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Game Notations


Buttons A-B-C-D

Weak Punch - Weak Kick - Strong Punch - Strong Kick

Air Blocking

You can block attacks while you're airborne. You can't airblock Some selected moves(like Lynn's Ryu en Hou). Check out the moves section for details on which moves can be air blocked.

Guard Crush

This game also has guard crush. If you hit a blocking opponent with continuous attacks, it will break thier guard. Its work just like in KOF.


Some stages have Walls(Think Real Bout Series). If an opponent hits a wall, they will bounce back up for a free juggle. Walls break down if it got hit twice. Only the first hit gives a free juggle.

CD Counter

Press CD while blocking an attack. Your character will counter attack instantly. This will drain 1 level from your super meter though. And this will send your opponent flying to the edge of the screen. So if it has a wall, Opponent will fly straight to it (No juggle given). Good move for those who hates walls.

Throw Breaks

You can break ground throws by pressing C, and thats C button only. Other buttons won't work. Air grabs/throws are UNBREAKABLE.

Jumps - There are 4 types of jumps available(If you've played most SNK games,

       you know this one already):

a. Normal jump

Just press up/upfwd/upbck. The regular jump. Some characters jump higher and faster.

b. Hyper Jump

Press down/dwnbck/dwnfwd then upfwd/upbck OR do a run then jump. This has more horizontal range(covers more space). Character has shadows while doing the jump. There is no hyper vertical jump.

c. Hop/Small Jump

Just tap up/upbck/upfwd. Character jumps half the hieght of his regular jump. Useful for suprising and getting in those jump in combos.

d. Hyper Hop/Hyper Smal Jump

Press down/dwnbck/dwnfwd then tap upfwd/ upbck OR do a run then hop. Similar to Hyper jump, this covers more horizantal range and is faster.

Swift Escape : Press AB
Escape Roll : Fd or Bk + AB
Tag Partner : Press BC
Counter Attack : Back + CD (before the opponent hits you)
First Impact : Press CD
Team Duplex : QCF+BC
Dash : Forward, Forward
Retreat : Back, Back
Taunt : Press Start
Surrender : Press ABCD

You can accumulate three Power Stocks and you keeps it when you tag your partner. With this Power Stocks, you can do Super Special Moves and Duplex Combos. The Special Meter fill up very quickly when you're using Special Moves, and when you hit the opponents or when they hit you.

The Partner Meter fill up automatically, and when it's full, you can tag your partner or you can use a Team Duplex. When you're tagging your partner, he comes out running and he hits the opponent. You can also use this in combos.

After pressing CD, the opponent fly into the air and you can do a special combo (in the air). Each fighters has specific combo, consisting of a series of different buttons press (indicated at the bottom of the screen). Other combos are also usable when your opponent is near the edge of the screen.

By doing QCF + BC, you can do a Duplex Combo (used two Power Stocks of the Special Meter). To do this kind of attack, your two partners should have energy life and the Partner Meter must be full. It's like a Team Super Special Move. Your character will ram the opponent. If you hit the target, your character will do a combo and your partner will come out. You can even do a second Duplex Combo with your new character before the opponent falls down. Timing is the key.

Note : If you fight with your Special Partner, the Team Duplex will be different and exclusive for the team, comparatively to a Team Duplex with any other partner.

Each character has one Super Special Move, but you have access to two different levels of power. If you make the move with WP or WK, this will use one Power Stock of the Special Meter. But if you make it with SP or SK, the attack will be more powerful and it will use two Power Stocks of the Special Meter. This attacks are very devastating (similar to the Desperation Moves and Super Desperation Moves in King of Fighters).

Like KOF 2001, some sort of Wire Attack exist in this game : the Spring Attack. However, the opponent don't bounce back at you. In fact, he stucks on the wall a few seconds and falls down. After several Spring Attacks, the wall will disappear and the background comes taller (like Real Bout).

One of your character can surrender during a fight. This technique has the characteristic that your surrending partner will give you his remaining Power Stock(s). To do a Surrender, your two partners should have energy; the Partner Meter must be full, and you should not be under attack.

SPECIAL NOTE : Some characters have Special Cancels (Fd + WP or WK)

Tier List

God Tier

1) Kang- His infinite is incredibly easy to do and he has some of the best anti-airs in the game. His super is of dubious value, but he can't have everything.

Top Tier

2)Alice- Easiest infinite in the game and incredibly safe moves. She's also the 2nd fastest mover in the game which is useful for setting up wall comboes (only Pupa has her beat). Her only real flaws are her slow normals and her damage intake rate.

3) Billy- High damaging comboes, probably the best all around juggles in the game, and he's versatile. His Back Slasher can set up for high damage comboes that don't rely on the wall. If he had an infinite, he'd be better than Kang even.

4) Pupa- She's the fastest character in the game on both movement and attack speed. She's probably one of the easiest to use characters in the game because her Quexida is unblockable and she has good juggles like Billy. Billy is better because he can take more abuse and does more damage.

Mid Tier

5) Pepe- He's easily punishable, but his comboes are amongst the most damaging in the game (excluding infinites) and his Arriba has huge knockback, potentially knocking people into walls from nearly across the whole screen. Another benefit is that he and Oni are the only characters that can launch a Team Duplex from a ground combo.

6) Cassandra- She rules the skies in this game and has a great defensive style. She's surprisingly slow though and her ground options are limited.

7) Jimmy- Surprisingly, Jimmy is not as good as people think he is. He has the best ground game by far, but his options are limited otherwise. His Gun Blow is probably the best super in the game, although his lv 1 Gun Blow lacks the knockback power needed to initiate wall comboes.

8) Lynn- Like 4649 pointed out, she can corner rape like there's no tomorrow. She's almost as fast as Alice and Pupa, but she has a couple weak moves.

9) Jones- Honestly Jones is actually pretty decent in the hands of a great player who has some knowledge in fundamentals. He has some great range with normals the startup of some can be bypassed of knowing what your opponent might do. Can do some easy combos with his Cr. B into light Retro Knuckle/Arc Fliegen. Deals good damage all around. His autoguard of his C Funky Impact can be useful at times. LP Retro Knuckle is safe on block making it a good ender in some blockstrings and close the distance as well. Overall not a joke character by any means, but nothing special either.

10) Oni- Oni has a versatile move selection, but the problem is every move of his leads to easy punishment and his damage intake is bad in comparison to his punishability. Other than his and Pepe's shared Team Duplex ability, he doesn't have much going for him compared to other characters.

11) Radel- Ah, the game's scrub favorite. He can easily escape corner traps with his Glass Escape and Dead Dragon, but otherwise, he's completely reactionary and predictable. The Screw Back is even more telegraphable than the Falcon Punch in Smash Brothers. Cheesy, so expect scrubs to use him.

Low Tier

12) Sonia- Her super move is a great anti-air, but its slow as hell. Her knife toss move is unpredictable because it can be launched in multiple directions, and Snake Bite does a lot of damage and is a high knockback move. Her main problem is she can't abuse the wall as much as other characters can.

13) Elias- Her restores his health with a lot of his moves and has a good fireball, but that's about it. His button commands are also the hardest to do of all the characters, so its too easy to make mistakes with him.

Joke Tier

14) Annie- She gets an A+ for character design, but an F for effectiveness. She has good combo potential, but even though, her damage output is laughable at best. Her specials like the Zuum can be jumped over and most her other specials can be rolled through. The only good thing about her is that her Lv. 2 Crossing Wrath can hit rollers.


Secret/Sub Boss