Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Game Mechanics

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TTT2 is a Tekken game and therefore is similar to previous games in the series. However, it has it's own nuances. For the purpose of helping newer players, this guide will feature a lot of information that may be familiar to higher level players.

Damage scaling-

While Standing- This state is achieved when a character is transitioning from a crounching to standing. Certain moves can only be done in this state.

Sidestep- Done by tapping Down/Up and returning to Neutral. A quick evasive maneuver that allows opponents to dodge linear moves. Cannot avoid certain moves that track towards one direction or Homing moves.

Sidewalk- Perform a Sidestep (d_u,n) and continue to hold the direction you want to walk. An exetension of a Sidestep that is more evasive but is slower to activate. Cannot avoid Homing moves.

Dashing- Done by pressing back or forward twice and returning to neutral. Creates horizontal space between you and your opponent allowing short ranged moves to whiff. 1)Running: Done by pressing forward three times,or by forward dashing, and holding forward. Opens up both universal moves and character specific moves.

 a) Ultimate Tackle- Done by pressing 1+2 while running.  A running grab that leads the opponent into a small chain grab that differs between characters.  
 b) Jumping Slash Kick-  Done by pressing 3 while running.  A leaping jump kick that hits MID and has huge frame advantage on block, KD's on hit.  Can be Sidestepped/walked.  
 c) Slide- Done by pressing 4 while running.  A sliding LOW kick that is unsafe on block and KD's on hit. Leaves player in fuht(hit) fuft(block) and the opponent fuft(hit).  Can be sidestepped/walked.
 d) Shoulder Tackle-  Done by Running and holding forward.  An UNBLOCKABLE attack.
 e) Foot stomp-  Done by holding forward on a downward opponent.  Stops on their floored body.

Parries: Reversal throws that capture opponents strikes.

1)Special counters- Some counters are special and character specific. Heihachi's is a universal counter but sacrafices a portion of his own stamina. Jin's is a high and mid counter that does no damage but Jin also recieves no damage and essentialy causes the opponents move to whiff.


Back Turn- A universal state in which a characters back is facing his opponent. Certain characters have moves accessible when in this state.

Grabs- Grabs are performed by pressing punch and/or kick buttons together. They can be breaked according the the limb that grabs you. There are also chain grabs that link together.

Homing- A special property that is given to certain moves that make it impossible to sidestep or sidewalk. Every character has a least one Homing move.

Crush- A special property that is given to certain moves that causes low or high moves to whiff during the active frames of these moves. A HIGH crushing move will cause high hits and a LOW crushing move will cause low hit to whiff. Can be used to punish or beat out some attack strings.

Bind/Bound- A special property given to certain moves that binds your opponent to the ground perventing them from rising off the floor. A Bind is used to generally extend combos and can only be done once. A floor break counts as a bind.

Floor Break-

Wall/Balcony Break-

Wall Splash/Splat-



1)Hard Tag-

2)Tag Assault-

3)Tag Crash-

4)Special Tags-




2)Wakeup options:

 e)Quick rise-
 f)Hand Spring-
 g)Foot Tap-
 i)Spring Kick-