Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels

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Daraku Tenshi has a lot of things you can do.

HP+LP gets you a KOF-style evasive movement, but you can hold the buttons to remain in place and stay invincible, and you can attack after the movement, like S-Groove dodge attacks.

LK+HK gets you a "reverse stance" which isn't especially useful; you have one or two moves you can do from it, but you can't move or do any specials. I might be missing something, so feel free to change this if you disagree.

LP+LK makes you start charging up your super bar, also S-Groove style.

HP+HK gets you a taunt. Yeeee.

Tier list

Top Tier

Ruccio Roche

Pros: Absurd combos off of anything, quick moves, many of which are safe, fantastic anti-air, and gets in the red at a decent rate. The Zantetsu of Daraku Tenshi; he’s just way too damn solid.

Cons: His reeling hitbox is screwy and REALLY huge since he kicks his leg up, so some combos work on him and no one else. I.e. Torao’s f+HP, HP, LK, HK.

Torao Onigawara

Pros: great normal chains that do good damage and have nice setups, flying kick is great for stuffing things and also a pre-emptive anti-air, touch of death super does awesome damage and has gobs of invincibility.

Cons: Some of his special moves are unsafe.

Upper Tier


Pros: wonderful range and speed on her command throw. Can punish a lot of things without meter; I've been thrown in the middle of a HK->HP chain, though it's difficult. Drop kick and running grab are useful for punishing whiffs from a distance. Very few bad matchups.

Cons: charge motions are awkward for a grappler. Overheads can kill her game.

Harry Ness

Pros: Can do some crazy damage with rockets. One full-rocket super can turn an entire match around. Command throw with good damage and a decent anti-air. His b'n'b does massive damage.

Cons: He’s a grappler: big and clunky. Once his rockets are gone, so is his offensive game.

Haiji Mibu

Pros: very damaging combos, surprisingly nimble, Massacre Trumpet is great for messing with the opponent and eats up projectiles, crazy pressure game in the right hands. Good anti-air once you get used to it.

Cons: some of his moves have long recovery times, doesn’t hit the red until he’s got almost no health left. Lacks a good super reversal, which is a HUGE part of DT. Has more noticable problems with the higher-tier characters.

Middle tier:


Pros: great damage, rekka kens which does good chip damage and isn’t as unsafe as it looks. Lots of moves have high priority from a distance. Great A -> D -> D normal chain.

Cons: sloooow. Most moves, even rekka kens, can be a gamble. Lack of a quick move (even his A is slow) means poor defensive game. Middling anti-air.


Pros: Fairly speedy, easy learning curve.

Cons: very, very simple. Spend five minutes with her and you’ll have seen everything she’s got. Dash punch, tiger knee, and flip kick, that’s it.

Bottom tier:


Pros: some fairly high-priority normals.

Cons: crap damage, impossible-to-perform supers which are near useless, slow, projectile is laughable.