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Mauru (Marurun) is a big animal living in the woods, who understands human words to some degree. Likes fruit and singing. Met Mugi, a little girl, when she was lost and crying alone in the woods.

The big buttons characters of the game, with a really strong High/low/Throw Mix up game. Huge normals that can be used to check the opponent and poke them safety. Mauru has a high risk high reward game due to his big damage but unsafe specials that make part of his core gameplay.

Pros Cons
  • Completely invincible backdash.
  • Huge normals.
  • Really good DP, being the ES version 0F.
  • 0F DokiDoki.
  • Good normals.
  • Second fastest Harara startup behind Fernandez.
  • Can make HaraHara setups of his normal Throw.
  • His Throw will always launch the opponent to the corner meaning that if the opponents techs or not they will always eat damage.
  • 236A/B can be blocked on reaction and punished.
  • 214C/D has a decent speed and have some anti air uses but due to huge disadvantage on block can be punished really badly.
  • Can suffer against heavy zoning.
  • Mauru Doesn't have any reliable AA outside of meter.
  • No reliable wake up options outside of meter.