Dead or Alive 4

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Game Mechanics

Critical Stun

Damage Modifiers

Enviromental Interaction

Stagger Escape

Weight Categories

Command Notation

P - Punch

K - Kick

G - Free/Guard (will be written as "G" so as not to be confused with "forward". Commonly notated on other forums as F. Old-school DoA2 players will also know this as S.)

Dirctional inputs:

                   .- up (u)
  up+back (ub) - 7 8 9 - up+forward (uf)

      back (b) - 4   6 - forward (f)

down+back (db) - 1 2 3 - down+foward (df)
                   `- down (d)

Note: These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard "numpad". Think of it as a joystick/controller that is facing to the right. "5" is used to signify "neutral".


The default lifebar (at three ticks) equates to 240 health points. Each tick up or down adds or subtracts 30 points of health.

  • Smallest life: 180 points
  • Small life: 210 points
  • Normal life: 240 points
  • Large life: 270 points
  • Largest life: 300 points

Characters are knocked out at exactly 0 health.

There is no character-dependent vitality or damage scaling in DoA4.

Basic Strategy

The Blow/Hold/Throw System

Advanced Strategy

Understanding Frame Data

The Jab Engine

Tier List

Top Tier: Ryu, Ayane

High Tier: Kasumi, Hayate, Gen Fu, Lei Fang

Mid Tier: Tina, Nicole, Elliot, Bayman, Helena, Kokoro, Brad Wong, Zack

Lower Tier: Leon, Jann Lee, La Mariposa, Christie, Ein

Bottom Tier: Hitomi, Bass, Tengu

The Characters

  • Ayane
  • Bass
  • Bayman
  • Brad Wong
  • Christie
  • Ein
  • Eliot
  • Gen Fu
  • Ryu Hayabusa
  • Hayate
  • Helena
  • Hitomi
  • Jann Lee
  • Kasumi
  • Kokoro
  • La Mariposa
  • Lei Fang
  • Leon
  • Spartan-458
  • Tengu
  • Tina
  • Zack


Changes made in the update released on March 9th, 2006. -- Foremost forum for English dicussion of DoA4 strategies and tactics on the Internet. -- The offical homepage for Dead or Alive 4. Of paticular note are the full movelists (with full frame data and move properties), available from each character's page.]