Fatal Fury 2

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Fatal Fury 2 is a 2D fighting game released by SNK.


Character Roster


Game Mechanics


Hold DF to crawl along the ground. Sometimes called an offensive crouch.

Line Sway

Press A+B to jump to the opposite plane. If both fighters are on opposite planes, they cannot perform special moves, but can still move left or right. If a player is on the upper plane, he/she can jump, while the player one the bottom plane can crouch. If the player on the upper plane attempts to crouch, he/she will roll to the bottom plane, while the player on the bottom plane rolls to the upper plane if he/she attempts to jump.

Attacking a player on the opposite plane will have the character do a Line Sway Attack, depending on the button pressed. Press A or B for the Low Line Sway Attack, and C or D for the High Line Sway Attack. Pressing left or right on the D-Pad will move the character into that direction during the attack, instead of making the attack home-in on the opponent. All this attacks are overheads.

Strong Attack

Also known as the Line Blast, done by pressing C+D. When this attack connects, the opponent is thrown to the opposite plane. This attack can be done while crouching. The speed and hitboxes of the attacks vary by character and the current plane in which they are.


Press F+C when close to the opponent to throw them. Joe Higashi, Cheng Sinzan, Billy Kane, Laurence Blood, Geese Howard, and Wolfgang Krauser can also throw with F+D. Other characters have multiple throws with D (such as Big Bear and Axel Hawk), and some have air throws (Mai Shiranui and Duck King).

Dizzy Points

Every character in FFS has a stun gauge which when filled will make them dizzy. From the All About Garou Densetsu Special book, here are the stun points for each character:

Jubei, Tung Fu Rue: 11
Mai: 13
Terry, Billy: 14
Andy, Chin, Duck: 15
Joe, Kim: 16
Laurence: 17
Axel, Geese, Ryo: 18
Krauser, Bear: 22

Defensive Attack

Press F+A while blocking. Sometimes called Guard Attack or Counter Attack (the latter is used in KOF94). This attack has upper body invincibility and can be canceled. It can be done while blocking a whiffed attack.

Guard Attacks have been ranked based on how each scores on a number of categories: reach, start-up, how easy it is to use, and finally, how well it compliments the rest of the character's moves.

Character Reach Start-Up Ease of Use Complimentary Factor
Andy 4 4 3 3
Joe 4 2 3 3
Mai 4 2 2 3
Bear 4 1 3 3
Jubei 2 4 1 2
Cheng 3 3 1 2
Terry 1 4 1 1


Press C while far away from opponent. Can be stopped at any time by pressing a direction in the D-Pad or any button.

Back Dash

Move the joystick back twice to retreat. Characters are invulnerable for a few seconds during the back dash.

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy