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Welcome to the Monster wiki. Here we will talk about everything with in MONSTER regarding gameplay, updates, and pretty much anything else! Monster is a new PC fighting game created by Sho Kawakami of 8105 Graphics.


Game Basics

Basic Controls

Directional Notation:

           ub   u   uf
             \  |  /
              7 8 9 

       back - 4 5 6 - forward

              1 2 3 
             /  |  \
            db  d   df

5 denotes neutral.

Monster has a four-button setup as follows:

  • A: Light Attack
  • B: Medium Attack
  • C: Strong Attack
  • D: Shift

Universal Maneuvers

  • Walk Towards: 6
  • Walk Away: 4
  • Crouch: 2
  • Jump: 8
  • Double Jump: tap 7, 8, or 9 after a jump
  • Dash/Run: 6 6
  • Dash Attack: 6 6 (2) A/B/C
  • Backdash: 4 4
  • Throw: 6 or 4 C

Version History

1.11b is the current version.

Previous versions:

  • 1.01
  • 1.0d
  • 1.0b
  • 1.0a



Monster 1.0a:
u-na (F-Rail) vs. Buzz (M-Maya) (Japanese match)
Turbovec (M-Othello) vs. Rioting Soul (T-Orju)
fooligar (F-Ryougen) vs. Xenozip (T-Orju)
Xiii (T-Katze) vs. XAQshinor (F-Rail) (fixed version)
WonderTonic (F-Ryougen) vs. Xenozip (T-Orju)
Black Magician (T-Ryougen) vs. Spootz (T-Delga)
??M (M-Ryougen) vs. ShoK (F-Maya) (Japanese match)
GimmeThemShoes (M-Othello) vs. ace_uno (F-Siely) (fixed audio)
Rioting Soul (T-Ryougen) vs. esco (M-Katze)
âUâiât (M-Delga) vs. ShoK (M-Delga) (Japanese match)
ShoK (F-Siely) vs. u-na (F-Ryougen) (Japanese match)
ShoK (T-Othello) vs. k@öL (T-Siely) (Japanese match)
ShoK (F-Othello) vs. ùDî (F-Rail) (Japanese match)
XAQshinor (F-Rail) vs. Xenozip (T-Orju)
Dandy J (M-Othello) vs. hellhound7 (F-Rail)
rogueyoshi (F-Siely) vs. Emil (M-Siely)
Xiii (T-Katze) vs. Rioting Soul (T-Ryougen)
Xiii (T-Katze) vs. esco (M-Katze)
kashinato (T-Siely) vs. bullion (T-Othello) (Japanese match)

Monster 1.0b:
rogueyoshi (T-Siely) vs. Xenozip. (T-Maya)
Xenozip. (T-Maya) vs. ace_uno (F-Siely)
fooligar (F-Ryougen) vs. XAQshinor (F-Rail) 1
fooligar (F-Ryougen) vs. XAQshinor (F-Rail) 2

Tier List


  • S: Ryougen
  • A: Maya / Othello
  • B: Orju / Rail
  • C: Delga / Katze / Siely
  • D: Aleks

This is the list that the majority of East Coast players go by, though it's subject to change dramatically as we learn new things about the characters and as new patches for the game are released. The majority of players agree without a doubt that Ryougen is top tier. Maya is often considered fairly high on the list by most players as well.


  • S: Ryougen
  • A: Maya
  • B: Delga
  • C: Othello / Rail
  • D: Siely / Katze
  • E: Orju / Aleksandr

This is the list that the Japanese are currently going by. This list was created by the Japanese players as a different understanding of the game is used for some of the character choices. Some Americans do not agree with some of the placings on the current list.

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Online Information

This game is online compatible. In order to play online (if you are under a firewall or a router), you must forward TCP port 2300. This is a must if you want to fully enjoy the online gameplay for MONSTER. If you don't know how to forward your ports, then we suggest you look at