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Putting It Into Reversal

Every character has the ability to go from a "non-hittable" state instantly into a Special Move, EX Special Move, or Super Combo with nothing happening in between. Whenever you successfully perform a Reversal, the message "Reversal" will actually appear on the screen under your character's Name.

Reversals are most useful in conjunction will moves that are invincible on start up. The reason is that you will skip any frames that you can be hit so your invincible move will defeat any other move that does not have more invincibility frames than yours. Most "Dragon Punch" or "Uppercut" type moves such as Ryu or Ken's Shoryuken and Cammy's Cannon Spike, many EX Special Moves such as Rose's EX Soul Spiral and Sakura's EX Shouoken, and most Super Combos such as Guile's Double Flash and Seth's Tandem Storm are good for Reversals.

Reversal Situations

There are four situations that a player is able to perform a Reversal attack:

  1. Going straight from getting up off the floor (during which you are invincible) into a Special Move.
  2. Going straight from Block Stun into a Special Move.
  3. Going straight from Hit Stun into a Special Move.
  4. If you are hit out of the air by a non-Knock-Down move, you can go straight from your landing animation into a Special Move.

Unlike in previous Street Fighter games, performing Reversals has been considerably simplified in Super Street Fighter IV. Most previous games have had 1 or 2-frame windows to perform a Reversal, but in the Street Fighter IV series the Reversal window has been increased to 5 frames. This has made Reversals remarkably easier to perform than in previous games.

Meaty Attacks

A common term that is used in conjunction with Reversals is the "Meaty Attack". A Meaty Attack is an attack that is timed so that the enemy will get up into it on the very first frame after being knocked down. In other words, if the enemy tries to perform a move when they get up against your Meaty Attack and he/she mistimes it so that they do not perform a Reversal, they will get hit the instant they get up. An example of a Meaty attack would be Bison's Crouching Hard Kick. If you knock the enemy over, and then do Bison's long-lasting slide attack and time it so that the enemy gets up into it, that is considered a Meaty Attack. However, keep in mind that a Reversal that has invincibility will ALWAYS beat a Meaty Attack.


Throughout this Guide, Reversals may also be called "Wake-ups." Wake-ups are Reversals, but they are pretty much ONLY referring to Reversals that are performed when getting up off of the ground. So if something like, "Ryu can perform a Wake-Up Shoryuken...", is stated, it's referring to Ryu performing a Reversal Shoryuken when getting up off of the ground.