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Waku Waku 7

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Waku Waku 7 is one of those obscure hits from Sunsoft that got a release for the Neo Geo/NGCD and it introduced a few unique ideas that would be used by other fighting games.


Game Mechanics

The Max Arts

ES Specials

The Powered Up Special Moves of the games,press 2 Punches or 2 Kicks with the motion of any special move if avaible,cost 1 Power Bar.


The Universal Command Grab for each character.


Also know as Fast Super Moves,cost 1 Power Bar and when your characters flashes in rainbow colors is avaible.


The Slow start up Super Moves,it will hear a siren alarm when its in process,deals more damage than DokiDoki,cost 1 Power Bar.

Special Input Commands

Super Mode

Press all 4 buttons simultaneously

 When Super Mode is activated, your character will pose as they are
 surrounded with a burst of energy. The burst is able to hit opponent and
 can be used as a counter if blocking. During Super Mode, your character
 will flash a yellowish hue and their attacks will be 2x stronger. "Super"
 will appear under your character's Life Meter; it gradually get smaller and
 eventually fade from sight, thus ending Super Mode. Costs 1 stock of Super
 Meter to use.

Middle Attack

Press HP + HK together

 Middle Attacks are attacks that can ONLY be blocked by standing (high). It
 will hit crouching opponent no matter if they are blocking or not.


When opponent is on the ground, press u + any regular attack button

 Like in many 3D games, after the opponent is knocked to the ground, your
 character can follow it up with a Pursuit; making your character jump up
 and land on the fallen opponent's body with an attack. If the Pursuit is
 missed, your character will leap back in the air, vulnerable to attacks.

Quick Recovery

Press any action button the second right before hitting the ground

 After throws that toss you up in the air, instead of having your character
 crash into the ground, you can quick recover. They will spring off the
 ground and flip to their feet, not taking the full damage from the throw
 and negating any pursuit chances.

Rising Attack

Tap u + any regular attack button rapidly after being knocked down

 A Rising Attack is an attack your character can perform as they are
 standing from being knocked down.

Rebound Attack

Press any kick button when you hit the wall

 A Rebound Attack is when your character flies into a wall, then leaps back
 at the opponent with a retaliation attack. You don't take damage from
 hitting the wall if you Rebound Attack.

Safe Fall

Press any punch button when you hit the wall

 A Safe Fall is when you hit "catch" the wall, and just fall to the ground
 on your feet. You don't take the damage from hitting the wall if you Safe

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Game Versions

  • Arcade (MVS)
  • Neo Geo (AES)
  • Sega Saturn

The Characters