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Jin, the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, has received rigorous training from Heihachi Mishima from the age of 15 in order to avenge the death of his mother, at the hands of Ogre. Having mastered Kazama-style judo and Mishima-style karate, Jin enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, with the aim of killing Ogre, in the name of Jun Kazama.

The classic Mishima gameplan is represented in Jin, in it's most powerful iteration to date. Tricky to punish Hellsweeps, safe on block launchers and the absurd Electric Wind God Fist put opponents in one of the most devastating 50/50's in Tekken history. While Jin does not have many weaknesses, a keen awareness of his strengths and the execution to pull off some of his moves are needed to really make this character the monster that he is.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Versatile Toolkit: Jin has nearly everything you would want in a character, good movement, safe launchers, high damage and more.
  • Wavedash 50/50: The classic Mishima 50/50 is present in Tekken 3 and it is as oppressive as always. The unreactable Hellsweep can be made incredibly difficult to punish due to the 4,4 extension, and Jin’s wide array of mids from Wavedash can cover many different options by the defender. Not to forget the ever powerful Electric Wind God Fist.
  • Keepout: No walls, absurd movement and excellent fast, safe keepout can be abused by Jin players to make it a massive struggle for any character to get a life lead. WGF is only -6, EWGF pushes you a mile away on block and 1,1,2 is as hitconfirmable as always, letting you stay safe and always keeping your opponent an arm's length away.
  • Execution: Despite his absurd strength, Jin makes it hard to consistently access to strength. Wavedashes, EWGF’s and optimal combos and the notorious running 3 on block followup need to be practiced to truly make this character into the monster he is.
  • Sidestep Left: A classic weakness of the Mishima mixup, as sidestep left not only takes you out of the way of the Electric and many mids, but avoids the Hellsweep. However, Jin can counter this by simply doing another Wavedash, as it tracks.
Jin Kazama
T3 Jin Face.jpg
Archetype Mixup, Whiff Punish
Stances CD (f,n,d,df)
Fastest launch d+3+4 - i14
EWGF - i15
Fastest CH launch b,f+2,1,df+2 - i15
df+2 - i15
Parry b+1+2
Archetypal Moves
Mid Check df+1
Magic 4 No
Stature Kick d+4,
Power Low Hellsweep (f,nd,df+4)
Generic Moves
Remapped Moves
Missing Moves

Key Moves

Flash Punch Combo
(Tk 1.pngORTk b.png+Tk 1.png)Tk 1.pngTk 2.png / (1_b+1),1,2 - (6/10),8,18 DMG
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
- 12-

A jab string that can be delayed after the 1,1 to hit confirm the final hit. This keeps Jin safe on block, while on hit it knocks down, letting him further apply Crouch Dash mixups or take the time to gain space to further his keepout.

Electric Wind God Fist
Tk f.pngTk n.pngTk d.pngTk df.png#Tk 2.png / f,n,d,df#2
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
i15 - 6+

The Move. A plus on block, extremely fast, highly damaging launcher. On block it even pushes the opponent very far away, making it a powerful keepout tool. The differences between EWGF and the standard Wind God Fist are that WGF is -6 on block (still not punishable) and that on CH it launches the opponent extremely far away, making the EWGF much better for stabilizing situations, as it gives the standard launch no matter how it hits.

Tk f.pngTk n.pngTk d.pngTk df.png+Tk 4.png / f,n,d,df+4
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
i17 - 11-
Not launch punishable? The devs were making things up as they went I think.

A fantastic mixup tool that for some reason is only -11. Jin's plethora of powerful mids helps make this even more useful, causing this launching low to become a scary tool for the opponent to deal with.

Tk f.pngTk f.png+Tk 2.png / f,f+2
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
i17 - 10-

One of those powerful mids. A great mixup tool when used out of a wavedash, it also works as a good way to stuff approaches and further his already strong keepout. When people start ducking your electrics and 1,1,2's, hit them with this.

Tk df.png+Tk 1.pngTk 2.png / df+1,2
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
(7f gap)

A standard safe mid check that catches sidestep right and has a strange dash cancel (double tap forward after the 2) that can keep you stuck to your opponent.

WhileStanding+Tk 1.pngTk 2.png / WS+1,2
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
- 6-
Only true on CH

A launching string that is only true on CH, but it's i14 and -6, making it a much safer CH option than WS2.

WhileStanding+Tk 2.png / WS+2
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
i15 - 10-

At i15 and only -10, WS2 is an extremely good way to punish ducked highs and blocked lows. Suggested you default to using this more than WS1,2, but this has to be explored more.

(Tk 1.pngORTk b.png+Tk 1.png)Tk 2.pngTk 3.png / (1_b+1),2,3
Impact Recovery Total Hit Counter Block
- 10+

A jab string that has a 10~ frame actionable gap before a mid, plus on block kick. A very good tool for setting up pressure, the 3 cannot be side-stepped and must either be interrupted with a generic d+1 or backdashed and whiff punished, but this can be difficult depending on the character. It is recommended Jin players always buffer a chicken (f+1+3) during this attack in order to stop opponents from attempting to parry.

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