Super Street Fighter IV/Universal Abilities/Super Combos

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Super Combos

Super Combos are high damage and powerful moves that can only be performed once you have a full 4 blocks of Super Meter. Just like Special Moves, these require joystick motions to perform though the motions needed are generally far more complex than that of a Special Move. And just like Special Moves, they will do Chip Damage if you block them.

The main benefit of Super Combos over Ultra Combos is their comboability. Ultra Combos can only be linked into, whether on the ground or through a juggle. Super Combos, however, can be buffered into from Normal Attacks or canceled into from Special Moves, making them much easier to connect than Ultra Combos. They do less damage overall when compared to Ultra Combos, but that does not lessen their potential for being used in huge damage combos.