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X-Men vs Street Fighter/Gambit

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The thief Gambit befrended Storm then found himself as a fulltime member of the X-Men Blue team. Gambit has the ability to charge objects with Kinetic Energy and he uses this power to chuck charged playing cards at his foe.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Kinetic Card (also in air) {{ Qcf.png + P}}
Trick Card {{ Qcb.png + P}}
Cajun Slash {{ Dp.png + P}}
Cajun Strike D.png (charge) U.png + K.png
Cajun Escape D.png (charge) U.png + P.png

Super Moves

Royal Flush {{ Qcf.png + P P}}

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) J.HP , S.HK XX LP-Cajun Slash
2) C.HK XX Royal Flush (OTG)
3) C.LP , C.LK , C.MK , S.HK XX LP-Cajun Slash
4) J.HP , J.HK , LP-Cajun Slash

1) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , S.LK , S.HK XX HP-Cajun Slash
2) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , S.MP , C.MK , C.HK XX MP-Cajun Slash (OTG)
3) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , S.MP , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ. MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)
4) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , C.HP XX Royal Flush
5) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. C.LK (OTG) , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ. MP , SJ.HP (FS)
6) Stand RIGHT next to the enemy. Kinetic Card, S.LK , C.HP XX Royal Flush

  **Note: After the Card connects, keep holding Towards on the controller.
          The INSTANT Gambit starts walking, continue with the combo.

7) J.LK , J.HK , D.S.HK XX LP-Kinetic Card, LP-Cajun Slash

  **Note: If you don't let yourself dash in close enough, the Kinetic Card
          will never connect.  You have to be VERY close for the S.HK
          XX Kinetic Card to combo.  However, you also have to be quick with
          the S.HK.  It's hard to land a D.S.HK after the
          Jump-in combo, but very possible.  The LP Cajun Slash will hit the
          enemy before they even hit the floor.

8) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , S.HK XX LP-Kinetic Card, D.S.LK (OTG) , S.MP , S.MK , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK, SJ.MP , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS)

  **Note: If you are playing against anyone as thin or thinner than Cyclops,
          you have to leave out the D.S.LK and go straight for a
          D.S.HK, or the Kinetic Card won't connect.  In order for
          the last SJ.HK to connect, you cannot do the five hits in
          the Air Combo at the fastest speed possible.  You have to slow
          down the Air Chain slightly!  The timing is tough.  Practice!

Expert 1) Have enemy in the corner. J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , S.HK XX LP-Kinetic Card, D.S.LK (OTG) , S.MK , S.HK XX LP-Kinetic Card, D.S.LK , C.HP XX Royal Flush
2) Have enemy in the corner. J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LK , S.HK XX LP-Kinetic Card, D.S.LK , S.MP , S.MK , S.HP XX LP-Kinetic Card, D.S.LK (OTG) , C.HP SJ SJ.LP ,SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS)

  **Note: Note that the D.S.LK after the Kinetic Card hits the enemy
          BEFORE they hit the ground this time!  And again, the timing of the
          last five hits in the Air Combo must be timed perfectly for the
          SJ.HK to connect.

3) Have enemy near corner. J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , S.LK, C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.HP (OTG), S.LK , S.MP , S.MK , S.HP , S.HK

  **Note: This is essentially the set-up to Gambit's 2nd Infinite Combo, but
          still a practical combo to know even if you are not using Infinites
          while challenging someone.  The tricky part of the combo is the
          timing of the Air Combo.  You have to put delays in between all
          three hits, or you will never reach the ground soon enough for the
          SJ.HP to connect for the OTG.  Basically, once the
          SJ.HK connects, you want to be as late in your jump as


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