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Character Overview: Cyclops is a shoto type character with his version of an uppercut and stylish fireball in the way of his HP and optic blast moves. A very beginner friendly character to play with a variety of tools and very good normals to help him contest with the stronger characters. His main game plan consists of controlling space with his oppressive air normals + double jump options and S.HP/Cr.HP to halt the opponents offense and slow the pace of the fight. In order to be strong with this character he requires some execution with his Crouch.Dash.LK plus Crouch Cancel HK in addition to knowledge of all his tools. If you are learning this game for the first time he’s a good character to pick up and play to get a feel for the game and stick with.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Air normals have large hitboxes and priority (+ down ones especially).
  • J.MK and J.down+Hp have unblockable frames (these work if the opponent is not already in blockstun)
  • Very good space control
  • Great Damage/Stun off of stray hits
  • Can chase “Flying” characters via use of super jump+double jump
  • Air throw is punishable on hit
  • One of the longest OTG times, making for some "Cyclops only" combos.
  • Slow Optic Blast/ Poor Recovery
  • Has a tough time versus smaller characters due to most moves hitting high
XCOTA Cyclops Portrait.png
Character Data
Tech Type Safe Faller
Weight Class Middle-Weight

Move Breakdown

Ground Normals

s.LP - A fast high hitting jab that can chain into itself for decent hit confirm damage
(Note that this move will whiff completely on small crouching characters such as Wolverine and Omega Red)

s.MP - A launcher with fast start up and very good tool for hitting those attempting a jump in or cross up due to the high hitbox on the end of the move.
This move is also very good for raising the opponents height in air combos.

s.HP - Shoots a projectile bullet. Recovery is long so cancel it with a special or SJ. Good for putting something in the opponent's way or forcing them to block.
(Note that even though this move seems like a projectile it does not do chip due to it still being considered a normal move)

s.LK - A very useful neutral tool and poke to put the pressure on especially after a dash the range makes it useful to chain into itself or to sweep as a confirm.
(Note that this move will completely on whiff small crouching characters such as Wolverine and Omega Red)

s.MK - Slower poke that doesn’t haven’t have a lot of utility but does cause a small launch that you can juggle after or confirm a special into from most ranges. Helpful for combo filler if the opponent needs to be lifted off the ground.

s.HK - A high damage normal with a deceptively active hitbox and good angle and range. This move is an important part of his kit due to the ability to crouch cancel.

(Note: HK canceling- The action of using Cr.HK to cancel the recovery frames of your St.HK allowing you to combo multiple St.HKs it sounds difficult but the easiest method and most consistent way is to hold forward while doing heavy kick then move the stick to down forward press heavy kick again. You alternate between these two inputs to get successful crouch cancels)

S.HKx2 Additional Input - (Second Image) After pressing HK press it once again to get the air version of HK if this move does hit you can cancel this into super jump for an air combo. (Note: this move is able to completely beat certain low moves)


j.MK (neutral) has potential to hit behind airborne opponents, crossing them up AND unblockable frames entirely. Most useful after a Gene Splice. Seems to hit larger characters more easily. It's juggle properties on the way up push higher than on the way down of a jump (or SJ).

c.HP See above, better for space control against pixies and low dashers.

MP Throw: Optic blast throw tosses them up in the direction you hold
HP Throw: Bodyslams them in the direction you hold, and they bounce up a bit after giving time to follow up
Crouch Kick Throw: MK or HK+Down-Forward or Down-Back. Tosses in the direction you hold, not a ton of follow up time.
Air throw (MP/HP): Blast them directly into the ground then flip off. Problem is they recover faster than you do. Avoid doing this unless it will kill or break the floor!

On both techs, Cyclops is invincible until landing, and unable to do any action. This lack of mobility upon tech makes you vulnerable to counter-thrower/tech traps if you are out-metered. Possible escape is holding up/p-back so you jump immediately on landing. Reversal Gene Splice can still be thrown if the throw is timed perfect to the frame (unlikely, but still a risk).
Against non-counter throwers or unmetered ones, you can try to use your invincible landing frame to beat out their throw, provided they don't outrange you.

Running DDT Throw F,F, HP+HK
Long startup, long recovery (miss or hit), grab range during the run is fairly short. Very limited uses. You could throw it in as a surprise reset during a low corner juggle, but chances are they can hit you before they land. Can't grab out of the air and shorties can crouch it!

Special Moves

Optic Blast D,DF,F + Punch (ground and air, beam type)
Meter Gain: +5 execute | +2 on block per hit | +4 per hit
LP- Crouch low, shoot forward.
MP- Standing height, shoot forward.
HP- Standing, shoot up forward.
All strength air beams shoot forward. Extremely slow and rather dangerous to use.

Gene Splice F,D,DF + Punch (ground only, mash for more hits)
Meter Gain: +20 execute Stronger buttons mean more forward motion and slightly increased height (when unmashed, mashed hitting height increases greatly). Has invincible frames on startup, but still has a throwable box. If a throw triggers at the same time the move starts, the throw can win.

Mini-Combo F,F, LP+LK (starts out with 2 hits, keep tapping for up to 6)
Combo looks like stand jab-jab, stand short-short (these start the juggle), c.MP, s.HP.
Cancels normals, good for some combos and pressure.

Super Attacks

Mega Optic Blast D,DF,F + 2P (ground only)
Can be comboed into with specific setups. The recovery on this makes it a bad idea to chip vs fast characters.

Super Optic Blast D,DB,B + Punch (ground and air, controllable directions, can reflect off of floor)
Recovery on the ground is similar to the MOB, so it's a much better idea to use in the air, where recovery is less (or harder to take advantage of). Easy to combo into as a juggle.


Some terms:
Launcher - Gets the opponent into the air.
Aircombo - Air to air hits while super jumping
Juggle - Ground to air hits or normal jumping hits
Stabilizer - If opponent is "slipping out" of the combo, this should bring them back in to the proper positioning.

Some Bread and Butter anywhere combos -
1) HP throw, jump-in d+HP*, dash c.LK** , c.HP xx Gene Splice (mash)

∗ depends on weight/OTG time, this part doesn't work on everyone
∗ ∗ can repeat dash c.LK and can also chain a few non-dashed ones
A slight delay from the last c.LK to c.HP brings you a little closer, and tends to ensure you won't miss all the hits of a mashed HP gene splice.

2) Dash s.HK (cc) dash cr.LK, s.HK a few times xx Gene Splice or go into corner juggle if you've reached corner.
3) Dash c.LK, s.MK, s.HK xx LP or MP Optic Blast (vs featherweights/girls)

vs Middleweights midscreen/anywhere but corner-
HP throw, dash-jump toward HK*, j.MP (land), dash s.LP**, s.HK xx Gene Splice (mash)

∗ bottom of your "flash kick" should be what hits him.
∗ ∗ Some may need this ommited.

Dizzy anyone feather to heavy:
- HP throw, jumpin d + hk (otg), land dash c.lk, s.:hp: xx :hp: gene splice (mash) or

- HP throw, jumpin :d:+:hk:(otg), land dash c.:lk:, s.:hp: xx Mini-Combo (5hits), :hp: gene splice (mash)

You can use :mp: throw as well. This may net more damage, but it also takes more hits afterwards to dizzy. Throwing straight up is easiest.

Superheavy variant -
- :mp: throw, jump up :d:+:hk:(otg), land c.:lk:, s.:hk: xx :lp:(or :mp:) gene splice (no mash) sj.:mk: double jump sj.:mk:, sj.:hk: xx optic blast
(often c.:lk: is facing one way, then when you s.:hk: you turn around, so keep in mind you have to gene splice in THAT direction)

If the turnaround s.:hk: is confusing your gene splice, or the jumpin hit is too hard on Sentinel due to his short OTG time, try this instead-

hp: throw, dash c.:lk:, s.:hk: xx :lp: or :mp: gene splice (no mash) sj.:mk: double jump sj.:mk:, sj.:hk: xx optic blast

Midscreen combos:
vs Superheavys
Launcher: dash s.lp xx jab gene splice
Aircombo: sj.d+mp, sj.hk..sj.lk, sj.hk
Relaunch: dash c.mk xx jab gene splice
(a corner may actually mess up this combo)

Corner combos:
vs Storm,Psylocke
Launcher: dash s.mk, s.hk-hk
Aircombo: sj.hk, dj sj.hk, [sj.lk, sj.hp] x 2
Relaunch: s.hk-hk

vs Middle and Heavyweights
Launcher: dash c.mp, c. mp (jump toward)
Juggle: j.hp, j.hk (land, re-jump toward)
juggle stabilize: j.hp, j.mk (land then re-juggle)
Re-juggle/Stabilze: (land) s.mp or c.mp (jump toward)
Heavy notes: Jump juggle until they get low (might be two or three times), land, c.mp, repeat

example... Cyke vs Cyke: dash c.mp, c. mp (jump toward), [j.hp, j.hk] x2, j.hp, j.mk, (land), c.mp, repeat jump juggle. In above example, if c.mp misses as a re-juggle, you were probably too close and it went behind them. Let go of toward as you're landing. If they remain high enough, a landing rejuggle isn't needed. If they're getting too high, SJ up for an air combo.

Repeating low juggles (these can be infinites, but minute changes in positioning and timing makes them very likely to break, walking forward as much as possible lessens the amount you need to re-dash in)

vs Middle and Heavyweights
Launch: dash c.mp, walk forward, s.hk (one hit, chaining is also possible but will eventually require more dashing)
Juggle: s.lp, c.mp, walk forward, s.hk (dash before or after the HK when needed)
Cyclops note: dash c.mp, walk s.lp, c.mp for launch may work better.
Lots of variations possible here for all.

vs Lightweights
Launch: dash s.mp, hk (chained)
Juggle: step forward s.hk, dash s.mp, s.hk
Spiral Juggle: s.lp, s.hk, dash s.mp, s.hk (s.mp seems to send her higher)

The Basics

s.HP and c.HP bullet to control space on the ground. You can cancel this to a super jump and throw out downward pokes right away, or wait and see what they do to get around the bullet before doing anything. Come down with downward HP or HK as those attacks are extremely hard to anti air.

Advanced Strategy

After a Gene Splice that pops them up, go up after them with sj.MK to try and hit the unblockable frames.

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