Brad Wong (DoA4)

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Basic Summary

Unlike most of the DOA cast who have high damaging juggles, offensive stances, or aggressive attack nature. Brad has none of that; Instead, Brad is best played as a defensive disruption character. Meaning his best ability to do damage is at its best after interrupting an opponents attack string or flow. Brad has the largest command list in the game, most of them are options that hit different attack elevations and/or leave him in one of his stances to keep him from being predictable. Those stances are Dokuritsu-Ho (DHO) where he stands on one foot, his Lying Stances; which are Lying Feet Towards (LFT) opponent and Lying Head Towards (LHT) which have Brad lying on the ground, and his Back Turned (BT) toward opponent.

Brad is very stance reliant, proper use of his stances will give you rewards such as Stun mix ups, launchers, and even throw game. However, his stances also suffer from universal strategy. From BT its possible to get trapped in a re-stun(unless you know slow escape) from opponents who can successfully stun you over and over. From LFT or LHT you can be picked up by Low throws and Low offensive holds (Low throws with much more range and interrupt certain attacks), and while DHO is your safest stance even it has speed problems and only valid options are 4K, 2K:F+P, and F+P in most situations.

However, Brad has the tools from his stances to overcome their problems. From BT Brad has attacks that hit from different distances and elevations to pressure the opponent into blocking or countering (counter baiting). LFT and LHT ’s low throws (either lying stance, 2F+P) beat out Low offensive holds and other low attacks in which the opponent looks crouched. And DHO ‘s 4K can be used to force counter bait into DHO, 2K:F+P or DHO, F+P.

Brad is one of the most difficult characters to effectively learn to play at High level due to his slow speed, stance reliance, and defensive nature make him as easy as a book to read against defensive players and hard to fight back against aggressive players. Cause of those important facts, learning when and where to counter effectively with Brad is more important than learning to counter with any other character in the game, cause sometime that’s the only resort you may have to force the opponent off of you and reclaim space.