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-- [ Plasma Beam: D,DF,F+P ] --

A powerful beam attack that does alot of damage. I haven't found a way to put this in ground combos or using it as an AC Finisher. He can also use it in the air but it comes down at a 45 degree angle. It can be chained off of his jumping roundhouse and in a keep away battle. At first the beam doesn't look like it will come out fast, then it smacks the opponent, sorta like Chun-Li's Kikouken from the crossover series. the recovery time is fairly decent but he can still be countered if he misses with the move.

-- [ Molecular Shield: F,DF,D,DB,B+K ] --

Dr. Doom exclaims "Molecular Shield" as shards of rocks fly around him. It doesn't have a start up delay per se, but that's only because it lacks horizontal range at the beginning. A close opponent will get hit by this move and the damage that it does is pretty good, but the really cheesy thing about this move is that it does a ton of block damage, just as much as the Proton Cannon. So it doesn't matter if the opponent blocks this. But projectiles have been shown to go through this shield and opponents can easily jump over and attack Dr.Doom from behind because it nearly takes forever for the rocks to let loose. You can OTG this or combo after it. You can also use it as an air defense against jumping opponents but I wouldn't recommend using it since most attacks can go through the rocks. The recovery time isn't all that good, but its hard to counter.

-- [ Photon Shot: F,DF,D,DB,B+P ] --

A pretty good move that can be used in a keep away game or as an anti-air attack, but it must be started early. It does good damage, and even more damage if up close and it can be put in combos or OTG. The recovery time is pretty bad, but it will hit opponents behind him incase they jump over it. the only area where it doesn't cover is the top of his head, any opponent directly above him can completely avoid the move or they can super jump away from it. The block damage that it does is insane if used up close and the start up time is pretty minimal.

-- [ (dive kick: D+SK(air)) ] --

This move is similar to his jumping roundhouse, but you can combo after the hit connects. This move does good damage and has excellent priority and will beat out most attacks. If blocked or if you decide not to hit afterwards Dr.Doom will bounce off the opponent and be free to block.

-- [ (flying): D,DB,B+3K ] --

This enables him to use flight like Magneto or Iron Man. In the air he has an assortment of moves to use whether it be his Plasma Beam from above or his Photon Array. Also he cannot block, but he can move freely around. To land you can either, repaet the motion to land, use a Dive Kick, or Roundhouse kick.

[ Photon Array: D,DF,F+2P ] ----

This super is extremely powerful. It probably does more damage than even the Power Gem. The block damage that this move does is mind boggling and it has as much range as his Photon Shot. Once again it doesn't cover the area directly above him and super jumping opponents can escape any damage done, while this super does reach both the horizontal sides of him and goes into the second screen, it'll disperse after a certain height. But it is still a hard super to escape from and has alot of range. This can be used as an anti- air attack if used in advance, be used as an AC Finisher, or in an OTG combo. The recovery time is bad though and any opponent standing next to him will easily counter, but overall its still an excellent super and can be used for cheesy victories.

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