Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Anna

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Anna Williams

In a Nutshell

Anna Williams for the most part is a high risk/high reward character that plays well on small sized/mid sized walled stages. Where she can easily solo carry the opponent to the wall for the glorious 90 damage combos. To play Anna well you must know how to keep your distance with the opponent to keep them in fear of a knockdown or being counter hit, but also keep in range so your attacks don't whiff and you get punished for it.



Useful Commands

These are the most common commands to use with Anna Williams.

DF+3, 3, 3 (Flash Kicks)

Unlike Nina's Flash Kicks.They are safe on block. It has a bit slow startup but a decent hit confirm, the high portions can be ducked under, but they come out fast enough sometimes if even one connects you have to blocked the other. If the first hit whiffs though you'll likely get punished, so they are not quite abuseable but are good at fighting your opponent at a distance.

DF+ 1, 2 (Uppercut Jab)

Your standard close range mid poke combo. Both the DF+1, and 2 portion are safe on block.

DF+4 (Wine Opener)

A low attack poke to keep your opponent in check if they can keep up with mid/low pressure. Launch punishable though.

QCF+1 (Assassin's Dagger)

Useful for stuffing attacks for a counterhit combo and is quite fast.

QCF+2 (Crimson Arrow)

A bit slower startup then QCF+1 but does set up some deadly counter hit combos to stuff out attacks.

DF+2(Step-In Uppercut)

Launcher. A little bit punishable on block with string combos that begin with a 1 and end at where it can't be blocked.Has a fairly small attack range to whiff.

Hold UF+4(Quick Somersault Kick)

Launcher.It's a bit better than DF+2 for stuffing some attacks but is no Marshall Law Somersault kick in priority. Fairly punishable on block.

While Crouching DF+2

Sweep move. Useful for punishing ducked high attacks into a combo. Punishable with WS 2 Launchers on block.


A long ranged sweep move. Useful if you saw that your opponent is throwing out a high attack. Launch punishable on block.

Forward Dash + 3

Good for catching whiffed attacks into a combo. As well as useful for trying to catch some people in knockdowns every now and then into another combo.

While Crouching F+2

Useful for high attack punishing and whiffed attack punishing.Unsafe on block. Auto parries high/mid attack during the startup.


Good for catching low sweeps

3, 3

A long ranged high-low combo. Only do the 2nd 3 if the first 3 connects.

QCF+3, 3

A long ranged mid-high poke that is safe on block. Has a little slow startup though, so be cafeful.

Forward Dash + 2

Quick high attack that can be used for catching whiffed attack. Can combo into a DF+4 afterwards.

(During Chaos Judgement Stance)

DB+3, 3

A low attack combo that can be used to catch some people off guard. DB+3 portion is unsafe on block.





DF+2 x 2 x DF+3, 2,Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

SS+2(CH) x DF+1 x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

QCF+2(CH) x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

Forward Dash + 3 x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

UF+3 x 2 x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

DB+3 x DF+1 x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2,1

FC F+2 (CH) x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

FC F+1 x DF+1 x DF+3, 2 Hold DF x QCF 1 x F+3, 2 x QCF 2, 1

Forward Dash + 4 x DF+1 x DF+3, 2, Hold DF x QCF+1 x F+3, 2

QCF + 1(CH) x QCF+1 x 1 x QCF+1 x F+3, 2 x QCF+2, 1

QCF + 1(CH) x Forward Dash + 3 x 2 x F+3, 2 x QCF+2, 1

Basic Strategy


Advanced Strategy