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Orju's Portrait

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Orju. 王樹
The sub-human who lives in an old an empty area, is called the poem beast. With life, mighty power is freely used.

This character was created by Sho Kawakami (ShoK) of 8105 Graphics.

Moves List

Normal Moves

A - 210 - Both
B - 480 - Both
C - 700 - Both

6+C - 700
4+C - ?

2A - 200 - Low
2B - 420 - Low
2C - 610 - Low

j.A - 300 - High
j.B - 400 - High
j.C - 550 - High

66A - 300 - Both
66B - 300 - High
66C - 450 - Both

662A - 220 - Low
662B - 460 - Low
662C - 650 - Low

Special Moves

  • 236a
    開 (Kai), Enchant
    Powers up other special moves (see below).
  • 214a (ground/air)
    閃 (Sen) Shoulder Check
    650 (1)
  • 623a
    閻 (En) Uppercut
    600 (1)
  • 236b
    墳 (Grave/Tomb) Energy Trust
    660 (1)

Enchanted Moves (Kai)

236a (Kai), Enchant puts an "Enchant Circle" around Orju, which powers up his other special moves. Likewise, his 236c "Super Enchant" will also put an enchant circle around Orju. These Enchant circles will modify the special move properties depending on what Enchant type it is, and what Shift you're in. The effect of the circle fades after use or if enough time passes. Range of 5c projectile also reduces as the rings shrinks over time.

  • All damage numbers are for when you are in that particular shift.

Unshifted Enchant:

  • Ring lasts for 20 seconds.
  • 5c shoots invisible projectile in area of ring, doesn't launch, dissipates ring on hit. 800dm, (85%)
  • 214a has blast trail that follows behind him. Does massive damage. Up to 16 hits, 2141dmg, (44%). In corner, up to 16 hits, 2263 (37%). On jumping opponent landing in the trail, up to 20 hits, 3000dmg (??%). Can chain from 5c before ring dissipates.
  • 623a increased damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him. If only first hit connects, 800dmg (85%), if both hits connect 1293dmg (68%).
  • 236b leaves an energy "dot" behind that will launch the opponent if connected. 1000dmg, (85%)

Monster Enchant:

  • 5c shoots invisible projectile in area of ring that knocks down (launches), one use only. 479dmg, (95%)
  • 214a creates a "time stop" field around where he performs the move, causes opponent to lock in place for a short period of time. Hits only at end of dash, otherwise may pass through opponent dealing no damage. 1343 dmg, (80%).
  • 623a increased damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him. If only first hit connects, 1099dmg (85%), if only first and second hit connect 1781dmg (68%), if all hits connect 2494dmg (57%).
  • 236b energy dot hits once and knocks down -- dot persists after it hits and becomes impassable and locks opponent near it. Opponent can't walk, dash, jump away from, or attack the dot to power break you (good okizeme in corner). 959dmg, (85%)

Tranquility Enchant:

  • 5c Creates an enchant circle that acts as a timer. While the new enchant circle (timer) is on the screen, the enchant circle that surrounds Orju will collide with any of the opponent's hit-boxes which will cause a powerbreak on whoever has the lowest points (if Orju has lower points, he will be power broke). If points are even, then the ring does nothing.
  • 214a Creates a trail of slow-floating leaves behind him. Leaves can hit for very minor damage or chip for better damage (good okizeme).
  • 623a increased damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him.
  • 236b energy dot hits (2 hits max) and launches -- dot creates an enchant circle around opponent if it connects. This causes the opponent to slowly lose health while they have the ring around them after they are hit by the dot, the amount of life drained is added to the damage counter when you perform other moves. Multiple rings stack. The ring disappears when the opponent hits Orju.

Freedom Enchant:

  • 5c multiple use, empties remaining Freedom % approx. 15% per use or recharges shift charge gauge by same amount when unshifted. Lasts approximately 17 seconds.
  • 214a creates an unblockable blue trail behind him that launches, does no damage. Good meaty move since it's unblockable. Best used after shift ends while you still have the shifted enchant circle, or hitting an opponent at very end of the dash. Dash may hit for 299dmg (90%).
  • 623a Increased priority, and vertical range from the "blast ring" that circles him. Horizontal range reduced. Leaves behind an enchant circle that acts as a timer. While the enchant circle is on the screen the opponent will fall very slowly, but you can't summon another enchant circle until it dissipates. 119dmg, (90%)
  • 236b creates impassible energy dot that does not hit and lasts for approximately 10 seconds. Opponent can jump or backdash through it, but can not walk through it.

Super Enchant:

    • Level 1:
  • Lasts for 5 seconds.
  • 5c shoots invisible projectile in area of ring that freezes (can OTG), multiple use.
  • 214a makes a white "blast trail" behind him that knocks opponent back/launches *and wall-slams. Can't juggle opponent further unless it wallslams.
  • 623a increased damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him. First hit freezes and second hit will un-freeze if it connects with frozen opponent.
  • 236b creates energy dot that hits and freezes.
    • Level 2:
  • Lasts for 10 seconds.
  • 5c shoots invisible projectile in area of ring that launches, multiple use.
  • 214a makes a green "blast trail" behind him that knocks opponent back/launches and wall-slams. Can't juggle opponent further unless it wallslams.
  • 623a increased damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him.
  • 236b creates energy dot that hits up to 6 times, launches, causes status effect if blocked. Opponent is committed to blocking animation and can't move while status is in effect.
    • Level 3:
  • Lasts for approx 18-20 seconds.
  • 5c shoots invisible projectile in area of ring that launches, multiple use.
  • 214a makes a red "blast trail" behind him that knocks opponent back/launches and wall-slams. Can't juggle opponent further unless it wallslams.
  • 623a increased number of hits, damage, priority, and range from the "blast ring" that circles him.
  • 236b creates energy dot that does 25 hits (when blocked), launches. Massive block damage.

Monster Blow

Bash Combo:
水晶の竜 (Dragon of Crystal), Super Shoulder Check
1st Stock: 789
2nd Stock: 1929
3rd Stock: 4055

Monster Blow:
236c (level 1)
氷の舞姫 (Dance of the Ice Goddess), Super Ice Enchant
dmg: 1200

236c (level 2)
雷神の杖 (Cane of the Lightning God), Super Bolt Enchant
dmg: 1800

236c (level 3)
炎の魔人 (Demon of the Flame), Super Flame Enchant
dmg: 2201

Absurd Special

236,236d (3 stocks plus shift)
大道無極 (One End Main Street) No Outlet Main Street / Super Energy Field.
dmg: 300 per energy bullet.



  • 214a increased range and launches
  • 623a increased height and damage
  • 236b slower and stronger


  • 214a decreased range, increased speed
  • 623a decreased horizontal and vertical range
  • 236b increased speed


  • 214a autoguards, increased range, highly punishable on block or hit.
  • 623a decreased vertical and horizontal range
  • 236b no change.


Orju Is a really good character if you have a handle on the games engine. Orju has some strengths and some weaknesses. Each particular groove is made the help cover some of Orju's weaknesses and add to his strengths. For those who are starting to use Orju, It would probably be wise that you start off with the tranquility groove. The reason for this is because of the fact that Orju gains so much from this. He has extremely good oki as well as a variety of tricks at his disposal.

Orju is lacking in the area of several things. First off he doesnt really have a reliable anti air. This allows characters such as Katze or Othello to consistantly jump in on Orju. This because a serious problem because this limits Orju's options offensively and defensively. In order to make up for this, Orju has to make sure to keep them out of the air by keeping them on the ground. There are several ways he can do this. He can Keep them from jumping by hitting them at the beginning of the jump. That way, your opponent gets knocked down and gives you a bit of an edge. While enchanted, Orju has better options against repeated jumpins; 623a Is a pretty good AA when normal enchanted. Your opponent more than likely will be more careful jumping in when they get hit by this move. 5a is a pretty decent situational anti air.

  • Sidenote: Outside of Enchanted 623A Orju's most reliable AA would be Standing B (or 5b)

Your main goal with Orju is to try to stay normal enchanted(236a not shifted). While you are enchanted, Orju has alot more options. Read the specials moves section to get more of an understanding of what being enchanted means. Another thing you should do while playing Orju is be VERY patient. This cannot be stressed enough. You cannot recklessly attack with Orju because his pokes really aren't that good.

Your opponent for the most part will be able to backdash alot of your attacks with easy(backdashing is invincible at the start up) You can do the following to try and catch a backdash if you believe your opponent is going to backdash:

  • 662 C
  • 66 B
  • 66 A(probably your safest option, Use pretty often)
  • Dash up Throw

Shift specific's

  • Monster shift

While Monster shift gives all special attacks The ability to do more damage than normal, Orju doesnt really gain anything from this. Orju's Shifted Enchant (236A) Does not give orju enough of an advantage over anything. While enchanted(during shift), 214a Becomes a type of "timestop" Freezes your opponent for a very limited amount of time. However, There are not any known ways of making this a very formatible move. Shift enchanted 623A isnt really too much different from the normal one. The dot (236b)Enchat shifted, If it hits, it will knock your opponent down. If they get up it holds them in place (keeps them from moving in the direction the dot is in). Overall. Monster shift does not gain anything from being shifted. Only play this if you feel like being different. Other than that, You really will not gain anything from playing this shift. It would be best to play Freedom or tranquility.

  • Freedom Shift

First To have been thought to be pretty Crappy, Orju in this shift has VERY unique style of play. Unlike Monster and Traquility, Orju In this shift has a VERY serious rushdown, Very hard to guess frametraps, Unblockables, damaging combos, And last but not least, He has extremely good mixups. Shift Enchanted 214A allows for unblockables due to the trail following the move. In other words, Free KnockDowns. Very valuable to Orju in this mode. Orju in freedom has really good Okizeme as well. 214a shifted is REALLY fast. You can do these after a knockdown midscreen to get a seriously hard to guess oki game on your opponent. Freedom orju is also pretty advanced to play. Requires alot of patience to learn his combos and master his different style of play to that of Monster and Tranquility Shifts.

  • Tranquility shift

Orju's best shift. In this mode, It is extremely hard to keep orju down while shifted. SHifted Enchant is really powerful(Read the move lists above for detailed descriptions on what his shifted in chant is able to do) 214A has alot of autoguard, so its really easy to deal with Pressure situations for tranquil orju. 236B Shift Enchanted is REALLY REALLY good.(Once again read above for information regarding this move)

- Match-ups-

This was copied from AyaImmortal Monster blog.

  • Orju Vs Katze: Pretty easy match up actually. If you suspect katze will wake up with 623A, as Orju, You can actually hit under the move of at max range with 2b to avoid it on wake up. If katze decides that he wants to backdash on wake up instead you can use 662C or 662b against them to attempt to punish the move. Even if they block it they arent able to do anything in retaliation AFTER the backdash because they are forced into a neutral situation. THis works on pretty much all characters so keep this in mind. Watch out for katze's overhead too. Its a pretty weird move thought it is pretty slow, on block it does have advantage on it(not exactly sure how much though because we dont have access to frame information) With this in mind you wont really be able to retalitate with anything. So best option would be to backdash(orju has a really good backdash) and then punish the move as it whiffs. Katze CANNOT take to the air against you because almost any move that he can do against you will be completely beaten out by J.C.

Katze also has really quick low attacks as well. His 2c reminds me of db+1 in tekken 5 from jack-5. The move is stupid fast lol. So you have to be on the look out for those moves. You shouldnt really have too much of a problem against katze. Just make sure not to jump in on him. and you should be fine.

  • Orju vs Maya: This is the match up where T orju really begins to shine. He can take advantage of the fact that maya has no ground overhead. Now at first you might be like" why does that matter???" Well If you think about it. It means for the most part Orju can just block EVERYTHING maya does to build up his points. By doing this he can keep maya completely at bay when he is shifted. For the most part, Maya cannot do anything to stop him any attack she does will be completely stopped by being powerbroken when orju is shifted and green "nature" enchanted. He can powerbreak at will against maya because she doesnt really have a high low game; Not that maya needs one or anything. Maya just cannot get around orjus ground and air pressence while he is shifted in Tranquility. If maya does start getting in on you just be patient and look for your chance to powerbreak or shift out of the situation. This is a match up that T orju owns for the most part. So in this match up, I suggest playing T orju all the way.

If maya is using tranquility, Make sure to try keeping her from gaining her shifted 236A. This move will cause you alot of problems. Try to trick the shadows (236b) Running backwards making them pretty useless. If she uses them properly They will become a serious pain in the ass. Alot of maya pressure is based on her ability to soft lock her opponent down you have to make sure that you are constantly pressuring maya to keep her from gaining ground. While you are unshifted, You dont really have anything on maya. She has better everything for the most part. Just try to prevent her from gaining ground and you should be fine.

  • Orju vs Delga: Now This is a odd match up. There isnt really too much to say about the match up. If delga jumps do jumping C to beat him out of the air. If delga stays on the ground try to keep him away from you so he doesnt grab you. If delga manages to land a grab on you, YOu are losing alot of life. So going close to delga isnt really a good suggestion lol, Unless you like being grabbed all day of course hehe. Just keep your distance. When delga comes in at you, You have to pretty much hit and run the fuck out of there. Get your damage in and roll the fuck out. best suggestion i can make at this point. F orju does really damn well in this match up because he is so damn fast. Probably the fastest character in the game while shifted next to ryougen.
  • Orju vs Ryougen: OMG, This match up is just silly. Ryougen has you beat in so many damn ways it will make your headspin over and over. Well, That isnt exactly true, Tranquility orju has a really solid chance of beating Ryougen. Staying in ryougens face is a pretty good idea. Try to bait his counter(623a) and his parry (4b) and then punish his ass hard as fuck. IF he manages to hit you, Kiss your life bar goodbye lol. The man is just too powerful. You cannot do anything really against his jump ins. Being patient is probably your best bet. Just sit tight and wait for the right time. You can win the match up as long as you play smart against ryougen. He has longer pokes then you do so you arent going to be out ranging him in anyway. Zoning for the most part will not be happening. If you are enchanted (non shifted) try to land some dots around the screen to make it harder for ryougen to get in on you.


Orju has many versatile combos that lead into various okizeme setups/poke strings. Of course, Freedom Orju is the combo machine shift, as he can pull 40-50% damage combos WITHOUT using stock.

-No stock-

  • 2ab, 5c, 662b, 214a (gives neutral frame advantage. somewhat useful against characters with slow normals such as othello, ryougen, delga, and aleksandr)
  • 2ab, 5c, 662c, 214a (knocks down)
  • 2abc, 662c, 236a (this gives an enchant, as well as a knockdown. vital for wake-up pressure afterward)
  • 2ab, 5c, empty 66, 2ab, 5c, 662c, 236a(this also gives an enchant but requires the unshifted enchant beforehand)
  • 2ab, 5c, 99ab, 2ab, 5c, 662c, 236a(this also requires the unshifted enchant, but provides another enchant at the end)


Any shift:

  • 2ab, 5c, 66b, 214a, shift, 214c, 5c, 66c, 236a (this gives an enchant and provides a decent number of points, but uses 1 stock)
  • 2abc, 662c, 214a, shift, 2c, 66c, 236a (this gives an enchant and provides less points than the above combo, but doesn't use stock.)



  • anywhere: 2ab, 5c, 662c, 214a, shift 2c 66c 236a 5bc 66a 623a 214a x3(This is the basic F orju midscreen combo, It does good damage but is a little hard to time. A little practice to adjust and you will be fine, Can also be performed in the corner
  • Corner: 2ab, 5c, 662c, 214a, shift, 2c, 66c, 236a, {2c 236a, Jc}x2 ab, 66a 236a(This is your basic corner combo, Takes a little time to adjust to but once you get it down you are setting up for unblockable situations.)


  • (tranquility does not feature any unique shift combos)