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Tech Hits

Tech Hits, also known as Counter Throws, can actually be utilized to nullify your opponent's Throw attempt if you react to their Throw attempts quickly enough. If an opponent tries to Throw you and you enter in the Throw code yourself, you will end up "Teching" their Throw and the two characters will slide apart from each other with a circular light effect flashing between them. Neither character will take any damage, and both characters will recover from the Tech animation at the same time.

You can actually hold any direction on the joystick to Tech a Throw. The only thing that matters is that you hit Light Punch and Light Kick during the window a Throw can be Teched. Every Throw has the same window during which they can be Teched. Right when a Throw connects, you have 7 frames to perform your Counter Throw.

Also, if you are Throw out of the startup frames of your Throw, you will automatically Tech the Throw. So let's say you and your opponent try to throw each other at the exact same time. If he hits the buttons one frame before you do, his Throw will activate against one of your startup frames. So even though you didn't input the button presses for the Throw Tech during the next 7 frames, you will end up Teching the Throw anyhow.

And again, it should also be noted that Gouken is an exception. His Back Throw can be Teched BLAH BLAH frames into his Throw. Once again, Capcom was apparently worried that Back Throw into Ultra would be too powerful, so they also made the window you could Tech his Throw larger than other characters.

When You Can Counter Throw

One very important thing to note about Teching Throws is that you cannot Tech a Throw in any situation. You can only Tech Throws if you are in a Neutral State, either Standing or Crouching.

Here is a list of situations where you can be Thrown, but you cannot perform a Tech Hit:

  • During the Startup, Active, or Recovery frames of any Move, be it a Normal Move, a Special Move, a Super Combo, or an Ultra Combo.
  • During a Forward Dash.
  • During the grounded delay portion of a Back Dash.
  • While Dizzy.
  • During the delay of a Throw Whiff.

Also, you cannot Tech an Air Throws, even if your character has an Air Throw too. And you cannot Tech any Command Throws, such as Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver, Honda's Oicho Throw, Abel's Tornado Throw, Fei Long's Tenshin, El Fuerte's Propeller Tortilla, T. Hawk's Double Typhoon, and Hakan's Oil Coaster.