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Always a reliable servant to Shao Kahn, Reptile is chosen to assist Jade in the capture of Kitana. In contrast to Jade's instructions, Reptile is ordered to stop the renegade Princess at all costs...even if it means her death.

Move List Showcase



Auto Combos

1. HP, HP D+LP 3 hits 18%, 27%, 29%

2. HK, HK B+HK 3 hits 21%, 30%, 32%

3. HP, HP, HK B+HK 4 hits 24%, 33%, 35%

Basic Juggles

1. HP, HP D+LP, Fast Forceball, Uppercut 5 hits 34%

2. HP, HP D+LP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, Acid Spit 7 hits 33% (slide 32%)

3. HP, HP D+LP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, Elbow Dash, Uppercut 7 hits 40%

4. Fast Forceball, aaHP, Slow Forceball, aaHPHP, Acid Spit 6 hits 29% (slide 28%)

5. Slow Forceball, aaHPHP, Fast Forceball, Uppercut 5 hits 33%

6. Slow Forceball, aaHP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, slide, 7 hits 36%

Corner and Advanced Juggles

1. Slow Forceball, aaHPHP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 50%

2. HP, HP, D+LP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 51%

3. aaHPHP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 8 hits 52%

4. RH onto Slow Forceball, aaHP, Fast Forceball, Uppercut 5 hits 47%

5. aaHP, JK, aaHP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 68%

Juggle Chain examples

HPHP = 2 consecutive HPs

LPHPHP = fluid chaining 3 hits

LP, HPHP = 1 LP, cancel with run, walk forward, 2 HPs

HPHP, HP = 2 HPs, cancel with run, walk forward, 1 HP

1. vs Kabal: Possible but difficult infinite with HPHPHP, dash or (HPHP, dash) x6, LPHP, Uppercut

2. vs Females Ninjas: HPHP, HP, (HPHP, dash)x4, LPHP, Uppercut; LPHPHP infinite works on them, but extremely difficult

3. vs Male Ninjas: HPHP, HP, dash - Infinite and corner infinite, HP, HP,(into the corner) dash, HPHPHP (out of the corner), dash

4. vs Nightwolf: (HPHP, dash)x6, LPHP, Uppercut

5. vs Sonya: HP, (HPHP, dash)x6, LPHP, Uppercut

6. vs Jax: HPHPHP, dash - Infinite

7. vs U-Sub: LPHPHP, dash - Infinite

8. vs Kano: LPHP, HP, dash - Infinite

9. vs Robots: (HPHP, dash)x4, (LPLP, dash)x3, Uppercut

10. vs Stryker: Infinite - all variants

11. vs Sindel: LPHPHP, dash - Infinite; also LPHP, HP or HPHP, HP works

12. vs Lao: (HPHP, dash)x6, LPHP, Uppercut

13. vs Sheeva: Popup to Forceball, (HPHP, dash)x6, Uppercut, just a Forceball - (HPHP, dash)x9, Uppercut

14. vs Liu: Popup to Forceball - (HPHP, dash)x6, Uppercut; just a Forceball - (HPHP, dash)x7, LPHP, Uppercut

15. vs Shang: off a pop up or Forceball the max is HPHP, dash, HPLP, dash, Uppercut, however this is very difficult. leaving off the LP and dash-Uppercut on the single HP is easier.

The mid-screen infinite is HPHP, walk forward aaHP, be sure that HP hits and cancel with the dash, then repeat. After HPHP, aaHP then LPHP, walk forward HP is a lot easier in VS play.

This pattern is easy on Kano and Stryker. You can still try HPHP, HP if you want to get more damage, or if you see your next volley will be the last one try stuff like LPHP, walk forward LP.

His second infinite is HPHPHP, dash. It works best on Jax only, and you need special setup like Popup, or Forceball. On Unmasked Sub-Zero you can set it up as: popup, Forceball, HP, walk forward HPHP, dash, LPHPHP. On Sindel just after Forceball stand in position and do LPHPHP, dash. Against Kabal for some reason it's a little more difficult. It's once again LPHPHP but be sure the last HP hit, pause slightly, and then dash, LPHPHP (wait for 3rd punch to hit and then dash. It's possible to do this inf on Female Ninjas and Kano but its very difficult.

The corner infinite is actually something extra. It's almost impossible to get more than 2 volleys in actual vs play because to be a real infinite you need to be in perfect position. The INF is HPHP, dash into corner, HPHPHP, dash out of the corner, HP, and press forward, HP, and dash again. It works on Male Ninja, and you can get one cycle against almost everyone, two against Kano and Stryker. Against Kabal, Jax, Sindel and Unmasked Sub after HPHPHP or LPHPHP you can just repeat triple punch trick.

Punisher Set Ups for dashing punches

1. Vs Kano Cannonball - aaHP, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball - infinite

2. Vs Mileena's Roll or Teleport Kick - aaHPHP, dash, aaHP, Forceball, aaLPHP, aaHP, Dash, into maximum HPHP dashing, Uppercut 3. Vs Ninja Teleport Punch - Infinite with or without Forceball is possible

4. Vs Robot Teleport Uppercut - aaHP, Fast Forceball, aaHP, Slow Forceball, max dash punches, Uppercut

5. Vs Stryker Baton Dash - Infinite

6. Vs Kung Lao Dash Kick - aaHP, Forceball, aaHP, Forceball, max dash punches,Uppercut

7. Vs Liu Kang Bike Kick - aaHPHP, Forceball, max dash punches

Other set ups for dashing punches:

1. Slow Forceball, aaRH onto Forceball, aaHP, Fast Forceball into the most dashing punches you can get on whatever character it is should generally result around 65%

2. Slow Forceball, aaHPHP, Fast Forceball, into dashing punches

3. (Vs Sonya, Nightwolf, and Kung Lao) HP, HP, D+LP, Fast Forceball, HP, walk forward, aaHPHP, whiff dash, then back to aaHPHP, dashing to add more juggles.

Special Moves

Acid Spit: F, F, HP

Slow Forceball: B, B, HP+LP

Fast Forceball: F, F, HP+LP

Slide: B+LP+BL+LK

Invisibility: U, D, HK (Do Again To turn Back)

Running Elbow: B, F, L


Fatality 1 "Mealtime": B, B, F, D, BL (Jump distance)

Reptile eats his victim section by section from top to bottom.

Fatality 2 "Serotonin Meltdown": F, F, U, U, HK (Sweep Distance)

Reptile melts his opponent into a puddle of human waste by puking a load of serotonin (acid-like Reptilian saliva) on him/her.

Friendship "Lizard in a Box": D, F, F, B, HK (Past Sweep)

Lizard head jumps out of a box

Animality "Monkey Trouble": D, D, D, U + HK (Next to, After Mercy)

Reptile takes monkey form and chases his opponent away.

Babality: F, F, B, D, LK (Past Sweep)

Stage: BL, RN, BL, BL (Next to)

Brutality: HP, BL, HK, HK, BL, HP, LP, LK, LK, BL, BL+LP (Next to)

The Basics

Advanced Strategies

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