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Pros Cons
  • Smallest character in the game
  • Extremely fast moves
  • Can be played in a variety of ways
  • Small amount of damage per move
  • Poor range on normals
  • Small amount of dizzy points

Move List

Move List Showcase

Normal Moves


Move Name Motion
Ippon Seoi F/B+HP when close to opponent
Kumo Koroshi UF/UB+HP when close to opponent
Tawara Nage DF/DB+HP when close to opponent
Benkei Nakashi F+HK when close to opponent
Tomoe Nage B+HK when close to opponent
Jumping Izuna Otoshi air, D+HK when close to opponent

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
Nihon Seoi Dash Charge B,F + K
Ooizuna Otoshi Charge D,U + P when close to opponent
Senbe Shuriken Charge B,F + P
Neko Jarashi HCB + HP

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Dynamite Izuna Otoshi Charge DB,D,DF + LK+HP when close to opponent


  • Back Plane Corner Tick Combo - Jump B, crouch A, crouch A, C+D cancel into Desperation throw
  • Close A x 1-4 > cr.C > Senbei Shuriken (C)
  • cr.A x 1 - 3 > cr.C > Senbei Shuriken (C)
  • (in the corner) Senbei Shuriken (C) > B > A > Senbei Shuriken (A) > A x 2 > Senbei Shuriken (A)


From Trieu over on SNK-Capcom:

"Not really a glitch, but definitely hard to get out of. You basically throw a cookie at your opponent in the corner and do the special grab move, which is forward, half circle back, then straight forward again and press the C button.

So it's from the middle, to 3 o'clock, half circle to 9 o'clock, back to 3 o'clock and press C button, then throw cookie, then do it again. This only works if the opponent keeps blocking, because if the opponent gets hit, the "glitch" doesn't work."

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

  • I played a lot of Fatal Fury Special these past few days and came across a lot of weird and interesting things with Jubei. I find that using him for cross ups and then doing crouching 'B' or 'A' and following up with either a Senbei-Shuriken or Nihon-Seoi Dash makes it very easy for a lot of other player to get caught in trap. The Senbei-Shuriken I would recommend doing instead of the Nihon-Seoi Dash seeing as you can keep adding more hits even after you throw the *heh* Cookie.
  • Neko-Jarashi *HCB+C up close* is a cool command throw for just doing a fair amount of damage. It's like a Zangief's piledriver but it's esier to get results with it.
  • The Ooizuna-Otoshi I only really use for stunned oppoents due to it being a charge down/up move which needs to be done very close. I find that Jubei's abilites make him an excellent turtle fighter but he CAN be offensive if you desire to go that route. A varity of jumping D's can be used to do similar combos overall and just make anyone facing Jubie have a bad day.
  • I don't know if Jubei is really considered top tier but, I think he is up there. The game is just too damn easy to win with using him. I think I'll see what else I can do with him seeing as I think he might have some other things I haven't tried yet. Either way, I hope what i said is worth the read. I don't consider myself an awesome player but, I stil love this game enough to play it.

Credit to BonusKun

  • When he goes into the SDM Mode. A simple Jump Attack (light kick), down light kick, CD Attack, buffered into SDM is a combo. It is unblockable. Either the opponent eats the light kick + CD attack which kicks him to the other plane or take the SDM.

Credit to Zakyn

  • The short charge time of the 'Cookie Cutter' projectile combined with his uber AA low.D sweep attack can zone very effectively (only a handfull of air attacks in the game can beat his slide). Once your mobility is limited, he can start mixing up between Cookies and the 'Nihon Seoi' dashing grab, then working in ticks like the one you already mentioned.
    • The best Jubei grab tactic I've yet seen is one Middlekick does. He cancels (short)B Nihon Seoi dash off a low.C so that it just whiffs, then goes straight into the UF + C 'Choke Hold'. Many people dont know abt it, but the Choke Hold is as powerfull as a Super! This technique works much like Boxer's whiffed Dashupper into throw in the SF2 games.
  • Due to the sweep, you cannot jump against Jubei, fortunately in FFS many characters have ground attacks that can beat sweep attacks clean (like Terry's CD, Cheng's standing D, Mai's Flame Fandango etc), these will also beat the dash grab, really enabling you to stand your ground, where you can then start to bring your characters own strengths into the match. Some characters will then be able to outfireball Jubei, forcing him to jump or can win on snuff/hit-trades with longrange attacks. Some even have moves that can go under the Cookie Cutter like Joe and Tung's low.D.

Credit to Crayfish


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