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Wiki categories to remove:

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Flex attack template sandbox

Far Standing Jab


A punch.

Far Standing Jab

Ryu s.lp.png

A punch.

Damage data
Damage Stun Damage Chainable? Special cancel? Super cancel? Juggle value
20 (3 Life Points) 3 Yes Yes Yes N/A
Frame Data
Startup Hit Recovery Blocked ADV Hit ADV Crouch Hit ADV Guard Parry
4 3 4 +4 +4 +4 HL HL
Meter Data
Miss Blocked Hit Parry (gauge for opponent)
0 1 2 4

This is an example documentation.

Game agnostic workflow:

  1. Make a "character page" and a "data" page exclusively for them.
  2. Write out a section of tables that apply to one move on the data page.
  3. Set up a move template on the main character page: Add a picture, transclude the section for that move on the data page, and add a description.
  4. Rinse and repeat for all moves. This separates extensive data sheets from extra fluff related to the presentation, while making both sides easier to edit.


  1. Name: move name.
  2. Input: input notation i.e. st.LP.png
  3. Image: filename of the relevant image.
  4. Caption: short description below image.
  5. Desc: longer form description. Could be transcluded from data page?
  6. Data: Data page section with tables to fill.