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01/17/21 - Soulcalibur VI wiki is established.
01/16/21 - January 2021 Cleanup completed.
Off-topic, spam and poor-quality articles & files were archived. Read about affected contents & requesting restoration of content on the blog post.
12/26/20 - The Community Portal is opened with Discord list pages.
You can now find or add Discord server links by Character, Game or Region.
Read the blog post for more details. (Twitter post.)
12/21/20 - Sajam spotlights Shoryuken Wiki in a video.
Watch it on YouTube for a breakdown of the 2020 update & the importance of FGC wikis.
12/17/20 - Rising Thunder wiki is established.
12/16/20 - SRK Editor's Wiki Discord is opened.
Read the blog post for more details. (Twitter post.)
12/5/2020 - SRK Wiki is updated to Mediawiki 1.35.
Shiburizu is new administrator.