Damage Modifiers (DoA4)

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All attacks, throws, and holds in DoA4 have a base damage. However, when your opponent is in certain states when the move lands, the amount of damage the move does will change.

All damage values are truncutated to the nearest integer (with a minimum of one point of damage), and damage modifers do not stack -- the highest one is applied.

Damage Modifiers

Standing Hits and Throws

Counter damage is awarded when you interrupt a character's attack or throw attempt with a move of the same class. Hi-counter damage is awarded for attempting the move while your opponent is executing a move of the 'wrong' class (hitting someone out of a throw attempt or throwing someone out of a hold attempt).

  • Normal hit: 100%
  • Counter hit: 125%
  • Hi-counter hit: 150%

Hits During a Critical Combo

These are attacks that land while an opponent is in critical stun.

  • after Normal Hit Stun: 50%
  • after Counter Hit Stun: 62.5%
  • after Hi-Counter Hit Stun: 75%

Hits on an Airborne Opponent

These are attacks after a character was launched. These rules apply to chracters that went airborne by other means only if other attack modifiers do not apply!

  • after normal hit launcher: 40%
  • after counter hit launcher: 50%
  • after hi-counter hit launcher: 60%

Note: If the opponent was launched after a critical stun, the follow-up hits will retaun the state modifier applied when the sequence started. For example: If the opponent is put into Critical Stun by a HC attack and then launched, all juggle hits will assume the HC juggle hit modifier.

Close Hit

This is a state induced by specific moves, like Kokoro's 66P. On these specific moves, they must hit at what amounts to point-blank range for the close hit modifier to be applied.

  • Normal Hit: 150%
  • Counter Hit: 160%
  • Hi-Counter Hit: 160%

Hold (during neutral state)

This applies to holds used while in neutral state. These apply to parries (that do damage) and advanced counters. The modifer applied is dependnet on how many frames have passed since the hold was input, but those exact windows are not known.

  • Normal Hit Hold: 100%
  • Counter Hit Hold: 125%
  • Hi-Counter Hit Hold: 150%

Hold (during Critical Stun)

This applies to holds used while in critical stun. These also apply to advanced holds but not parries (since you can not parry out of critical stun).

  • Normal Hit Hold: 80%
  • Counter Hit Hold: 100%
  • Hi-Counter Hit Hold: 120%

Additional Modifiers

These are assorted modifiers.

  • Low Attack vs High Guarding Opponent: 80%
  • Any Attack vs Crouching Opponent: 125%
  • Any Attack vs Back Turned Opponent: 125%
  • Any attack vs Grounded Opponent: 30%


The damage modifier thread on doalive.com.