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Psylocke returns from X-Men: COTA with quite a few changes. While she has gained more moves and somewhat more mobility, her damage has been nerfed in a game where everyone else still does a fair amount (or at the very least has better health). This puts her in the bottom tier, and makes her more reliant on gems to compete with the top. Psylocke suffers from an extra two frames of hitstun whenever she is hit while standing or crouching (same as Spider-man).

Moves List

Psylocke still has quick moves with decent hitboxes, however she does suffer from bad range on her crouching short and launchers, making the standard low into launcher->air combo a little more awkward for her compared to others.

Psylocke has a triple jump.

Normal Moves

Magic Series
Ground: standard zig-zag
Jumping: standard zig-zag
Super Jumping: standard zig-zag

MP Throw - You toss them up high going in the direction you held. This is the best throw to use since it's easier to follow up after anywhere.
HP Throw - You spin around and throw them. Harder to follow up after unless you are in the corner.
Air Throw - Both of her air throws are essentially the HP throw, just a little easier to follow up after, depending on the position.


LP: Rather high hitbox
MP: Pretty quick punch with good range and a decent hitbox. When Gem Alpha Countering, this will usually be your go-to move to combo into due to the range.
HP: Knocks opponent away.
LK: Similar to s.LK
MK: Similar to s.MK, except if you hold forward you can get the rollover kick (below) by accident.
f.MK: Slow-ish cartwheel kick that's still not an overhead, but you can combo after. During Time Gem, you can repeatedly combo into and out of this (see Gem notes)
HK: Good range.
f.HK (hold): Hold toward to roll over with a decent amount of speed and momentum as well as pass through your opponent. In normal use, this is dangerous since you'll likely get hit/thrown as you are passing (they recover before you do), but with Time Gem active this move is excellent for a side-switching midscreen combo.
b.HK: You hop back slightly and slowly before throwing a standing HK. As an attack, there isn't much use, but there's some gimmicky usage in using it to slightly alter your ;position, then cancel to something else (Psy-Flash, Teleport..)


c.LP: Standard low jab with poor range.
c.MP: Nothing special, a little better range than the jabs.
c.HP: Launcher. Not a great AA since it will get beaten or trade.
c.LK: Your quick low with rather poor range.
c.MK: Mini-Launcher. Not a great AA since it will get beaten or trade.
c.HK: Sweep, also with somewhat limited range.


j.LP: Quick and can be linked on to itself multiple times.
j.MP: Upward strike with the hitbox only around the arm/hand.
j.HP: Downward attack with the hitbox around the blade, and it's rather small. Knock them straight to the ground and causes FS. This isn't the best jump-in because her vulnerable box overlaps most of the hitbox
j.LK: Now an upward kick.
j.MK: Outward kick with good range and deep crossup potential.
j.HK: Kick that looks like it swings up, but it's just an animation. The hitbox comes out when the leg is downward. Knock them straight to the ground and causes FS.
u.j.HK: Upward striking 2 hit flip kick. In normal jump mode, this will pop up even grounded opponents. In super jump mode, the second hit causes flying screen and knocks away.

Special Moves

Psy-Flash (Psy-Blast) - D,DF, F + Punch , ground/air
LP: Downward and outward angle
MP: Straight ahead
HP: Upward angle
This move is slower and not nearly as spammable as before in COTA (only one can be on a screen at a time). While a needed tool to zone and build meter, using it too often will result in the opponent getting around it and in, or trading with it and hitting you with something that does more damage and potentially knocks down/juggles. It's a bit more annoying for big characters who have trouble avoiding it.

Psy-Blade - D,DF, F + Kick , ground/air
LK: Straight ahead
MK: Upward angle
HK: Straight up
Hit another kick after the initial one to get another spin in the type you hit, up to 2 extra hits. You can't hit the same one 2x in a row, but you can hit it again after hitting a different one (ex QCF+LK, HK, LK). Psy-Blade now knocks down, but is rollable. It recovers a little quicker but if blocked at close range, it will still get punished. If used in an air combo (especially a high up one), it's likely not safe against rolls.

Nin-Jitsu (Teleport) - F,DF,D,DB,D + Any Attack, ground/air
(HCB + Any) The button you hit corresponds with where you will appear, tap another button and direction to attack after reappearing. The attack is to discourage people from hitting you out of the recovery (you recover faster if you don't attack). Reappearing on the ground with no attack recovers fastest. If the attack (a mini Psy-Thrust) hits, you will bounce off them and they will be knocked away. If they block the attack, you bounce back a ways, but most characters have something fast enough to catch you. If the attack whiffs and you land, you recover. If you reappear in the air, you are vulnerable on the way down. You cannot attack, block or perform any specials/supers, all you can do is double/triple jump.

Super Moves

Psy-Thrust: D,DF,F + PP , ground/air
Fairly slow startup (20ish for both ground and air prior to the super freeze), and about 9 frames of invincibility after the super freeze. Tap punch again and a direction to get a second one (no extra meter required). If the first one is blocked and you attempt to go off in another direction to avoid retaliation, you still have a recovery flip after.

Psy-Maelstrom: D,DF,F + KK , ground only
Probably the best super to go for. Try to be deep in or under them when doing it, as characters (regardless of weight) can fall out of it if they aren't close enough.

Kochuo Gakure: F,DF,D,DB,B + KK (HCB) ground/air
Pretty easy to combo into, but so much recovery (especially if done in the air) that it had better kill them when you use it, or you'll probably get killed on the way down. Really, avoid using this unless you're sure it will kill.

The Basics

1. C.Roundhouse --> Jab Psi-Blast

2. C.Roundhouse --> Psi-Thrust(OTG)

3. J.Roundhouse --> Jab Psi-Blast

4. D.S.Short, S.Forward --> Psi-Blade(x3)

5. D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Forward, S.Fierce

  This is a safe combo, it will strike the opponent and away from Psylocke

so that you can have time to set up for any other attacks.

6. D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward --> Psi-Blade(x3)

7. J.Fierce \/ C.Forward, C.Fierce --> Psi-Thrust/Psi-Maelstorm

8. Strong/Fierce Throw, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

  I don't know why people have difficulty with the SJ.Strong, it connects

just fine with me, but the reason why the SJ.Strong won't connect is that people cancel into the SJ.Forward too quickly, you must perform the ZigZag series slowly like Captain America.

9. J.Jab, J.Forward \/ D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, C.Roundhouse -->


10. J.Jab, J.Fierce \/ C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong,

   SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
   Basic Air combo for Psylocke, master this and your on your way to

mastering her fighting style.

11. D.C.Strong, C.Forward, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> Kochou Gakure

12. Psi-Thrust(1st half), C.Short, C.Fierce --> Psi Thrust(OTG)

   Pretty basic here, nothing much except avoid using the 2nd Psi Thrust the

first time, otherwise you'll mess up the combo. Also note that you can replace the Psi-Thrust with a Psi-Maelstorm if you like.

13. Psi-Thrust(1st half), C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong,

   SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

14. J.Jab, J.Short, J.Forward \/ D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Forward, C.Fierce --> Forward Psi-Blade(x2)

   This combo is pretty linear, the Short version of the Psi-Blade won't

reach the opponent, but the forward version will.

15. Kochou Gakure, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> Kochou Gakure

16. In corner: D.C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.UP.Roundhouse /\ SJ.UP.Roundhouse(2 hits) \/ /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.UP.Roundhouse /\ SJ.UP.Roundhouse, etc.

   Unbelievable. How cheap can you get? This is her infinite and there's no

escape once you get it to connect. Basically double jump and perform a SJ.UP.Roundhouse, then the triple jump with another SJ.UP.Roundhouse. Afterwards you'll land long before your opponent, IMMEDIATELY super jump(I can't stress that enough, that's the main key in pulling this off). If your super jump was late the opponent will be close to the ground and therefor your Infinite is messed up. The only thing you need to repeat is this: SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.UP.Roundhouse /\ SJ.UP.Roundhouse /\ SJ.UP.Roundhouse, etc.

Advanced Strategy

Gem Notes

Specific combos and tactics during offensive gem power ups. Ideally, you'll want to activate these Gems as a punish where the Gem startup hits the opponent, or hit them out of an attack string (grounded preferably), combo into standing MP then whatever the situation calls for. If you Gem Counter an airborne opponent, they will be knocked away (unless you have them flush in the corner).

Time Gem
, Easiest combo - Gem Counter (deep on the ground) -> [s.MP, f.MK] x N. Repeat until dizzy. It's easy enough to just hold forward and tap the buttons. After dizzy, start with dashing MP into f.MK loop so you don't get a throw from holding forward. Right before Time Gem runs out, pop them up with a launcher (c.MK works) into Malestrom.

More stylish combo - Gem Counter on ground -> [s.MP, f.HK (hold and then switch directions)] x N. Repeat until dizzy. This one's a little trickier because you're crossing sides constantly. After the leading s.MP, you can just use f.HK rollover each time to maximize damage, but it's a smidge harder.

Power Gem When Power Gem starts up, only middle (real) Psylocke can throw the first attack, it takes about that time for the rest of the shadows to appear and start attacking with you.

Reality Gem



Don't get too predictable with Psy-Flashes or he can try Inferno you out of them.

Captain America

His dashing pokes (HP in particular) will beat out your dashing pokes most of the time, and take off a chunk of life. Jumping HP has an enormous hit radii that can mess up your attempts to dash under him and scoop him up from behind when he jumps. Crouching MK has unblockable frames, so getting stuck in grounded block strings is quite dangerous.


Fast, high health and very high damage. It's a lot of work to get his life down. On the plus side, he's a large target with a bit of a limited moveset. You might think you can go in to punish a laggy move, but then he can cancel into the fast starting, big damage, big juggle potential Gamma Charge.

Iron Man


Not as fast as Hulk, but has armor. Space Gem gives him hit invulnerability, but he can still be thrown and take damage from it. Using up Space Gem from afar rather than waiting to use it as a Counter isn't a bad idea, simply so he can't use it against you.


Space Gem gives him full invincibility and makes him unthrowable. If you can't use it up before he does, run away. He WILL be chasing you down to try and throw you. Magneto has no real high-low game to speak of in this iteration, so the main thing to watch out for is running into attacks, getting thrown, and getting Hyper-Grav'd out of attacks (like Psy-Blast). That said, his ground dash is very quick and he can build meter very quickly if you don't chase after him should he fly up and mash 3P.

Psylocke (Mirror)

Shuma Gorath


Standing Strong your worst enemy. Damn Pixie.


Also damn pixie.

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