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Basic Strategy

Kim Jae Hoon plays a bit similar to his father Kim Kaphwan in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 in that he is mostly a close/mid range fighter and puts up an exceptional offense, and plays a fairly decent counter attack game.

Jae Hoon can greatly punish his opponents when they leave themselves undefended, or throw themselves awkwardly into an attack towards Jae Hoon, not to mention he has some exceptional mix up with his attacks.

His great array of normals help Jae feel comfortable in most situations. He has a great variety of pokes, many of which can convert into good damage with ease -- 2b, 2c, j.d and 5a are the most exceptional, with other great options ike 2a, j.b and 5b seeing occassional use.

In pressure, he has his variety of fast and plus on block light normals, along with his cl.c, cl.d and 2c which can be Feint Cancelled to gain significant advantage, making them essential for combos and pressure.

Jae Moon is greatly enabled in the corner, being able to tick throw more appropriately, getting more ambiguous left/right mixups after throw, and getting longer combos due to more link options -- he even gets an infinite! (cl.d 6ac microdash cl.d...)

However, Jae Moon's biggest weakness are his bad set of specials -- aside from 236d that's used to end combos and [2]8b/d which are his breakable DPs, his specials are all pretty bad. This in turn makes his meter gain quite slow, especially considering his tool of choice to farm meter, [2]8b-br, is still quite slow and risky. This meter issue is significant due to how much his kick super compliments his gameplan.

His execution fundamentally is straightforward, so Jae is easy to pick up, but he has a high skill ceiling with heavy feint cancel combos in the corner and using kara cancels to chain lights into supers -- even cr.a. While not necessary at first, these are very rewarding techniques to land to play the character to his fullest potential.

With enough practice, patience, and dedication, Jae Hoon can be a fairly strong and effective character against almost any opponent.

Kim Jae-Hoon Strategy Guide -- Combos




  • cl.5A or 2B > 2C > Strong Ryuusei Raku (236D) or Strong Shakka Shuu (236C) or Houou Kyaku (236236+BorD)
  • j.A~C |> 2C > Strong Ryuusei Raku (236D) or Strong Shakka Shuu (236C) or Houou Kyaku (236236+BorD)

Basic combo. Hit confirm with 2B hit, and if it is blocked you feint cancel with 2C (2A+C or 4A+C) which makes you more plus (recovery of 2C is replaced with feint). When 2B is JDed it is not preferable to put out 2C (a GC can be done especially before 2C hits).

Also, Ryuusei Raku (especially the B version) will not reach if you hit at the tip of 2C.

If you think you are a little too far away for Ryuusei Raku, you should choose to do Shakka Shuu (236P) because you will receive a severe counterattack if Ryuusei Raku (236K) is blocked.

  • 2B×2 > Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)
  • f.5A > 2B > Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)

No-cancel combos (links). Try not to rush and misinput Ryuusei Raku (236K) instead.

  • sj.A > Hienzan D (BR) > Hienzan D > Follow-up
  • sj.A > Hienzan (BR) > Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)

Strong Hienzan BR ([2]8D BR) is ±0.

If on the side that's attacking with this move, you are able to continue to aggressively attack with successive/repeated Strong Hienzan BR that cannot be throw-punished/counterattacked; 2B > Strong Hienzan BR; throw; etc.

If on the side that's defending against this move, you can throw-punish/counterattack the opponent if they land close to you. If you are in TOP, you can attack while adding throw invincibility, but that can be fairly difficult to do. If a small jump attack is blocked by the defending side, it is possible to end by using Weak Hienzan to cancel the landing recovery and reset neutral, especially with the BR version.

  • sj.A or sj.D > Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)

Cancel the landing recovery to connect and combo into Houou Kyaku. Small Jump D is vulnerable to an upper-body evasion attack, so do not use it too often.

  • Far B > (TOP Confirm) Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)

Far B is easy to use for TOP Confirmation. So you should aim to use it when the opponent is not using Front TOP placement.


Remember that if you are at the corner, you can enter one more hit of A or B for the above mid-screen combos. That way, you'll have extra time to hit confirm into a combo.

  • dash cl.5B > f.5A > 2C > Strong Ryuusei Raku (236D) or Houou Kyaku (236236B/D)

A combo from cl.5B can be done and that cl.5B can beat upper-body evasion attacks. Use this combo against an opponent who uses upper-body evasion attacks to beat your dash A.

  • sj.A > Strong Hienzan (BR) > Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku A > Strong Hienzan > Follow-up Attack
  • sj.A > Strong Hienzan (BR) > Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku A > Houou Kyaku B
  • sj.A > Strong Hienzan (BR) > Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku C > Follow-up Attack

Doing Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku C and going into its held button follow-up almost does as much damage as doing Houyoku Tenshou Kyaku A > Houou Kyaku B.

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