throw is performed, there's no startup animation. Within the range, the command throw is performed. Out of range, the user will whiff an attack/do a special move

Air Throws

Air throws are character specific throws, performed by inputting 4/6B while within range of an airborne opponent

Characters with air throws are: Arina, Mauru, Slash, Dandy and Tesse. With Tesse being the only character who has an air command grab

Throw Tech

Throw teching is performed by inputting an attack button while holding down, the window to throw teching depends on characters but usually is into the first 20F of the Throw, when performed correctly your character will negate most of the damage and get on their feet negating KND. Only ground and air throws can be teched.

Air Blocking

Any backwards direction while in the air. All standing and crouching attacks are air unblockable but jumping attacks and some specials are air blockable

Wall Ukemi

  • Safe Fall As character is hitting the wall, A / B
  • Rebound As character is hitting the wall, C / D

Several attacks in the game hit a character so powerfully that they are flung across the entire length of a stage and end up slamming against the corner, a hit state known as WALL SLAM. Should they strike the wall, the character takes additional damage from the impact. This damage can be avoided with the use of a 'wall recovery' (kabe ukemi).

Pressing Punch as your character is hitting the wall instead has them "catch" onto it, then they slide downward until reaching the ground again.

Pressing Kick as your character is hitting the wall has them bounce off it, propelling the character in an arc back toward the area they were initially attacked in. Rebounds are incredibly quick and can be difficult to retaliate against if the opponent is not expecting it.

Tech Roll

When knocked down, press a direction. You will slide along the floor in the direction pressed. the tech roll has a punishable window so don't be predictable with it.

Note: Rolling past the opponent (or having Slash teleport over you while you're on the ground) will force you wake up facing the opposite direction for one frame, in this one frame you have to block towards the opponent. This detail can be very important while facing the characters with 0F supers (Rai, Arina, Slash)

Rising Attacks

Are invincible HIGH attacks a character can use to retaliate against nearby aggressive opponents. This is done by Holding UP when KND. The character performing a Rising attack will wake up and do the attack but is usually minus on block. Each character's Rising Attack have different speeds and qualities

Pursuit Attack

When a character is knocked down by normal means you can push any up direction and any attack button simultaneously. Pursuits auto-target the opponent but those moves has a lot of Startup frames, normally 50F.

Rising attacks on a standing opponent strikes mid.

Middle Attack

All character can use an universal Overhead perfom by imputting A/B+C/D. The attack speed is character dependent

Super Mode

Is a universal mechanic performed by pressing 3 attack buttons, the character will do a burst that will boost your defense and attack for a short period of time. Can also be done on block as a sudo guard cancel

Super Mode lasts 360F (6 seconds) and increases character attributes:

  • Character's basics attacks deal +50% damage and cause chip damage.
  • Character's special attacks deal +30~40% damage. (Projectiles don't gain a damage increase.)
  • Character takes -50% damage from basic attacks.
  • Character takes -30~40% damage from special attacks.
  • All dizzy meter increases remain the same.

The 360F begins the frame Super Mode is activated, so the character's startup animation counts as part of that time.

The activation itself only strikes once and doesn't refresh, if it's blocked, you don't need to worry about getting hit and the activation can be thrown but the super mode will still activate.

ES Special Moves

All characters can perform an upgraded version of their special moves at the cost of one Bar. This is done by pressing two punches or two kicks (depending on which the special move calls for). Your character will flash during the ES move.


DokiDoki's are powerful high-end supers of the game. All characters has at least one of them and they're all very distinct from each others.

Dokidoki cost 1 bar.


All characters can perfom an unblockable super that normally takes more than 100F to perfom, is really powerful and can easily take of the opponent life bar. Requires one bar of meter to perform and damage can be affected by "super" mode.


ES moves are similar to EX special attacks from "Street Fighter III" or the "Vampire" games, and Dokidoki are Super attacks. When used they progress in a similar manner the first few frames of the attack's animation plays out as initial startup, followed by a colorful circle of sparks that collect on the character. Dokidoki have an additional aesthetic of the entire screen having a darkening effect. This darkening phase is referred to in Japanese mooks as "anten," a "theatrical blackout". In the US it is referred to as "superflash." This is the period of time a character charges up their power in preparation to unleash their Super attack.

During this period of superflash, the gameplay freezes for dramatic effect. It should be noted that during a portion of the time while the screen is blackened out, the opponent and all their actions (eg - kicks, thrown projectiles, jumps, etc.) become frozen in place while the character continues their beginning attack animation. Shortly before the screen lightens up again, the opponent's animations continue as normal.

For ES Specials, the superflash lasts 20F. For Dokidoki, the superflash lasts 46F. Harahara do not have a superflash——the opponent is free to move around and attack as normal while the screen is flashing the "WARNING‼" message. So they progress as any other attack would.


The Dizzy Meter (DZM) is a hidden value that all character have that fills up whenever they are hit by most attacks-normals and special moves. Whichever attack that brings the gauge to full causes a KNOCKDOWN, and the opponent immediately stands up in a dazed state, leaving them vulnerable.

The DZM is a 100 point value for everyone. The amount of Dizzy meter inflicted by specific attacks is all represented in the character pages for every character.

A character's DZM depletes at a rate of .1 point/frame (6 points/second), and this begins the moment the attack hits. Depletion doesn't stop counting down after a KNOCKDOWN or during hitstop, but it does pause during the 20/46F of superflash for ES Moves and Dokidoki periods. A DZM empties completely at the start of each round.

Dizzy Duration Name/Infliction Dizzy Animation
Yellow stars
Pink Hearths
Yellow lights
Purple Skulls

Dead frames

Waku has a bug regarding frame advantage, specially when linking together attacks. This is what we call a "dead frame" is a 1-frame freeze where a character is unable to do anything and are stuck in neutral (Usually after teching a throw). This occurs after every attack at the end of their recovery period, the first frame of landing recovery after a jump and whenever an opponent recovers from either hitstun or blockstun.

Mauru and Arina's throws are the biggest culprits for dead frames, allowing for follow ups after the opponent techs a throw


When a life bar has been brought below 30% its border flashes red. this is what we know as WW7's "GUTS" state where the character gains a boost in their defense. As long as their life bar is flashing, all damage the character suffers——basics, throws, specials, Wakuwaku, Dokidoki Harahara——is reduced by 30%. Dizzy meter inflicted remains the same.

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