Fatal Fury 2/Kim Kaphwan

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Move List


LP - White costume w/ Blue trim HK - Black costume w/ Red trim


Sakkyaku Nage f/b + S close

Basic Moves

Crawl hold df Double High HK far

Plane Moves

Low Jump Kick LP / HP from overhead

                          opposite plane 

High Jump Kick LK / HK / LP+LK from overhead

                          opposite plane

Command Moves

Side Kick HP+HK knocks opponent to opposite


Face Kick f + LP while blocking you will find this will work

                                                   if you perform it while 
                                                   blocking a whiffed attack,
                                                   not one that is striking
                                                   your block animation

Special Moves

Crescent Moon Slash qcb + K LK=short, HK=long Flying Swallow Slice Charge d for 2 seconds, LK=short, HK=further

                          u + K

Hi Sho Kyaku d + K in air HK=steeper angle; move must

                                                   connect (not blocked) to
                                                   perform the entire 


Phoenix Flattner qcb, db, f + LK+HK dash in must connect (not

                                                   blocked) to perform entire

The Basics

Advanced Strategy