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Tsung is Shao Kahn's lead Sorcerer. He once fell out of favor with his emperor after failing to win the Earth Realm through Tournament Battle. But the always scheming Shang Tsung is instrumental in Kahn's conquest of Earth. He has now been granted more power than ever.

Move List Showcase



Auto Combos

1. HK, HK, B+HK 3 hits 19%, 28%, 30%

2. HP, HP, LP, B+HK 4 hits 22%, 31%, 33%

3. HK, HP, HP, LP, B+HK 5 hits 27%, 37%, 39%

Basic Juggles

1. ground eruption, aaHPHP double fireball 7 hits 43%

Advanced Juggles

Ground eruption from full screen, run inbetween the middle and closest eruption fireball so the last hit knocks them back infront of Shang Tsung, and repeat the eruption like this, it is possible to set it up once you get to the corner to send them the other direction however it is an extremely difficult juggle, only real set up would be on a turtle in the corner throwing air projectiles, but that's not going to happen against Shang Tsung.

2. aaLP ~(BL,HK for Kabal Morph) spin, aaHPHP, JK, air fireball, 6 hits 47%

3. (near corner) aaHPHP, double fireball, JK, HK 6 hits 59% (more possible but tricky timing is involved plus just don't use Shang Tsung)

Morph and GE related Combos of various degrees of difficulty:

1. aaDouble Fireball, [Ermac], teleport punch, aaHP, Lift, aaHPHP, aaHP, fireball 8 hits about 47%

2. aaLP,(BL,HK for Kabal morph) spin, aaHP,HP, JK, air fireball (JK on some) (and now you are safe as Kabal to terrorize for about 12 clock seconds) 6 hits 47%-48%

3. GE, [Kabal] aaHPHP, JK, air fireball 7 hits 57%

4. GE, [Jax] aaHPHP, JK, air throw, 7 hits 59%

5. GE, [Nightwolf] Axe X4, aaHP, Axe, aaHP, Shoulder Tackle 11 hits 60% (varies on the characters, for example against Kabal, Sub Stryker or Jax, the full combo isn't that difficult, but against Shang it would be impossible)

6. GE (2 hit), [Sindel] scream, aaHP, scream, aaHP, scream, HK, HP, HP, D+HP, aaHPHP, JK, air fireball 12 hits 69%

7. GE, [Ermac] JK, Lift, aaHPHP, aaHP, fireball (JK on some) 8 hits 67-71%

8. GE, [Liu Kang] aaHPHP, JK, Air Fireball, Dragon Kick 8 hits 70%

9. GE, [Reptile] - as many aaHPHP whiff elbow dashes, as possible on whatever character you're against, for example, GE, [Reptile] aaHPHP, whiff dash X3, uppercut, 10 hits 75%

10. GE(2 hit), [Ermac] aaHP, JK, lift, aaHPHP, aaHP fireball or JK 8 hits 68 - 73%

11. GE, [Kung Lao] into various spin, or aaHP, JK, whiff dive kick infinite combos

12. [when aware of being Sub for a while] aaHP, freeze, or aaFreeze, aaHP, freeze (kill whatever time is necessary) [Shang][Kung Lao] to infinite variations or Ermac and anyone of his various ridiculous combos.

Special Moves

Ground Fire: F, B, B, LK

Single Fireball: B, B, HP

Double Fireball: B, B, F, HP

Triple Fireball: B, B, F, F, HP


Human Smoke Morph (N64 ONLY): BL, RUN, LK

Johnny Cage Morph (N64 MKT): F, D, F, HP

Johnny Cage Morph (PSX MKT): B, B, D, LP

Classic Sub Zero Morph: BL, BL, RUN, RUN

Ermac Morph: D, D, U

Jade Morph: F, F, D, D+BL

Kitana Morph: F, D, F, RUN

Reptile Morph: RUN, BL, BL, HK

Scorpion Morph: D, D, F, LP

MK3 Sub-Zero (PSX MKT ONLY): F, D, F, HP

Robo Smoke (PSX MKT): F, F, LP

Rain Morph: RUN, BL, LK (FAST)

Noob Saibot Morph (PSX MKT): F, D, D, B, HK

Shao Kahn Morph (PSX MKT): B, F, HK

Motaro Morph (PSX MKT): F, D, B, HP

Kintaro Morph (PSX MKT): Hold LP for 3 Seconds, Release

Goro Morph (PSX MKT): B, B, B, LP

Classic Jax Morph (PSX MKT): D, B, F, HK

MK2 Kung Lao Morph (PSX MKT): B, D, B, HK

MK1 Rayden Morph (PSX MKT): B, B, F, RUN

MK1 Kano Morph (MKT PSX): F, DF, D, DB, B, UB, U, DF

Baraka Morph (N64 MKT)  :

Baraka Morph (PSX MKT): D, D, LK

Cyrax Morph: BL, BL, BL

Ermac Morph: D, D, U

Jade Morph: F, F, D, D+BL

Jax Morph: F, F, D, LP

Johnny Cage Morph (N64 MKT): F, D, F, HP

Johnny Cage Morph (PSX MKT): B, B, D, LP

Kabal Morph: LP, BL, HK

Kano Morph: B, F, BL

Kitana Morph: F, D, F, RUN

Kung Lao Morph: RUN, RUN, BL, RUN

Liu Kang Morph: F, D, B, U, F, D

Sheeva Morph: F, D, F, LK

Sektor Morph: D, F, B, R

Mileena Morph: R, BL, HK

Robo Smoke Morph (N64 MKT): B, B, D, LK

Rayden Morph (N64 MKT): BL, RUN, BL

Rayden Morph (PSX MKT): D, F, B, LK


Fatality 1 "Unholy Bed of Spikes": Hold LP, D, F, F, D, Release LP (Next to)

Tsung rises a bed of spikes up from the ground and slams his opponent onto it.

Fatality 2 "Soul Taker": Hold LP, Run, BL, Run, BL, Release LP (Next to)

Tsung makes his victim's body rise up to allow their soul to be taken.

Friendship "Jouster": LK, LK, Run, Run, D (Past Sweep)

Tsung jumps around as a Jouster.

Animality "Snake Swallow": Hold LP, Run, Run, Run, Release HP (Sweep)

Tsung morphs into a huge snake and swallows his opponent whole.

Babality: Run, Run, Run, LK (Past Sweep)

Stage: U, U, B, LP (Next to)

Brutality: HP, BL, BL, BL, LK, HP, LP, LP, BL, HK, LK (Next to)

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