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Charlie is a member of the U.S. Air Force and is working to bring down the hidden empire of Shadloo.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Jump Sobat {{ B.png or F.png + Mk}}
Step Kick {{ B.png or F.png + Hk}}
Spin Back Knuckle {{ F.png + Hp}}

Special Moves

Sonic Boom {{ B (charge) F.png + P}}
Somersault Shell {{ D (charge) U.png + K}}
Razor Kick {{ U.png , Uf.png , F.png + K}}

Super Moves

Sonic Barrage {{ Qcf.png + P P}}
Sonic Blitz {{ Qcf.png + K K}}
Somersault Attack {{ Qcb.png + K K}}

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Beginner 1) J.HP , C.MP XX Razor Kick
2) C.LK , C.MK XX Somersault Justice
3) From a screen away. LP-Sonic Boom, Sonic Break, Sonic Break, Sonic Break
4) Have enemy in corner. J.HK , C.MK XX Sonic Break, Somersault Justice

Intermediate 1) J.HK , D.S.LP , S.MP , S.HP XX Crossfire Blitz (FS)
2) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. S.MP XX Sonic Break, C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS)
3) J.HK , D.S.LP , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK XX Air Razor Kick
4) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , C.MK , C.HK XX Sonic Break (OTG)
5) J.LP , J.HK , C.LK , C.MK XX Sonic Break, C.MK XX Sonic Break, D.S.LP, C.LK , C.MK XX Sonic Break

  **Note: This combo will dizzy the enemy during the third Sonic Break set.

6) J.HK , C.LK , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP, MP-Air Throw , C.LK (OTG) , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)
7) J.LP , J.HK , D.S.LP, S.LP, S.LP, S.LP , C.MK XX Somersault Justice

  **Note: Different widths will permit different numbers of S.LPs possible.

Expert 1) Get a screen away from the opponent in the corner. LP Sonic Boom, D.J.LP , J.HK , D.S.LP , C.MK , S.HP XX Sonic Break, D.S.LK , C.MK , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK XX Air Razor Kick, SJ.HK (OTG) , S.LP XX Sonic Break, C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS), SJ.HK (FS), SJ.HK (FS) , J.LP , J.MP , J.HP (FS) , J.HK (FS) , S.LP , S.MK , S.HK

  **Note: This combo is very variable.  You can do one Sonic Break at the
          beginning and one in the middle, as is listed.  You can also choose
          to do none at the beginning (Just do a Jump-in to Dashing Launch
          combo) and two in the middle (just do a second one right after the
          first one). You can even choose to do two at the Beginning (after
          the first one, just throw out the second one, or add a few Dashing
          hits in between the two) and none in the Middle (Just do a C.HP
          right after OTGing them with the SJ.HK).  After the first
          SJ.HK in the second Air Combo, delay for about half a
          second before hitting HK again because you want to kick
          them with the second SJ.HK as low to the ground as
          possible.  You can try putting a third Sonic Break in the combo
          anywhere you want as well, but the third set often dizzies the
          opponent, ending the combo prematurely.  Also, after the
          S.HK at the VERY end of the combo, go for a Throw right
          when the enemy lands.  I have yet to actually get this to combo,
          but it's hard to escape, and you can follow it up with anything you
          want, including the Crossfire Blitz, a cool way to use all three
          Supers and finish the whole sequence off with style!

2) Get a screen away from the enemy, who is in the corner. LP Sonic Boom, Sonic Break, D.J.LP , J.MK , D.S.LP, C.LK , C.MK , T.HP XX Sonic Break, D.S.LP, C.LK , C.MK , T.HP XX Crossfire Blitz (FS), C.LK (OTG) , S.MK , C.HP


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