Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Strategy

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Basic Strategy

Universal Movement

  • Back dash/Forward dash canceling-
  • Sidestep canceling

Advanced Strategy

Instant States

  • While Standing:
  • qcf,uf
  • Running-

Character specific movement

  • Wave dash/snake dash
  • Back sway
  • Mist step
  • Fox step
  • Stances

How to use frame data

  • In Tekken Tag 2 in general. Your average quick poke of just a 1 or crouch+1 is 10 frames, so anything minus 11 is considered somewhat unsafe.
  • Anything positive means you attack first, so it means something like +7 on hit. Basically means for your next attack on pressure will already be in 7 frames in startup while your opponent will be only 3 frames in for their next possible attack( Going by a 10 frame move).