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The King of Fighters '99/FAQ

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What game versions are there?

  • Arcade (MVS)
  • Dreamcast (as "King of Fighters '99: Evolution")
  • Neo Geo (AES)
  • Neo Geo CD
  • Playstation
  • Playstation 2 (in Kings of Fighters NESTS Hen compilation)

What does the tier list look like for this game?

Possible accuracy tier list :

9 : Benimaru , Ralf

8 : Kyo Kusanagi , Iori , Whip

7 : Bao , Choi , Takuma , King , Chang , Xiangfei , Mary

6 : Mai , Jhun , Kim , Leona , Kensou

5 : Ryo , Terry , Clark , Kasumi , K'

4 : Andy , Chin , Joe , Maxima

3 : Shingo , Athena , Robert , Kyo 2

2 : Yuri , Kyo 1

Krizalid is banned

How can I get better at inputs in this game so combos become easier?

dp = f, d, f = f, hcb, f = f, qcf

rdp = b, d, b = b, hcf, b = b, qcb

hcf = b, d, f

hcb = f, d, b

qcf, hcb = qcf, f, d, b = qcf*2 , b = qcf, df, b

qcb, db , f = qcb , b, d, f = hcb , f = d , b , f

qcf*2 , C = qcf C , qcf C

hcb*2 , C = hcb C , hcb C

qcf , hcb , C = qcf C , hcb C

f = forward

b = back

d = down

dp = dragon punch (f, d, df)

rdp = reverse dragon punch (b, d, db)

qcb = quarter circle back (d, db, b)

qcf = quarter circle forward (d, df, f)

hcb = half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)

hcf = half circle forward (b, db, down, df, f)

Any tips to give to a beginner of KOF?

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoiding doing a dp move when you try to do a hcf / qcf move just after input forward:

This situation probably had happen with everybody: you try to do a qcf / hcf move just after a run or a f + button attack and get your dp move instead of your qcf / hcf move... The problem is that f hcf / f qcf are valid inputs for a dp move too, and when a input is valid for more than one move, the game applys a precendece rule, and in KOF dp has precedence over hcf / qcf. But there is a trick to avoid this (without leaving the joystick in neutral position for some frames): the point is that qcf / hcf moves may be done with qcf uf / hcf uf and those inputs are not valid for a dp move, so if you press the button with uf instead of forward you avoid doing a unintended dp move. Keep in mind however that while doing this trick in reversal situations or combos is somehow easy, it's very tricky to do this on a neutral situation where you may end up doing a jump attack if you done wrong... Logically, the same trick can be done with hcb / qcb move just after input back to avoid doing a rdp move. There is a similar situation with Ryo, where you may end up doing his (S)DM f hcf + P instead of his hcf + P move after a run / f + button, however there is no trick to avoid this specific situation... the only way is to leave joystick in neutral position for some frames...

  • Avoiding doing hcb hcf move when you try a hcb f (or doing f hcf move when you try a f b f move):

This sometimes happens especially with Iori and Takuma. The problem is that when you go from back to forward in a single and continuous moviment you may end up - by mistake - pressing down in the middle. One easy way to avoid this is leaving the joystick in neutral position, instead of doing a single and continuous b f moviment (this is specially easy with a joypad). Another way is to use uf instead of forward as the last direction, ie doing hcb uf / f b uf instead of hcb f / f b f. Like the previous tip, it is somehow easy to be done in reversal situations or combos, but it's very tricky to be done on a neutral situation where you may end up doing a jump attack if you done wrong. The same trick can be used to avoid doing a hcf / qcf move when you try to do a (b) f move (ie, do (b) uf instead).

  • When you want to do two inputs in sequence (like A, B or C, f) don't do it super fast:

Because of the way the game process inputs, if you do two input in sequence very fast (1 frame or less), the game will consider that you do the two input simultaneously. So a A~B may result in an AB, a C~f may result in a f + C, and even a d + C~"neutral position" may result in a C (a stand C attack). In many times this is not a real problem, but its normally a issue when you want to use a hard attack > command attack (like cl.C > f + A) when the opponent is in a throwable state (like when it's recovering from an attack), in this case if you input forward too fast after C / D you will end up doing a normal throw instead of a close hard attack...

  • Use "reversal trick" to make combos easier:

In KOF when you are in state where can't use a special (or (S)DM), if you do the command of a special and continue to hold the button, on the next few frames (5 or more depending on the situation) the movie will be triggered automatically if you enter in a state where you can do the special (normally because you will enter in a neutral state, or in a cancellable frame). This feature exists mainly for reversal situations, enabling you to easily do a special after a block or wake up. But the same trick can be used to make combos easier. Cancel attack into specials become easier when you do this, because sometimes the attack has very few cancellable frames and you may end up doing the special to soon (or between hits of a multi-hit attack). By holding the button you have more chances of "passing" by a cancellable frame. Link combos into specials become very easier too, no matter if it's a link from a normal attack (like Ralf's cr.B, hcf + K) or links from another special (like Shingo's dp + K, rdp + D or Takuma' db, f + D xx f,b,f + P). That's why in the combo section we list some sequences like Iori's hcb f + P, qcf hcb + P too, while you will do more damage using a st.C or cl.C > f + A before the special, you need to manually time the normals after the hcb f + P recovery (and if you time it wrong the opponent will recover and block - or counter!!), while if you just follow with a special, you will do less damage, but you may use the "reversal trick" with no need to time the special after the recovery ;)

Info from KOFXIII

Most of it applies to KOF99 :

Any useful links I can use?

  • Some youtube channels do kof 99 videos on the best players of this game :



Game Fighters Club

  • Douyu A chinese website where you can watch streams of best players of this game.
  • Youku The chinese Youtube.

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